Dot.s // Jellyfiss // DBWR09

Dot.s // Jellyfiss
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CD Digipak (Edition of 100) or Tape Cassette + Digital Download (Edition of 50)

Jellyfiss is a couple of things. It's a word and it's also not a word, so that’s TWO things just for starters. It’s also a disc made out of polycarbonate that (hopefully) produces sounds when put in the right slot, and the right buttons are pressed in the right order. But most importantly, it’s the scatterbrained memories of a scatterbrained man named Dainty Loo Loo, whose brain has without a doubt scattered. In his final hours, he invites us into the paradise he’s built for himself on earth, while he sits and rambles to an ocean that is impossibly blue and receptive and patient. It was written in Atlanta, Georgia by Ryan James, Bonnie Hardie, Joe Crabb, and Nick Lynds, with help from our friends Andrew McFarland, and George Pettis in 2014’s closing months. Half of the songs were composed almost entirely with drum machines and analog synthesizers. The other half stems more from live instrumentation. I think there’s a cello somewhere in there. Anywho, get yourself some, don’t forget your pencil, and have fun.”     


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