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Nomen Novum // ATLANTVM


Nomen Novum



CD Digipak (Edition of 125)

Deer Bear Wolf Records is proud to announce that Nomen Novum’s new full-length album ATLANTVM will be out March 23. Over five years in the making, ATLANTVM is a concept album, guiding you through different zones of a mythological, post-apocalpytic, or dreamed Atlanta.

“Early in the making of the album,”  Nomen Novum aka David Norbery explains, “my work relocated to Doraville, near Spaghetti Junction, and these grey, industrial new environs were a massive influence on the tone and lyrical content of the album. A lot of the lyrics and titles reference real places around there. A hospital. A strip club. A motocross park. A gas station. All pretty mundane stuff, but the names were evocative to me, and I tried to imagine what else they could stand for.”

“At one point it was going to be a double album,” says Norbery. “At least ten additional songs were recorded and then abandoned, including a few I originally thought of as singles. There are sides of my music that I don't find flattering, and with this record I tried to be more aware of how I present myself. The cover is this great fresco my dad painted in the 80's, depicting an ancient structure and person disappearing in a flood, and while I wasn't thinking of Atlantis during the making of the record, it seemed appropriate.”


ATLANTVM Track List:


  1. Microsleep
  2. Yellow Shadow
  3. Noncommittal
  4. Half Light
  5. Angler's Corner
  6. Simulcast
  7. Hidden Acres
  8. Moon Lingerie
  9. Integrity Heights

ATLANTVM is the follow up to Nomen Novum’s 2014 Lookalikes EP, the inaugural release from Deer Bear Wolf Records. ATLANTVM will be available in a limited edition CD Digipak on March 23. 

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