Summer at Deer Bear Wolf

It's summer in the city, and there's a lot happening. Here's an update on all things Deer Bear Wolf:


DBW Store:

The Deer Bear Wolf Online Store is now live with a curated collection of some of our favorite artists. It features artists from the Deer Bear Wolf Magazine, such as Mike Germon, John Carroll, Kevin Griggs, Katie Troisi, and Amanda Locke, records from the bands that played the Deer Bear Wolf June Showcase, including Spirits and The Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse, artists that were at the Atlanta Zine Fest, including Troy Stains & Jason Travis, Brooke Hatfield, Allen Taylor, and Michika McClinton, and Burnaway's Interior book. New items will be added to the store each week, starting next week.


DBW Magazine:

Copies of the first issue of Deer Bear Wolf Magazine are beginning to run low, so if you'd like to get one for yourself, you should buy one sooner rather than later. The second issue is in the works, and we'll have more details soon. 


DBW Records: 

The next record to come out on the label will be the new EP from Sealions, Number One Lover. It will be available September 9th. We'll have more information, as well as more record release announcements soon, but in the meantime, the first two DBW releases, Nomen Novum's Lookalikes and the On Holiday EP, are still available


Natural Selection:

Natural Selection is a monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one special musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. The inaugural show is at The Goat Farm Arts Center on July 17th. It will feature performances from Joe Ennis, Davy Minor, Kiki Blood, Corey Bradberry, Rattler Snake, Salon du Shoguns, animation by ASIFA Atlanta, and a special performance from Jungol. Natural Selection is hosted and co-curated by Elizabeth Jarrett


DBW Music Fest: 

The inaugural Deer Bear Wolf Music Fest will take place Saturday, August 23rd at 529. It will showcase local electronic and experimental acts. We'll have more information very soon. 



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