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Deer Bear Wolf is a collection of the various animals that roam the city of Atlanta. Our mission is to showcase and support the talented creatives in and around this city. We're a multi-faceted platform celebrating and connecting Atlanta’s arts, music, and literary scenes.


Current Deer Bear Wolf Programs:


DBW Magazine

A limited-edition physical magazine released periodically showcasing some of Atlanta’s most impressive artists. The magazine is intended to be a kaleidoscope of content, including prose, poetry, art, photography, interviews, drawings, essays, etc. Curated by Matt DeBenedictis and Jonathan Corrigan-Odden. Designed by Brian Egan


DBW Press

A publishing press releasing limited-edition books from Atlanta writers. The press aims to print words that will leave an aching presence in a reader’s conscious while throwing grand release parties that bring these epic sentences to life. Curated by Matt DeBenedictis.


DBW Records

A boutique record label releasing limited-edition albums by musical artists from Atlanta. The label showcases music that is adventurous and pushes boundaries, pop music that’s experimental or challenging. DBW Records specializes in artful physical releases, especially tape cassette. Curated by Davy Minor.


Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space, rotating between different venues throughout the city. Curated by Elizabeth Jarrett.



Transgression is a reading series that seeks to bring the novelty back to the novel crowd – taking its audiences off the beaten path; straying from traditional platforms; and showcasing Atlanta’s most talented writers whilst challenging the perception of the written word. Curated by Laura Relyea and John Carroll.


Phoenix Fest Pop-Ups

Phoenix Festival is an annual event that celebrates the Arts in Atlanta while raising awareness for underutilized spaces. To continue in the support of local artists, Deer Bear Wolf will be hosting pop-up events leading up to Phoenix Festival 2016. Curated by sQuishiepuss.



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