Deer Bear Wolf Magazine Issue #3 Out Now

Cover by Ashley Anderson

Cover by Ashley Anderson

Deer Bear Wolf has released the third issue of its magazine. The limited-edition physical magazine showcases some of Atlanta’s most impressive artists. It is intended to be a kaleidoscope of content, including prose, poetry, art, photography, interviews, drawings and essays alongside a curated list of et ceteras.


 DEER BEAR WOLF #3 // includes works by:


Ashley Anderson - Cover Art 

Carl Janes - Art 

Lauren Barfield - Art 

Sherri Caudell - Poetry

Ryan Vizzions - Photography 

Sean Fahie - Words and Art 

Jenny Thomas - Photography

P. I. Navarro - Poetry

Heather Greenway - Art

Larry Holland - Art 

Kevin Griggs - Photography 

Matthew Gnann - Prose

Amanda Locke - Satirical Advertisements

Brian Egan - Art + Design


Deer Bear Wolf Magazine Issue #3
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