Laura Relyea's "All Glitter, Everything" Book, T-Shirt, and Poster Out Now

All Glitter, Everything is a book that has everything and nothing to do with glitter and Kesha. Consider it an exercise in shine theory. It's an entry point to a world where glitter is a verb, noun, and adjective. It’s instinctive and messy and everywhere, much like Kesha.

Kesha is an emblem, indicative of the carnivorous joy of womanhood. She’s every woman cast in every role – a friend, a confidante, a conflict, a resolution. Kesha is sorry. (But Kesha is never sorry.) Kesha is you and me. Each story in this book is emblematic of an inspiring or empowering woman.

All Glitter, Everything is a collection of 50 stories, which graduated from a chapbook of the same name, and a portion of which will be featured in the third volume of The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing (forthcoming, March 2015). These are the stories of one woman’s embrace of her whole self and the whole world – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glittery.

All Glitter, Everything was Laura Relyea’s first chapbook and is her first book.

Laura Relyea is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a gold bear head on her
mantle named Boris, and [sometimes impertinent] dog named Wolfman Jack. She is the Editor n’ Chief of Vouched Books, and the Managing Editor of Scoutmob. She both fears and respects glitter.

All Glitter, Everything is now available. Also available, a book/T-shirt bundle and a limited edition silkscreened poster by Pretty Likable Press. 

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