100 Watt Horse's "EAFAFAFATTTA" tape cassette co-release with Bear Kids Recordings out June 16

Anyone who has seen one of 100 Watt Horse’s many shows over the past year or so knows that George Pettis and Anna Jeter can silence a room with no microphone and just an acoustic guitar. It is with this familiar intimacy that the debut full-length album from 100 Watt Horse opens with “Bees 1” – an appropriately lo-fi acoustic strum and an enveloping tape hiss, showcasing a sparse arrangement that in no way lessens the power of the song as an opening statement. And while 100 Watt Horse consistently returns to this spare and honest approach throughout the album, they also occasionally approach pop and folk songs through more a experimental lens, incorporating analog synths and drum machines and studio wizardry into their arresting compositions. The result is a cohesive but eclectic achievement.

Everything Is Alright Forever and Forever and Forever and Thank You Thank You Thank You Amen. is a subtle but memorable debut long-player for 100 Watt Horse and a satisfying follow-up to 2014’s self-titled EP. While the EP saw 100 Watt Horse treading familiar paths, the debut LP sees them cutting their own new path through a dense forest of distraction, boiling down these compositions into only what needs to be there.

100 Watt Horse’s debut full-length EAFAFAFATTTA is out June 16th on Bear Kids Recordings and Deer Bear Wolf Records.

Available 06.16.2015 on pro-dubbed and imprinted light blue cassette tape and digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Streaming on Spotify and Rdio.