Laura Relyea // All Glitter, Everything Book + T-Shirt Bundle


Laura Relyea // All Glitter, Everything Book + T-Shirt Bundle


This bundle includes All Glitter, Everything book and t-shirt. 

Shirts are printed on Alternative Apparel shirts.

Orders will be shipping out the week of release (March 14th 2015).

All Glitter, Everything
is a book that has everything and nothing to do with glitter and Kesha. Consider it an exercise in shine theory. It's an entry point to a world where glitter is a verb, noun, and adjective. It’s instinctive and messy and everywhere, much like Kesha.

Kesha is an emblem, indicative of the carnivorous joy of womanhood. She’s every woman cast in every role – a friend, a confidante, a conflict, a resolution. Kesha is sorry. (But Kesha is never sorry.) Kesha is you and me. Each story in this book is emblematic of an inspiring or empowering woman.

All Glitter, Everything is a collection of 50 stories, which graduated from a chapbook of the same name, and a portion of which will be featured in the third volume of The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing (forthcoming, March 2015). These are the stories of one woman’s embrace of her whole self and the whole world – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glittery.

All Glitter, Everything was Laura Relyea’s first chapbook and is her first book.

Laura Relyea is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a gold bear head on her
mantle named Boris, and [sometimes impertinent] dog named Wolfman Jack. She is the Editor n’ Chief of Vouched Books, and the Managing Editor of Scoutmob. She both fears and respects glitter.

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