Autumn at Deer Bear Wolf

Fall is here, and we have a lot going on: 


Deer Bear Wolf Magazine

The second issue of the magazine is now available. You can order it online here. Issue #2 includes contributions from Emily Kempf, Amy Stufflebeam, Michael Orr, Caroline Cox, Allen Taylor, Laura Carter, Moe Castro, Kevin Griggs, Myke Johns, Muriel Vega, Alex Gallo-Brown, sQuish, Debra Cole, Amanda Locke, and Brian Egan


Deer Bear Wolf Records

Sealion's Number One Lover (DBWR03) and Tantrum's XYO (DBWR04) are out now available as well. You can order Number One Lover online here, and XYO here


Deer Bear Wolf Press

Deer Bear Wolf Press is proud to announce its first chapbook, There Appeared A Sadness by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward. Author Winston Blake Wheeler Ward has compiled a collection of three short sagas of immense weight in There Appeared a Sadness. The common threads of loneliness, abandonment and self-doubt are woven into each story, elevating them to a symbiotic and symphonic portrayal of life’s deepest longings for companionship, tenderness and acceptance. Individually, the narratives are vastly set-from outer space, to the ocean, into the blindness of the human heart. There Appeared A Sadness will be released Wednesday, October 29 at MINT Gallery. The release will feature readings by John Carroll, Amy Stufflebeam, Davy Minor and Winston Blake Wheeler Ward. RSVP to There Appeared A Sadness Release Party.


Natural Selection

Deer Bear Wolf is proud to present its latest installment of the NATURAL SELECTION variety show. Thursday, November 6th, Natural Selection: Volume 3 will take place at the Drunken Unicorn. Deer Bear Wolf is bringing its premiere showcase of Atlanta’s finest performance artists to party on Ponce de Leon. Natural Selection: Volume 3's Lineup includes DIP, Adrian Barrera, Jason Mallory, Laura Carter, Chris Childs, and Cristen CongerRSVP to Natural Selection


Phoenix Festival

Deer Bear Wolf is partnering up with sQuish, Make Blackout Poetry, Bang! Arts, Common Ground, and Vouched to bring a new festival to an abandoned motel. Amongst the ruins of a derelict motel site in the Lakewood community of Atlanta, Urban Sprout Farms has created a sanctuary for growing fresh produce. On November 15th, a group of champions for the Atlanta arts community are getting together to present a day of music, literature and art to raise awareness for this creative repurposing of land that was once laying to waste.

Entry to the festival is FREE with RSVP:

Live Music (Curated by Deer Bear Wolf) //

Little Tybee
Lily and the Tigers
Red Sea

Live Literature Readings (Curated by Vouched and Make Blackout Poetry) //

Matt DeBenedictis 
Cristen Conger 
Abby Mae Carney 
Travis Broyles 
Michael Hessel-Mial 
Alexis Pope 
Jon Irwin

Live Muralists (Curated by sQuish) //

Mac Stewart 
Mindy Post 
Paper Frank 
CP the Artist

Art Installations by //

Mike Germon


RSVP to Phoenix Festival