Phoenix Festival 2015 Lineup Announced

Phoenix Festival is proud to announce its 2015 lineup. This year the festival will feature art installations by IFLY (featuring George Long, Mike Stasny, and Erin Vaiskauckas),  Romy Aura Maloon & Evan Neal, Meredith Kooi, and Nick Madden. It will also feature murals by both returning Phoenix Artists such as sQuishiepuss, Sean Fahie, olive47, and Mac Stewart, and newcomers like Ashley Anderson, FRKO, Joe Dreher, Lela Brunet, Isashah Pereira, and Yoyo Ferro.


This year’s festival includes the return of Transgression, Deer Bear Wolf’s unorthodox reading series, which was picked as “Best Way To See Literary Characters Come To Life” in Creative Loafing’s 2015 Best of Atlanta issue. Mass Hysteria: A Literary Installation of Collective Delusions takes the series in a new direction, incorporating work from writers, artists and photographers into a single space to truly capture its theme of conspiracy theories and urban legends into one cryptic abandoned bunker.


The musical lineup includes rising stars jazz ambassador Kebbi Williams and his Wolfpack, Atlanta's queen of funk and southern soul Ruby Velle, rising stars Midnight Larks, Madeline’s new outfit Flamingo Shadow, and experimentalists Clothes. Also, Book of Colors will be performing a super special set as a seventeen-or-more-piece, complete with a string trio (featuring Nick Ogawa of Takenobu on cello), a chorus of backup singers (including Molly Harvey of The Residents), and a horn section. It will be a preview performance for Book of Colors' debut album, which comes out February 2016 on Deer Bear Wolf Records.

Deer Bear Wolf presents a day of art, music, and literature. This one-day festival is to celebrate the Arts in Atlanta and raise awareness for a new artist studio environment, The Wherehouse. Once a place that provided the tools to build, now a home to a diverse and growing group of artists and artisans. Please join us on October 24 from 12pm - 10pm at The Wherehouse, 55 Ormond St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.


Phoenix Festival 2015 Lineup:


IFLY (featuring George Long, Mike Stasny, and Erin Vaiskauckas)
Romy Aura Maloon & Evan Neal
Deer Bear Wolf’s Transgression
Meredith Kooi
Nick Madden
Sean Fahie & FRKO
Chris Veal & Nels
Ashley Anderson
Carl Janes
Joe Dreher
Lela Brunet
Mike Black
Quinn Wolff Wilczynski
Isashah Pereira
Mac Stewart
Yoyo Ferro
Allen Taylor
Monica Alexander
Mr Paul
Josh Grubbs
Rebecca A. Biechteler
Merritt W. Pedrick IV
Holly Ehrhardt
Ron States

Kebbi Williams and The Wolfpack
Book of Colors
Ruby Velle
Flamingo Shadow
Midnight Larks
Liminal Space
Jared Pepper
Titans of Moisture
Sonic Advent
Victor St. Baloo


Derek Prall
Myke Johns
Tiger Wizard
Amy Stufflebeam
Jessica Hunt
Ray Geier
Winston Ward
Stephanie Roman
Matt DeBenedictis
Frederic Levesque
Chris Scott Smith
Nicole Moody
Mike Germon
Chelsea Raflo
Kelley Outler
Daniel Lamb
Jerad Alexander
Jared Yates Sexton
Bobbin Wages
Benjamin Lande
Amanda Mills
David Anderson
John Hannah
Chris Riley
Mason Brown
Devin Brown
Chris Devoe
Alex Gregor
Nikki Starz
Julian Modugno
Joshua Ware
Ellaree Yeagley
James Tadd Adcox
Jesse Turcotte
Brian Foley
Phillip March Jones
Mike Schatz
Beca Grimm
Christina Lee
Weston Manders
Uniq Schip
Michael Saba


Tchoup Vintage
Katie Troisi
JD's General Store
IS Studio
Mechanica Jewelry
Chad Floyd Woodworks
Katie Vanshop Fine Art Prints
Whimsy cupcakes
Ike Madness & The Art Of Larry Holland
Bill Sommer
Ann Marie Lowman
Marisha Williams
Lynx Handmade
Estella Semeco
Drea James Designs
Attic Noise
The Farm's Womb
blockheadATL & Runamuq
Maddy Barreto
Bear Kids Recordings
Fossil and Hyde
Camaro Camino Vintage
Penn & Knife
La Chula



Phoenix Fest is free of charge, but you must RSVP to attend:


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