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Deer Bear Wolf Launch Party

  • 91 Broad Street Atlanta, Ga 30303 (map)
 Flyer by Mike Germon

Flyer by Mike Germon

Deer Bear Wolf launches May 13th at The Mammal Gallery. With a bevy of favorite local Atlantans performing, this event features the vicereine of small press literature Laura Relyea of Vouched Books as the emcee. Readings by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward, Amy Herschleb, Caroline Cox, Muriel Vega, Daniel Beauregard, Joe Ennis and John Carroll. 

Nomen Novum, Ladybeard (Chris Yonker of Hello Ocho and Brian Egan), Narrator, and Tim Kohler (Kid Stuff/Big Tent/Hello Ocho) will provide the music for the evening. 

The quarterly printed magazine will be made available as a limited run of 200 copies and $20 a piece. The featured contributors to DEER BEAR WOLF (the magazine) include: 

Mike Germon - Cover Art
Amanda Locke - Photos and Satirical Advertisements
Muriel Vega - Interview with Molly Rose Freeman, Living Walls Artist
John Carroll - Blackout Poetry
Amy Herschleb - Collage
Winston Wheeler Blake Ward - Fiction
Nick Benson - Illustration
Katie Troisi - Paintings
Daniel Beauregard - Poetry
Kevin Griggs - Concert Photography
Caroline Cox - Interview with Michelle Armas, painter
Joe Ennis - Fiction
Brian Egan - Overall Magazine Design & Drawings