On Holiday // DBWR02

On Holiday


On Holiday

On Holiday EP

Poster + Digital Download

DEER BEAR WOLF RECORDS presents On Holiday's debut self-titled EP. Purchase of this record includes an 11"x17" poster designed by On Holiday's Eric Bouthiller and a digital download card of the record. 

On Holiday Tracklist:

  1. Tourist
  2. Tides
  3. Drift
  4. Weekend
  5. Vignette

Recorded by Luciano Giarrano. 
Mixed by Eric Bouthiller. 
Mastered by Andre Griffin.


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“Weekend” will likely get categorized as some subset of electronic pop; maybe something with a hint of alt-R&B, and there’s definitely a darker post-punk aesthetic at work here as well. The track’s central groove—built on smoky synths, crackling percussion and a watery, oh-so-smooth bassline—feels like the stuff summertime bangers are made of, but the song’s murky haze and sultry, slowed-down vibe help keep the temperature from rising too hot. It’s more meditative than infectious, more late-night chill than pool party euphoric, which suits me just fine.

-Latest Disgrace