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Deer Bear Wolf’s curated variety show, NATURAL SELECTION is creating a space for culture and performance at Argosy in the East Atlanta Village. Performing Artists include: 

Johnny Drago
Trevor Jones 
Daniel Bailey 
Sarah Padgett
Flight of Swallows
Fantasy Guys

Brock Scott will unveil a new sculpture for exhibit punctuating the highly anticipated christening of Argosy’s new event space. 

Thursday June 4th at 9:00 PM. 

NATURAL SELECTION isn’t your run-of-the-mill variety show. It is a vessel for artistic exploration. Says curator Elizabeth Jarrett, “I curate by choosing a collection of performers whose work I respect and whose performances will compliment each other when placed in a group setting. Each performer is given 10 minutes with no rules or guidelines and I encourage each of them to try something that is a bit out of their comfort zone or something they've been wanting to try. Performances range from music to poetry to puppetry to performance art and so on. As a curator, I try to keep my audience and the creative climate of the city in mind.”

Tickets are available the evening of the event and are $7. 

The piece is made of welded steel, stained glass and walnut veneer. The sculpture took over 2 years to complete and is made entirely of polygons. Being as there are no curves, the sculpture was very difficult to plan in advance as the exact shape of the polygons were hard to predict. This will be the premiere exhibition of “Giant Squid”.


Johnny Drago is an Atlanta-based playwright and performer whose work has been produced or developed by Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Barter Theatre, The Weird Sisters Theatre Project, 7Stages, The Process Theatre Co., and Actor's Express. He is a former Creative Loafing Annual Fiction Contest Winner, MINT Gallery Leap Year Artist, Burnaway Magazine "Art Crush," and City of Atlanta Emerging Artist in the field of Literature. Johnny is currently a Dashboard Co-op associate artist, and is the WonderRoot/Loose Change Magazine Writer-in-Residence for Spring 2015. -

J. Trevor Jones is neither here nor there. He is neither a musician nor a storyteller. He is simply an Atlantan brewing up some ontological anarchy. Believe in what you want, but know that there still exists some magic in this city. Trevor was born here, moved to the mountains, to the suburbs, to Northeast, back here, to the Southwest, got married in Big Sur, and finally settled in North Ormewood park to further explore the magic of Atlanta with his wife, two dogs, a cat, and six chickens. 

Dan Bailey is an atlanta musician and artist, as well as gallery co-operator at the Broad Street Visitors Center downtown. Bailey is also involved and employed by the Goat Farm Arts Center and Mammal Gallery. As a musician, he focuses on group improvisation and group composition, mainly in the acts Currency & Faun And A Pan Flute. Recording is a regularly practiced effort, either in a group setting or solo. In the visual realm, the focus is with charcoal, pen and ink blot, mainly drawing figures in crude distortion or as blind contours.

Michika Skyy McClinton (aka Tantrum) is a half japanese Artist/Musician based in Atlanta. 
She has been involved in the Atlanta creative scene for the past 5 years producing music, 
performing, and making experimental art. Her broad spectrum of experience in different music 
scenes has helped shape her unique style of avant-garde with a pop sensibility. -

Artist of many mediums, Sarah Padgett is an experimental folk and ambient soundscapes musician, a drawer/doodler/sketcher, a poet and essayist, and a storyteller. Her main artistic pursuits are honesty, vulnerability, and healing growth through love and connection. -

Flight of Swallows was established in 2010 when co founders Deisha Oliver and Sadie Hawkins began to explore collaborative improvisation: music and movement working together. Since then, they have invited an ever-evolving group of musicians and physical performance artists to join in creating moody, magical one-time-only experiences in venues ranging from traditional theaters, to galleries, to non-traditional public art spaces. -

Fantasy Guys is Inyo Galatea, Maddy Davis, and Mitchell Hardage's attempt to create beach magic inside of Atlanta. The project was spawned from the pineapple pulp of former band Distant Planet, and has since been claimed to gently place listeners on hammocks. The trio has asked many scientists for a genre, and after years of calculating the sonic combinations of spritely vocals, zesty synths, saucy bass, luscious guitar, and succulent vibraphone--all atop sexy rhythm tracks produced by imaginary drummer Hibiscus Chad (Hardage)--the results yielded "Tropical Dream Pop." Enjoy Fantasy Guys served frozen or chilled over ice. -

ARGOSY // 470 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
DATE // Thursday June 9, 2015
TIME // 9:00 P.M.
PRICE // $7