Reindeer Bear Wolf

It's been an incredible first year here at Deer Bear Wolf, and we have a lot to be thankful for. It's been amazing how much support we've received, so we've decided to show our appreciation with a fun new project for the holiday season called "Reindeer Bear Wolf." Starting December 1st, we'll be giving away Deer Bear Wolf magazines, records, books, and other merch every day until Christmas. Also, the next record release from Deer Bear Wolf Records is a limited edition tape cassette of Small Reactions' Merry Christmas To Y'all EP, which we'll also be giving away. Each day of December, we'll hide DBW merch in various locations around the city and Instagram photos of the merch's location to go grab. We'll announce the neighborhood where we'll be doing the merch drops each morning on Twitter. You can keep up with all of our holiday gifting via the #reindeerbearwolf hashtag. Thanks again for making this project so successful, and have a happy holiday season. 

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