Small Reactions // Merry Christmas To Y'all // DBWR06

Small Reactions

Merry Christmas To Y'all


Tape Cassette (Edition of 100)\

You know that feeling when you dread the holidays because of that one uncle you only see at Christmas dinner? You remember how you really shouldn’t like him because he’s so frank, outspoken, and politically incorrect about everything, but you kind of do anyway? This is the embodiment of that feeling with a garage-tinged set of rock ‘n’ roll Christmas covers by bands like The Sonics, The Wailers, Chuck Berry, and The Trashmen.

Merry Christmas to Y'all EP: 

1. "Santa Claus" - The Sonics
2. "Run Rudolph, Run" - Chuck Berry
3. "Christmas Spirit" - The Wailers
4. "Don't Believe in Christmas" - The Sonics
5. "Dancin' With Santa" - The Trashmen

Recorded by Scotty Hoffman in The Basement of The Cottage (Atlanta, GA) on November 30, 2013. Released via Deer Bear Wolf on Cassette December 2014.