Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Recommended shows and events this week:


Tuesday, December 30:


Teach Me Equals ++ Spirits...(SATMC)  ++ Misery Loves Chachi @ 529

"Join Us for an evening of top shelf psychedelia, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children will kick it off with an extra slow shoegaze handjob, and our headliner, ATL psych-pop cherubs Misery Loves Chachi, will drag their new guitarist out of the rehearsal space for the first time EVER!"




Wedesday, December 31:



"WAREHOUSE TV DINNER VALENTINA TAPIA BREATHERS DJ NO DADDY playing a mix of jpop, post-punk, afrobeat, italo, disco, synth, && anyything to make u freak"




"MAMMAL GALLERY PRESENTS 2nd Annual New Years Eve Musician Mash Up For those who were unable to make it out last year, we put some of ATL's best musician into a pool and mashed them up into little groups. Members of each group may or not have any prior experience playing with one another. Each group is then given the task of performing three cover songs leading up to our GRAND FINALE at midnight. After the stroke of Midnight, we will go into full dance party mode and make our first mistakes of the 2015 !!!! Last year was an absolutely magical night. Let see if we can top it this year. This Years Groups: GROUP A- John Gregg, Brian Egan, Evan Fillon, Adam Babar GROUP B- Jered Pepper, Clinton Callahan, Christopher Hollis, George Pettis GROUP C- Sean Zearfoss, Danny Bailey, Peter Webb, Michika McClinton GROUP D- Gary Eddie, Max Boecker, Serson Brannen, Cooper GROUP E- Daniel Betts, Chris Yonker, Gage Gilmore, Christian Beaulieu"



The Biters, Dinos Boys, Ravagers, MammaBear, & DJ Adrian Barrera @ The EARL

""In this digital age of disposable razors, disposable relationships and disposable music, anything authentic seems more precious than ever. Discovering the indigo denim of an old Levi's jacket or an arrowhead in your backyard are some of the joys untold. Biters are a rock and roll band hailing from Hatecity and upon first listen you know they are the real deal. Steeped in rock tradition, this young group blends the alchemic mixture of louder than Hendrix volume with a heaping elixir of pure brutality. If Tom Petty was assaulted by the Sex Pistols while Stiv Bator was pouring the drinks, that scene would approximate the sound of the Biters. Their music winks and nods at tradition but reveals glimmers of future. Biters will take a chunk out of your ass and heart leaving you wanting more." -Nico Constantine"



Bling In The New Year w/ Cousin Dan & Sealions @ The Drunken Unicorn

"-COUSIN DAN- "Cousin Dan is one of Atlanta’s most belovedly flamboyant musicians. His music blends infectious synth pop, electronica, and a ridiculous persona to get a room dancing faster than you can pop a balloon on your disco-ball codpiece. From the light-up stage, to the leopard print leggings, to the sleeveless denim jackets and flat bill hats, Dan defines the party before he even gets on stage." -IndieATL -SEALIONS- "Hot damn. Triumphant synth-pop swells. Lush, ethereal guitars. Hushed vocals that straddle the line between dreamy and decadent. These have always been weapons in Sealions’ arsenal, but never have they been used so arrestingly as they have on the propulsive “Honey,” the lead single from the band’s upcoming EP, Number One Lover. The EP was produced by Jason Kingsland, who previously worked with the likes of Washed Out, Cults and Band of Horses, and the seasoned vet gives the band a sonic makeover that leaves everything sounding more crisp, vibrant and infectious. The M83 comparisons have already started, and, for the moment at least, it’s hard to argue. This is dance music with some teeth, and a whole lot of bite." -Latest Disgrace"




Friday, January 2:


AZF Fundraiser: Printed Matter III ! Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery

"Printed Matter is a zine exhibition and annual fundraiser for Atlanta Zine Fest. This year we are featuring over 40 zinesters--all contributing new work just for PM! Entry is free; zines are $10 and under Zinesters donate eleven copies of their zines. One is hung on the gallery walls as an interactive display. This copy is later donated to the Atlanta Zine Library. The other ten will be for sale! Please let us know if youd like to be involved! Proceeds help fund the Atlanta Zine Fest. Our fundraisers support costs for merchandise, chair and table rentals, flyers and brochures, media and technology, and advertising—to name a few areas. Line-up (subject to change!): Laura Relyea, Sunni, Brooke Hatfield, Camille Lindsley, Tyler Marlow, Grace Nelson, Tommy Nease, Valentina, Allyssa Lewis, John Lloyd Hannah, Muriel Vega, Isadora Pennington, Katherine Paist, Elise Anderson, Hira Mahmood, Liliana, Sheena Roetman, Dayvid McClung, Andy Hood, Travis Broyles, Alexa Perez, Stewart Harding, Laura Vela, Caroline Cox, Pioneers Press, Becca Smith, David Cocaggna, Estela Semeco, Stephanie Roman, Jen Lenny and Chelsea Tanner, Ray Geier, Anna Simonton, Silas, Jeremiah McCleary, Egan, Nina Morales, Bradley Bailey, Lindsay Smith, Shaun Sinclair, Courtney Conroy, Scott Daughtridge, Jessie Feigert, Alison Valk."



Clibber Jones Ensemble + Mice In Cars + Rad Giraffe @ Star Community Bar

"At the STAR BAR! Mice In Cars! Clibber Jones Ensemble! Rad Giraffe!"




Saturday, January 3:


Wunderkindred - Dashboard Presents Athens ---> Atlanta Le Maison Rouge

"Dash artist Kerry Jones brings the wunderkind of the Athens music scene to Atlanta for one memorable night! For this super special evening, we will eliminate the existing gap of slightly over an hour, merging the sister cities into one, and opening up a dialogue between these two art communities. Join us for an infinite expansion. Doors & Bar open at 6:30 pm Beer and Wine Good Food Truck 7 Black Paradise 7.45 Phoenicians 8.30 The Dream Scene 9.15 Mouser 10 Muuy Biien 10.45 Shade 11.30 Yung Yang (DJ set) Group show of killer Athens artists will be on view at the Grand Opening of the Paris On Ponce Gallery, which it just so happens is this very same night."



Book Release and Show for "All Stairs Lead to the Beach" @ MINT

"Come to the debut of the Collaborative Book Project between Forrest Aguar and Michelle Norris at MINT Gallery in Atlanta. Claim one of the 50 signed first-edition copies and pick it up at the show! We'll have prints on display to accompany the book. There will also be live music and drinks available for purchase! See you there! ♥"



Jacket, Michael Myerz, JE Double F (NJ), Squirmles @ The Mammal Gallery

"The infamous Jacket makes a surprise comeback to rap music for one night only! Michael Myerz returns to the gallery to lay waste to your perceptions of indie hip-hop and shatter your reality. JE double F is a ferocious NJ rapper with some unfinished business in the the "city of the giant peach". Squirmles too!"




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