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Book of Colors Album Release w/ Little Tybee and Hello Ocho

  • Terminal West 887 W Marietta St NW, Ste C, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 (map)

Deer Bear Wolf Presents:

11pm - Little Tybee
10pm - Book of Colors
9pm - Hello Ocho

Doors at 8pm ALL AGES!!



Little Tybee is a progressive psych-folk band based out of Atlanta, GA. Formed in 2009, the group has bridged existing genres into their own brand of calculated, creative, and technical music, which refuses to sacrifice musicality and accessibility. The release of their third full-length album, For Distant Viewing (Paper Garden Records), and the band's touring in both the US and abroad, not only cemented their penchant for clean orchestration but also provided the meaningful relationships and experiences essential for fueling future creativity. As a complement to the technical precision of their live performances, Little Tybee maintains an active online presence with a reputation for self-producing high-quality video content.
The group is comprised of six members, most of which have been playing together in various groups for more than ten years. The bulk of the compositions in the band's ever-growing catalog start out as seedlings in the mind of lead singer/acoustic guitarist Brock Scott and are then fleshed out with the eccentric eight-string guitar wizardry that could only come from Josh Martin, the classical flare of Nirvana Kelly's violin and viola, the deep pocket grooves of Ryan Donald's electric bass, the percussive explosion of Pat Brooks' gospel-tinged beats and are all rounded out by Chris Case's silky-smooth, yet driving keyboard arrangements.

Little Tybee faces 2016 with the summer release of their fourth studio album.


The much-anticipated debut album from Book of Colors is out February 5th, 2016 on Deer Bear Wolf Records. This first, self-titled record sees Book of Colors’ mastermind André Paraguassu surrounded by an impressive cast of fourteen players that includes members of Little Tybee, Adron, Ryan Gregory (Christ, Lord, Lily and the Tigers), and Chris Childs (Hello Ocho, Faun and a Pan Flute). Recorded by Ben Price at studilaroche in Atlanta, Book of Colors is a dreamy and hypnotic journey, constantly skirting the edge between torn-open soulfulness and delicate restraint.

“There is an amazing music scene happening in Atlanta right now. It’s a major city overflowing with world-class talent, but the amount of camaraderie within the artistic community makes it feel like a small town,” André says as he reclines lazily on the classically southern front porch of their drummer’s home in Little Five Points where they rehearse. “I’ve always loved playing with large ensembles and this city has been the gift that keeps on giving in that regard. Everyone is so supportive and eager to collaborate. I feel incredibly lucky to be working in such an inspiring creative atmosphere.”

Book of Colors will be the 11th release in less than two years for Deer Bear Wolf Records. It will be available on CD and tape cassette February 5th. The release party will be February 27th at Terminal West with Little Tybee and Hello Ocho.


Hello Ocho is an Atlanta based indie, psych-rock group formed in 2010. 
Hello Ocho is like a waterbed in zero gravity. 
Hello Ocho is like a full body velcro suit against a room made of carpet. 
Hello Ocho is like crying and eating at the same time. 
If this doesn’t make sense, that’s fine. But, neither does reading about a band to hear what they sound like. Hello Ocho has, however, been attributed in the most lyrical verse to
“a sweet sounding clamor that swells in and out of psychedelic breakdowns and shamanistic chants with barely a stumble” - 
Hello Ocho still seems more like petting a sea cucumber for all the wrong reasons, or maybe drinking a peanut, or even less likely, “a fascinating blend of experimental soundscapes, the kind Wayne Coyne might be proud to put his name to” -DIY Magazine. 
Either way Hello Ocho a good time moving forward.