Deer Bear Wolf Magazine

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine is a periodical that chronicles and showcases work by Atlanta-based artists, writers, photographers, journalists, and other creatives.

 Deer Bear Wolf was voted “Best Local Zine” in 2015 and “Best Local Lit Publisher” in 2015 & 2016.

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine #4


Issue #4

(Limited Edition of 200) 

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine is a limited-edition physical magazine released periodically showcasing some of Atlanta’s most impressive artists. The magazine is intended to be a kaleidoscope of content, including prose, poetry, art, photography, interviews, drawings, essays, etc.

Curated by Matt DeBenedictis and Jonathan Corrigan-Odden.

Designed by Brian Egan.

Featuring work by:

Amy McDaniel

Yves Jeffcoat

Simona Chitescu

Paige Sullivan

Andrea Rodgers

Frederic Levesque

Alex Gregor

Michael Henry Harris

Candice Greathouse

Faith McClure

Hannah Helton

Hashim Rainey

Kellie Romany

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