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It's been an incredible first year here at Deer Bear Wolf, and we have a lot to be thankful for. It's been amazing how much support we've received, so we've decided to show our appreciation with a fun new project for the holiday season called "Reindeer Bear Wolf." Starting today, we'll be giving away Deer Bear Wolf magazines, records, books, and other merch every day until Christmas. Also, the next record release from Deer Bear Wolf Records is a limited edition tape cassette of Small ReactionsMerry Christmas To Y'all EP, which we'll also be giving away. Each day of December, we'll hide DBW merch in various locations around the city and Instagram photos of the merch's location to go grab. We'll announce the neighborhood where we'll be doing the merch drops each morning on Twitter. You can keep up with all of our holiday gifting via the #reindeerbearwolf hashtag. Thanks again for making this project so successful, and have a happy holiday season. 

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Video Premiere:  100 Watt Horse - Bees Pt. 1 & 2 | Sofar Athens

100 Watt Horse debuted a new song on Sofar Athens before leaving for tour tomorrow.

100 Watt Horse Tour Dates:

Dec 2 - St. Petersburg, FL @ Bula Kafe
Dec 3 - Orlando, FL @ The Space w/ Michael Parallax
Dec 5 - Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints w/ Caitlin Dunn
Dec 6 - Macon, GA @ Historic Shriner's Temple w/ New Madrid
Dec 8 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree w/ Velouria
Dec 10 - Knoxville, TN @ the Pilot Light
Dec 11 - Asheville, NC @ Mothlight w/ Axxa/Abraxas
Dec 12 - Atlanta, GA @ the Mammal Gallery: Invasion of Privacy
Dec 13 - Athens, GA @ the Caledonia Lounge w/ the Rodney Kings and Sad Dads
Dec 14 - Greensboro, NC @ Hellraiser Haus w/ Anne-Claire and the Wild Mystics
Dec 16 - Stroudsburg, PA @ Eric Funn's House
Dec 17 - Philadelphia, PA @ 3rd and Jirard w/ Wilbur
Dec 18 - New York City, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Mitski and Bellows
Dec 19 - New York City, NY @ Aviv w/ Friend Roulette and Airwaves





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, December 1:


Naked City | PushPush | THEME "STRENGTH" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH "There's a million stories of "STRENGTH" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them" The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production In The Warhorse1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH "There's a million stories of "STRENGTH" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them" The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production. In The Warhorse. Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. Theme:"STRENGTH" You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. Theme:"STRENGTH" We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do. If you go over 5, you need to spin the "Wheel of Consequences" If you go over 6 minutes, we boo you till you stop. All in love, of course"



TWINS (CGI/DKA), Landline, Anticipation, Banquet @ 529

"TWINS is the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner. // Anticipation is Chris Daresta on Synths, Drum Machines, Bass, and Vocals."




Tuesday, December 2:



"It's that time again... Join us on the first Tuesday of every month at The Mammal Gallery for the Mammal's Only Open Mic! All acts welcome... Come sing, dance, read, laugh, yell, twirl, listen, share... SUPER SPECIAL POTLUCK I figure we've all got plenty of leftovers and the only thing I like about the holidays is eating so lets have another potluck! The last one was real, real good. I will provide plates, forks, and the like. Just bring some Thanksgiving leftovers or a delicious dish to share."



Tanz III  series 2 OPENING FEED:  "the unnerved space." @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"OPENING FEED conversation: Artists are excavating symbols and signs to get to missions and visions for contemporary dialogue. Settings for these experiences are often times separate from traditional art spaces, an intentional, secluding environment for contemplation and self-discovery. We are turned on by the interior/exterior mind and exhibition spaces that roll and fluster the Atlanta community. Atlanta artists, directors and curators discuss the impulse for interior/exterior mind and exhibition and performance spaces that fluster and bewilder expectations. Moderator: Rachel Reese Panelists: // David Baerwalde, visual artist // Barbara Archer, Gallerist // Dashboard Co-Op // Madison Cario, artist & director for Office of the Arts, Georgia Institute of Technology // Davy Minor, Deer Bear Wolf // Stephanie Pharr, performance artist"




Wednesday, December 3:


Song Missing Presents ATLANTAN SANE @ The Village Theatre

"Song Missing Presents ATLANTAN SANE Writing, Comedy, and Other Performances based on the music of David Bowie. Hosted by Chris Ledford. Featuring music by Noel Stephen & the Darlings. Performances by: Samm Severin, Jeffrey Stephenson, Jake Head, Nick Tecosky, Bobbin Wages and Jason Mallory as "A Measly Growl" The Village Theatre Improv, Raymond Carr. FAAAAAAME! Put a leash on your diamond dogs, get a receipt from the man who sold the world, and straighten your black tie white noise because Song Missing is bringing you a night of writing, comedy, and puppetry based on David Bowie songs!"




"On December 3rd, from 7-9pm, we will be hosting artist talks & virtual studio visits from the ATT/ention artists as well as having the exhibition come to a close. A series of digital artworks exploring notions, tensions, and conceptions of distraction. Featuring Fahamu Pecou, Darcy Mae, Tak Masuda, Dave Greber and Courtney McClellan. For ATT/ention we invited artists to dissect notions of distraction through digital art. We encouraged them to explore the theme in terms of content and/or form. Without prompting, the artists each created interactive works – the viewer can elect to become engaged with the various conceptions of distraction or be pulled elsewhere."



George Crumb's BLACK ANGELS | Bent Frequency with Guest Artists Spektral Quartet @ Erikson Clock

"Atlanta’s Bent Frequency partners with Chicago’s Spektral Quartet, in its Atlanta debut, for a unique and powerful performance at Erikson Clock, the Goat Farm’s satellite in Castleberry Hill. The centerpiece of the program is Spektral’s performance of George Crumb’s monumental “Black Angels” for electric string quartet, inspired by the Vietnam War. Bent Frequency rounds out the program with performances of “Coil, Recoil” by Carolyn O'Brien and works by Atlanta composers, “Looking Back on the End of Time” by David Brighton and “METTA” by Robert Scott Thompson. A pre-concert talk begins at 6:45 pm. 364 Nelson Street, Atlanta, GA 30313. Admission is $15, $5 students & seniors."



The Blind Shake w/ Wymyns Prysyn & Glen Iris @ The EARL

Wymyns Prysyn and Glen Iris host Minneapolis' The Blind Shake.




Thursday, December 4:


AZF Day Planner Zine Release & Fundraiser @ Elmyriachi

"Please support Murmur and pick up a badass day planner zine! Elmyriachi is donating a percentage of all food and bar proceeds to AZF! AKA Eat and drink your heart out; fund AZF! All ages :D PLUS DJs Salvia Plath and DJ Caprisunni Deelite. Contributors include: Rebecca Kidd, Kate Klein, Melody Thomas, Allyssa Lewis, Jake Cook, Paige Solomon, Ladyfest ATL, Brooke Hatfield, Ashley Anderson, John Hannah, Thomas Fine, Nathan Morris, Richie Bearden, Valentina Tapia, Matt Weiner, Laura Relyea, Judith Jones, Tracy Neale, Laura Vela, Walter Scott, Lauren Teasley, Grace Nelson, Isadora Pennington, Rachel Blanton, Sarah Keys, Allen Taylor, Jeremiah McCleary, Sheena Roetman, Sunni Johnson, Courtney Conroy."



FREE EVENT! CL presents: The Electric Sons, Baby Baby, and DJ Cousin Dan @ The Drunken Unicorn

"Come party with CL, the Electric Sons, Baby Baby, and DJ Cousin Dan for absolutely free on Thursday, December 4 at the Drunken Unicorn. Consider it an early holiday gift, y'all."




Friday, December 5:



"simultaniously a tour kickoff show, an album release show & a birthday party themed birthday party . $u773r DRA90n will have copies of it's first full length cassette album "Good Golf" via local label @staring at the ceiling - also will be using any/all of your money to help propel ourselves through the south for our tour with our acid friends Half Athens & Ginko. _bonus performances by polyrhythmic jazzercise crew/all around funky people, Aalborg Group, as well as everyone's favourite wallpaper, Floral Print"




Saturday, December 6:


'ALCHEMY: Phase 4" @ Beep Beep Gallery

"This is our fourth year doing “Alchemy”, which is a group show where Beep Beep cuts a bunch of multi-sized triangles and hands them out to artists. “Alchemy” is a great opportunity to see work by a number of amazing local artists and a great chance to pick up affordable artwork for the holidays! For us, part of the fun of this show is that the plethora of works combined with the specific shape of the triangles allows us to create a series of patterns and designs where each artist’s work plays off another. This in turn allows for a unique collective exhibit. Artists include: Sam Parker, Mike Germon, Kate Triosi, Colin Sims, Emily Maxwell, Olivia Rado, Nick Madden, Bo-Ra Choi, Marcy Starz, Allen Taylor, Patrick Davis, Heather Greenway, Stephen Key, Ansley Sproull, Travis Smith, Kat Cooper, Nathan Sharratt, Ally White, Paul Light, Laura Vela, Adam Stephenson, Larry Holland, Chris Chambers, Steve Pomberg, Phil Jones, Hilary Kelley, Paige Adair, Katie Lebel, Peter Ferrari, and Joe Dreher."



LP RELEASE SHOW! GG KING PAMPERS (in the red) | Predator | Waste Layer | Uniform @ 529

"When the Carbonas died, Atlanta wept. Mothers and children, left orphaned by the deceased, wandered the streets with tears streaming mottled faces. Strong and silent men struggled to maintain composure, and they retreated to basement workbenches, biting lips, cracking knuckles, running hands through thinning hair, sullenly wondering: "Why?" Skies darkened. A palpable feeling of devastating loss plagued the city. Nay, the world. Thankfully, ex-frontman Greg "GG" King wasted little time in yanking up his knickers and pursuing new noise. He wrote a series of tunes not unlike those he contributed to the Carbonas – that winning mix of hyperstrummed '70s Europunk and brawny stateside r'n'r pummel intact – and amassed a crew of friends and former bandmates to help him flesh out the din. He released a handful of solid teaser singles, played a number of good shows. He reasserted himself as one of Atlanta's greatest exports. And now, with the release of Esoteric Lore, his first full-length longplayer, the venerable GG King moves beyond his old guard, skindiving in new sinkholes."



The Happenstance @ The EARL

"Benefit for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Happenstance 2014 is just around the corner and is currently accepting musician sign ups to play the annual charity event. Happenstance gathers 30 musicians who are then randomly assembled into 6 bands. Each band writes a 20 minute set of music to play that night at the EARL. It's a great time for musician and audience alike and always attracts a crowd ready for anything."




Sunday, December 7:


VIDA VOCE #14: a monthly reading + performance series featuring women @ MINT

"VIDA VOCE #14: a monthly reading + performance series featuring women At MINT Gallery! Sunday December 7th 7-9pm, FREE READINGS BY: Haley Murphy, Jessica Handler, Sasha Klupchak, Anna Dausman + Laura Carter! MUSIC & MOVEMENT BY: Chelsea Dunn & Grace Thornton COMEDY BY: Samm Severin. Guys are welcome to attend! There is a bar! curated by sherri caudell.




"Hey y'all! Come celebrate the release of Blown Breeze, Grown Grass and We are Part of the Earth! We're hanging out at YOLKspace which is at 166 Stovall St. in Reynoldstown, just down the block from Park Grounds. Since this is a Sunday, we'd like to kick things off a little earlier with music at 8:30. Show up early for Shampoo and Highlander, ORRRR make a whole afternoon of it and come pick up some holiday swag at YOLKspace's Holiday Market"




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