Deer Bear Wolf Goes Non-Profit

Deer Bear Wolf is becoming a non-profit, and we need your help.

We've begun the transition to a 501(c) 3 non-profit to better fulfill our mission to support and empower Atlanta artists. We've got some really exciting new projects on the horizon, but we need your support to bring us through this evolution period and to launch these new initiatives.

We're aiming to raise $30,000, which we will split into five categories:


Includes fees to start a non-profit organization, consulting, legal, and financial services, insurance, website design and maintenance, equipment storing, equipment purchases needed for administration, marketing, virtual office needs (phone, email, productivity apps), and any other services needed to create and maintain our basic infrastructure.

Emergency Assistance to Artists

We seek to award grants to provide emergency assistance in the case of unanticipated hardships. It is imperative to protect emerging artists from life emergencies that they are uniquely susceptible to, including medical hardship, financial hardship, and loss of equipment necessary to their creative ventures.

Musician Grants

This grant is available to independent Atlanta musicians across genres for recording or tour assistance, merchandising, and marketing. The grant will be one of the first of its kind in Atlanta to offer monetary support to emerging and mid-career musicians, enabling them to continue producing their own work.


Transgression is a live, immersive literary series that teams up creatives from various disciplines, including writers, artists, musicians, and actors. They will be challenged to create unique experiences together that both showcase and further their talents. Transgression was named “Best Way to See Literary Characters Come to Life” by Creative Loafing in 2015.

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine Issue #5

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine is a periodical that chronicles and showcases work by Atlanta-based artists, writers, photographers, journalists, and other creatives. Our aim is to offer free copies to the Atlanta community while paying all contributors. Deer Bear Wolf was voted “Best Local Zine” in 2015 and “Best Local Lit Publisher” in 2015 & 2016.