Deer Bear Wolf Press is publishing press releasing limited-edition books from Atlanta writers. The press aims to print words that will leave an aching presence in a reader’s conscious while throwing grand release parties that bring these epic sentences to life. Curated by Matt DeBenedictis.

About Matt DeBenedictis:

Matt DeBenedictis is the author of three chapbooks, including Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is Dead. He is the founder of the now defunct press Safety Third Enterprises. His writing has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Dogzplot, Aol Music, and Paste Magazine.

Submissions will be open in the spring.

Deer Bear Wolf Press Releases:


Tender Bloodsport

Hidden Messages of Hope by John Carroll of Make Blackout Poetry

Over the last three years, Atlanta based artist, John Carroll, has been on a journey of sharing a piece of blackout poetry with his social media followers everyday.

Hidden Messages of Hope is a retrospective collection of his blackout poetry, along with exclusively new pieces and essays on exploring life, love, and hope in everyday text.  




Tender Bloodsport Vol. 1

(Limited Edition of 200)

From writers borne of the university, the stages of ratty independent theaters, open mics at Charis, the barstools at Manuel's...these wildly disparate voices come together to form a community, united under a banner of annihilating all comers with their A­ material. This is Tender Bloodsport.



All Glitter, Everything by Laura Relyea

(Limited Edition of 300)

All Glitter, Everything is a book that has everything and nothing to do with glitter and Kesha. Consider it an exercise in shine theory. It's an entry point to a world where glitter is a verb, noun, and adjective. It’s instinctive and messy and everywhere, much like Kesha.





There Appeared a Sadness by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

(Limited Edition of 125)

Author Winston Blake Wheeler Ward has compiled a collection of three short sagas of immense weight in There Appeared a Sadness. The common threads of loneliness, abandonment and self-doubt are woven into each story, elevating them to a symbiotic and symphonic portrayal of life’s deepest longings for companionship, tenderness and acceptance. Individually, the narratives are vastly set-from outer space, to the ocean, into the blindness of the human heart.