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DEER BEAR WOLF June Showcase: Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse

Deer Bear Wolf June Showcase


Deer Bear Wolf is proud to present Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse at the EARL Saturday, June 14. Come join us as we showcase four of Atlanta’s best musical acts.


Spirits and the Melchizedek Children


“Although it began as the solo acoustic project of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Jason Elliott, Spirits And The Melchizedek Children has become something far more enormous. The six-piece ensemble crafts hazy, haunting tunes that frequently creep past the eight-minute mark, richly-layered meditations that float in the cold zone between forlornness and a vaster cosmic awe. On its upcoming sophomore album So Happy, It’s Sad—streaming in full below—Spirits taps into that purgatorial ghostliness. Aided by the piercing vocals of Mlny Parsonz of fellow Atlanta band and Relapse signee Royal Thunder, Elliott and crew wade through shimmering quietude—and frequently build into a cyclical, ritualistic roar that comes across like a Southern Sigur Rós." -A.V. Club


Nomen Novum


“Even though singer/songwriter David Norbery invites his listeners to "come walk with [him] among the dead" on his latest single, the newly released track bursts with liveliness. His one-man bedroom-pop project Nomen Novum has carved out a niche for itself over the past few years by fusing pop-friendly, sunkissed instrumentation with adventurous textures provided by field recordings and found sounds. His latest single, "Lookalikes," comes as the title track of his upcoming EP, set to be released this summer by Deer Bear Wolf Records. The song shares a similar optimism to his earlier work but shirks off his penchant for frenzied, glitchy beats and lets his voice lead the track's buoyant energy, to mixed results. The strongest suit of the track comes through its hypnotizing wash of looped guitars, synthesizers, and samples that swirl around Norbery's voice like the dreamy spiral arms of a galaxy. Right from the first glittery guitar chord, listeners are wrapped in a warm ambiance that simultaneously relaxes and overwhelms.” -Creative Loafing


New Animal


“When you really dig independent music, whether as a fan or a blogger, there’s almost no better feeling than stumbling upon a promising young band that no one’s ever heard of… especially when that band is as talented and exciting as New Animal. Just two dudes from Atlanta, Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette have labored over 15 tracks and 75 minutes of music in styles ranging from bedroom pop to exp. psych pop to anthemic kraut rock. The more the merrier — they don’t fit some simple category, no “RIYL” recommendations abound. Seemingly from the heart, or from the mind, or from the gut, but at least from somewhere within. They don’t cop someone else’s sound and fuzz the hell out of it to mask their theft. They aren’t hopping on the latest genre bandwagon.” - I Guess I’m Floating


100 Watt Horse

“‘If I Were An Ocean’ is a beautiful song with lulling guitar paired with full, deep vocals that easily draw in the listener and surrounds them with comfort and a homely atmosphere. Meanwhile, ‘Tennis Shoes’ is an upbeat song reminiscent of spring. “Oh girl, can’t you see/You mean the world to me/I want to walk with you/Breaking in my tennis shoes”. The lyrics are sweet and catchy and are sure to have you humming it throughout the day. While not a complete dichotomy from the aforementioned track, it definitely shows 100 Watt Horse’s talent to create different tones and atmosphere easily with just an acoustic guitar and his full-bodied voice, something the world needs more of and will be watching out for from Pettis.” - On Record


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