Winston Blake Wheeler Ward

There Appeared a Sadness - $10.00


5.5" x 8"

(Limited Edition of 125)

Author Winston Blake Wheeler Ward has compiled a collection of three short sagas of immense weight in There Appeared a Sadness. The common threads of loneliness, abandonment and self-doubt are woven into each story, elevating them to a symbiotic and symphonic portrayal of life’s deepest longings for companionship, tenderness and acceptance. Individually, the narratives are vastly set-from outer space, to the ocean, into the blindness of the human heart.

Astronaut Woo-Jin is alone orbiting a dead planet light years from earth in “Detachment.” The only survivor for years aboard a mining and research vessel where a deadly infection wiped out the crew, Woo-Jin faces “...a fear so potent, so menacing, that his certainty about his very desire to continue living [is] called into question.”

The vastness of space segues into the absence of sight for Marie, a young married woman who learns that a surgery can remedy her blindness. Her devoted husband, Andrew, chronicles the co-dependant nature of their relationship in “Eyes Like Atoms Splitting.” Andrew writes to Marie of her perfection, a shared perpetuation of stagnation and how her hope for sight insights his own “dizzying” desires.

The eyes of one sibling are wide open in “Game Pieces,” the story of Karen and Kyle, bickering siblings who descend on their preferrably forgotten family home at the water’s edge. As they take inventory of the property on the heels of their father’s death, memories of their mother’s untimely demise “smash against both of their minds.” Kyle tells his sister over a favorite childhood board game, “This tricked you,” and Karen is forced to see who they have both become.

The reverberation of life’s sounding sets off a tone which lasts, not in having been lived but rather by having instilled in the reader a memory that did not previously exist. This collection is a dream of the sad loneliness that forms a blanket of comfort for those who live within the human condition.

Winston Blake Wheeler Ward’s human condition has not confined him, having at one time called much of the U.S., Germany, and South Korea home. Atlanta is his heart’s home, where he lives with Kira and Baird, his beloved canine companions, that are quite clever and not, respectively. Winston is found writing fiction, satire, and the occasional essay and is the founder and curator of the online, monthly, flash-fiction community the Five Hundred.