Transgession 2017: Second Star to the Right

The immersive literary series explores Neverland in 3 different “episodes” throughout 2017

TRANSGRESSION, Deer Bear Wolf’s immersive literary experience, is taking a more theatrical approach in 2017. The motley crew will be exploring J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan throughout the year in a 3-part series of performances hosted at various venues. “We’re coining a new term, episodic theater,” says co-curator of the project, John Carroll. “This change in format gives us a dexterity that we haven’t had in past volumes,” says co-curator Laura Relyea, “The world of the Darling’s is vastly different from the Lost Boy’s home, which is also very different from Captain Hook’s ship. This way we can really focus on bringing each place to life.”

To help up the ante on the production quality and professionalism of their theatrical performances, Deer Bear Wolf’s executive director, Elizabeth Jarrett, is joining the curatorial team. “With each installment of Transgression getting bigger and bigger, it seemed only natural to transition into immersive theater. This new step will enable us to completely immerse our audience in the story we’re telling.”  In addition to being Deer Bear Wolf’s executive director, Jarrett has extensive experience in theatrical productions, having collaborated with local companies including Serenbe Playhouse, Synchronicity Theatre, 7 Stages and Araca Theatre Project amongst others.


Our 6th installment of Transgression will span all of 2017 as well at three different venues in three different episodes. Transgression’s first scripted performances will enlist the help of local creatives, actors and set designers to create a truly immersive and tactile environment to fully envelope the audience within the story. Here's scenes from the first installment at the Margaret Mitchell House in May:


PART 2: Coming August 2017. More details soon!



Laura Relyea is Executive Editor of ArtsATL. Her book, All Glitter, Everything, a collection of flash prose, was released by Deer Bear Wolf in March 2015. A portion of the book was included in the 2015 &Now Experimental Fiction Anthology, released biennially by the University of Notre Dame. Her essays, reviews, poems, and features have been published in The Bitter Southerner, Thought Catalog, Monkey Bicycle, Necessary Fiction, and elsewhere. Her book criticism has been published in PASTE, Fanzine, and Vouched Books. She was previously the Managing Editor of Scoutmob, and the Editor & Chief of Vouched Books. Relyea received a BA in Telecommunications and Creative Writing from Ball State University.

John Carroll is a web solutions and marketing consultant for a New York Times bestselling author. He is the founder of the online creative community, Make Blackout Poetry. His work has been featured in Teen Vogue magazine and at Tedx. In 2015, He won a best of Creative Loafing award for Best Community-Sourced Poetry. His first chapbook, Slow Burn, was released in 2013. It sold out in 36 hours. His second book, Hidden Messages of Hope sold out in 2016 and is being reissued by London poetry press, Eyewear Publishing.

Elizabeth Jarrett is a curator, artist, and designer born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She was a founding member of The Collective Project, Inc, the first resident theater company at The Goat Farm Arts Center and was a participant of The Millennial Trains Project in 2014, where she traveled via rail around the country researching public art in various cities. She graduated with a BA in Theater and Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University and continues to design and produce work around town. Elizabeth now works as Executive Director for Deer Bear Wolf and co-founded The Downtown Players Club, a performance-based community center. Catch her work next at Serenbe Playhouse for Macbeth.