Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

On Holiday's self-titled debut EP is now available digitally for whatever price you want. If you haven't got a copy yet, you can download it right now for free. On Holiday play the Small Reactions record release show tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 21) at the EARL. 

"Ethereal four-piece On Holiday has only been around for a little over a year, but the group already sounds like a polished vet by capturing visions of '80s synth-pop bliss and melding it with songwriting that defies conventional pop formulas. On Holiday finds a peaceful middle ground between towering synth arpeggios and easygoing grooves. The group's self-titled debut EP showcases that balance by juxtaposing childlike melodies with anxiety-inducing tension. A standout track, "Tides," evokes wistful melodies, lulling listeners toward dreamland, whereas the EP's closer, "Vignette," blasts off with driving, up-tempo rhythms that keep the group from falling into a fatal complacency." -Creative Loafing




Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, October 20:



"FREE SHOW! Hey y'alllllllllll, come hang with us down at the old 529 on Monday 10/20 for a FREE evening of tunes from Semicircle- A new project form Andrew and Ryan of Reptar, feat. members of Breathers and New Madrid. Del Venicci --and-- Grand Vapids- Athens based rock geniuses."



#4 Art ED : College Day at Elevate @ Elevate Atlanta

"12pm: Lunch and Performance: Broad Street NW Eateries (on Woodruff Park): Intimate, poetic interactions with La Passante, social performance by Makeshift Circus and music by a special guest (that we can’t announce until the day of but trust us, they’re amazing). Plus, talk to someone across downtown through Dustin Chambers’ Portal or make your own musical score with Casey Lynch’s Headphones. Special experiences at Goat Farm D_MPSTERs: Dumpster D{eye}ve, A Grey Thought 5pm: La Passant poetry: Points Station Marta/Broad Street Plaza: Intimate, poetic interactions with La Passant during the rush hour."



Cinephilia @ The Mammal Gallery

"Come to this months local film screening. Bring your friends and tell them to bring their friends for a block of local short films. Please hangout afterwards and check out the feature, an underground cult classic, an enlightening trip, the Unholy Canyon (not really the opposite of that) if you can't figure it out and really want to know ask somebody and if you are desperate message me. If you haven't seen it yet you HAVE TO so that you will know true reality. Camera zoom out"



Netherfriends/Reek Manikan/Ambiogiant @ The Manor

"Traveling man and Musical Genius Netherfriends makes his annual Atlanta stop at The Manor with ATL hip hop Legend Reek ManiKan, and Ambiogiant, Music for a change. Music for the people. Music to unify our communities. Music to better our lives. Also to dance, scream and get down to..."



DRUNK CRITIQUE no.6 @ The Low Museum

"MORE DRUNK MORE CRITIQUE SAME JELLO Lettuce know if you care to show work at this next drunk critique. You do not need to show work to attend! BYOB BYOB BYOB if you wanna. ALSO! These critiques are not limited to visual art! Read us a poem, do a lil dance, whatever really, then we chat about it."




Tuesday, October 21:


Beverly / Small Reactions  (album release)/ On Holiday @ The EARL

"Small Reactions play nerve pop. Their music has tinges of new wave and post punk; it's often angular, sometimes surfy, and generally quick. They are a band of four guys who pull from various literary, geometric, and culinary influences in order to create and perform."



#5 Tesselated Atlanta performance and Elevate Eats @ Elevate Atlanta

"7pm : Joanie Lemercier : 55 Marietta Street: Elevate, in collaboration with France Atlanta and The French Consulate of Atlanta, presents Joanie Lemercier’s Tesselated Atlanta, a sculptural light performance. 7pm : Gallery 72 (across the street from Tesselated Atlanta): ELEVATE EATS, hosted by Central Atlanta Progress, offers free food and cocktails by some of downtown’s finest restaurants. Grab some snacks and a cocktail in between Tesselated and Chamber Cartel - all on the same block. 6:15pm : Chamber Cartel: Goat Farm D_MPSTER: Wishing Well. Special performance of Postludes."




"GHB, COTTAGING (members of Ukiah Drag), WYMYNS PRYSYN..".




Wednesday, October 22:


Scene Missing Presents THERE IS NO ATLANTA, ONLY ZUUL @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"THERE IS NO ATLANTA, ONLY ZUUL Writing, Comedy, and Other Performances based on Movies About Ghosts. Featuring Performances by: Clayton "Ghostbusters" English, Joe "Poltergeist" Pettis, Brooke "Ghost Dad" Hatfield, Remi "The Ring" Treuer, Johnny "Patrick Swayze's Ghost" Drago, Mauree "Beetlejuice" Culberson, Patrick "The Shining" Best, Ben "The Overly Friendly Ghost" Arnold. Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost? Then strap on your proton pack, say "Beetlejuice" three times, fire up your pottery wheel to the sounds of "Unchained Melody," pop a cursed VHS tape in your VCR and get ready for "Scene Missing Presents THERE IS NO ATLANTA, ONLY ZUUL: writing, comedy, and other performances based on movies about ghosts!" That's right, we're bringing you the best essays, stand-up comedy, and musical performances celebrating movies about phantoms, wraiths, spirits, apparitions, and poltergeists!!"



#6 Elevate Music and Theater in Downtown @ Elevate Atlanta

"12pm: Joanie Lemercier Artist Talk: Gallery 72: Lemercier discusses his unique, light-based projection art located in Gallery 72 and 55 Marietta Street. His works combines math with art and immerses the viewer in a journey that conjures space exploration. 6pm: Chamber Cartel : Woodruff Park: Special performance of The Immeasurable Space of Tones at Goat Farm D_MPSTER: Allusion 7pm: Fun-Size Fringe : 5 Points Marta Amphitheater/Broad Street Plaza: All the indie, edgy, weird, wild live performance you love from the Atlanta Fringe Festival crammed into two amazing hours of Fun-Size Fringe! Fringe favorites Sith Penguin, Thimblerig Circus, and Twinhead Theatre present exciting aerial dance and acrobatics, circus, and comedy acts such as The Darkest Night, all to entice and inspire you."



Җ Social Synth Җ  Dumpster Jamster Performance Night @ a dumpster at the corner of Luckie st and Cone st. downtown

"The Social Synth pubic art installation dumpster is having a performance night of Atlanta experimental electronic musicians incorporating our dumpster instrument into their set. watch and behold as these musicians harness the power of raw synthesis and the beauty of downtown atlanta into their performances! music starts at 7! (its a public music in downtown! we gotta start earlyyyyyy!) 7:00 = Jonkst (Chris Yonker of Hello Ocho / Mammal Gallery) 7: 30 = Narrator ( 8:00 = Adam Babar / Easily Suede ( 8:30 = Magicada ( 9:00 = Breathers ( Part of The Goat Farm Arts Center's Elevate Atlanta event!"



Weird Sin, Ancient River, Weary Heads @ 529

"Weird Sin: Psych Rock for the council of the wicked. Burn, burn, burning like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the sky. // Weary Heads are a Psychedelic Rock n’ Roll band from Atlanta, GA."



This Legend w/ Moonbase and Broken Factory Windows @ The Drunken Unicorn

"PFH Productions is presenting: This Legend feat. LP and Ben Harper formerly of Yellowcard, MOONBASE, Broken Factory Windows"




Thursday, October 23:


THIS DARKER LIFE | Ninja Puppet Productions & W(,) | GF Presents @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"PRESENTED BY THE GOAT FARM ARTS CENTER Ninja Puppet Productions' and W(,)'s THIS DARKER LIFE THIS DARKER LIFE is a performance emersion devised from five original stories. Told by accentuating the tension between light vs. dark and radio drama vs. theater it becomes similar to listening to your favorite NPR show while being shown captured glimpses from your own imagination. • Aerial projections • Lazy susan seating • Giant puppetries • Stories everywhere • In near total darkness Performances: //Thur October 23rd 8PM & 10:30PM //Fri October 24th 8PM & 10:30PM //Sat October 25th 8PM & 10:30PM // Sunday October 26th 8PM"



#7 DANCE with Eachother! Elevate closing performances. @ Elevate Atlanta

"7:30pm: DANCE TRUCK : Fairlie + Walton: Dance Truck has commissioned an armful of talented choreographers and dancers, such as local performer, Corian Ellisor to present a night of performances more than worthy of closing out our Elevate week. Choreographers selected are both local and non local. Yes, you will have an opportunity to dance in the Dance Truck!"




"JEALOUSY MOUNTAIN DUO — Two-man German band Jealousy Mountain Duo exhibit frenetic and disparate ’60s jazz and noisy, math-rock influences, taking a deconstructivist approach to its experimental blend of post-modern jazz and mathy indie rock, its guitars looping looping and conflicting melodies, its drums working in and out of rhythms, eschewing any semblance of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones. The result is tightly controlled chaos, a sonic maelstrom where form doesn’t necessarily follow function. (paraphrased from bandcamp) SUFFER DRAGON - psychedelic math-pop for reptilians performed by two of nine local faun and a pan flautists. fake upright bass shaped like a drum set and something about a guitar solo... MOTHER MARTHA - bailey brothers' tribute to their celestial vessel. waves of polyrhythms and parallel musics DESIGNER - boston no-wavers DON VITO - who the hell is don vito?"




Friday, October 24:


DESTROY ALL MUSIC TURNS 30! @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"come help us celebrate atlanta's premiere trigenarian racket showcase. For 30 years (October of 1984), DAM has been dispatching sonic terrorism into the ears of Atlanta radio listeners and on this day, we are going to help throw it a little party. come get subjected to some scalding aural mayhem. performances by: DIRT BRAIN: spontaneous, experimental free improvisation. CELL THERAPY: guitar/guitar therapy EX BLACK NATURAL: Blossoming Noise SUFFERBOMBDAMAGE: grinding, corrosive shortwave synth pop. performances start @ 9pm cake and punch provided."




"TWIN STUDIES: (ATL) "with Precious Places, the group successfully harnesses their ethereal dream pop dream musings and celestial shoegaze eruptions into something distinct and direct." CANCERS: (Athens) "Athens-based duo that pumps out dream pop straight out of a time machine from Seattle, 1995." POWERBABY: (ATL) "Atlanta based powerpop reminiscent of drunk girls having a pillow fight in 1998 / feat. members of Places To Hide.""



Glo and Paper-Cut Project: gestures that soon will disappear: 4th Body @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"gestures that soon will disappear: Fourth Body October 24- December 20, 2014 EXHIBITION OPENING Friday October 24 7pm A hybrid form that experiments with new ways of performance inhabiting art spaces, and that is a MOCA GA premiere. The exhibition is composed of assemblies of ephemera, sound, video, paper and human interaction deployed through performative forms such as migrating choirs, anthems, and moving sculptures, striving to rethink performance in museums as a creative experience for surprise response and shifting forms. In dialogue with MOCA GA’s main galleries, Lauri Stallings, glo and the creative team fill the museum and spiraling staircases with phase II of gestures that soon will disappear, originally a public work (July 2014) that embodies the poles of her practice: participation and choreographic. The work begins the moment people encounter it, and is presented continuously during the operating hours of the museum, persisting over time, to produce meaning and value through action, rather than objects."




Saturday, October 25:


Dasher, Predator, Mtn Isl, Slugga @ 529

"Dasher's suicide squeeze record release ...only five dollars"



THE PEN TEST / MONO LISA / FIT OF BODY / MANS TRASH @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"an evening of danceable beats, bent electro vibes and soothing pop sensibilities... THE PEN TEST (CHICAGO) FIT OF BODY MONO LISA ++++ MANS TRASH"



Halloween Interact-Art Exhibition Opening Party by Interact Art Museum @ 482 Edgewood Ave

"Dear Friend, On behalf of the Intearct Art Museum of Atlanta we personally invite you to the Gallery opening party for Interact Art Museum’s POP-UP Exhibition. Halloween meets street art in our first ever event: “Beyond the Obvious.” Only 200 tickets will be made available for purchase online for $12 or at the door for $20. The price includes one drink coupon for a beverage of your choice. Play with art like never before, meet fascinating people, take a lot of photos, eat, drink and listen to music."




Sunday, October 26:


Landline, Shepherds, Hsy, The Beverleys @ Sriracha House

"House show featuring two of Toronto's finest along with two of Atlanta's best. Landline - Carnivores/Deerhunter side project. Skeletal, entrancing guitar with a sinuous rhythm section. Shepherds - Minimalist noise pop. Melodic and driving. HSY - Load-bearing guitars with smashing rhythms.That heavy shit. The Beverleys - Snarling, ferocious punk rock. Emphasis on snarling FREE ADMISSION"




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