Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

This Thursday night, join us for the holiday edition of Deer Bear Wolf's NATURAL SELECTION variety show at The Music Room.

Cute Boots
Song Week
Zoetic Dance Ensemble
The Tinsel Sisters (Brooke Hatfield, Laura Relyea, Bobbin Wages, and Emily Diffenderfer)
Jake Cook
Maddy Davis 
Charlie Parrott

Natural Selection is a monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one featured musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. 

Natural Selection is hosted and curated by Elizabeth Jarrett.






Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, December 8:



"What a Wunderbar feeling! An amazing Free Monday show featuring the most well mannered folks from the select exotic cities of Brooklyn, Athens, and Atlanta."



Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Manuel's Tavern

"Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Manuel’s Tavern for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"




Tuesday, December 9:


Rapp Battlez Dirty Zouth 4 : Rappin' Up 2014 @ Big House On Ponce

"Rapp Battlez Dirty Zouth is a hip hop comedy throwdown where comedians square off as characters in one-on-one rap battles. This month featuring: George Faughnan aka The Virgin Mary vs. Chris Rittelmeyer aka Santa Claus, Linnea Frye aka Daria Morgendorffer vs. Gee Richiche aka Lydia Deetz, Jamie Moore aka Mister Rogers vs. Tom Rittenhouse aka King Friday XIII, Ed Morgan aka A comic book collector vs. Keith Hooker aka A hoarder, John Mangan aka A friendly neighbor vs. Contrary Rebekah Frost aka A woman in labor."




"DINOS BOYS: D.espicable I.gnorant N.asty O.le S.hitstirrers // MORELAND WRECKS: Rising from the debris of previously crashed bands from the ATL is the new V8 model of the year, the Moreland Wrecks. We've played Punk, Rock 'N' Roll and Oi! Now we're mixing it up into our own unique sound. It's got some Dirty Soul and some Hard Rock Vibes all played with Punk Rock Heart."




Wednesday, December 10:


A Very WRITE CLUB [Holiday] 4: God Punch Ye Merry Gentlefists @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"HO, HO, HO, JERKS! IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! CHEER! BOOZE! SCREAMING! OLD GRUDGES MADE NEW! IT'S A VERY WRITE CLUB [HOLIDAY]!!! WRITE CLUB is: 3 bouts of 2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas 7 minutes apiece Audience picks a winner Proceeds to charities of winners' choosing This month: David Russell (HATE) v Nicole Isaac (LOVE), Rita Nicole Leslie (CHARITY) v Leslie Sharp (GREED), Nick Tecosky (MERCY) v Jason Mallory (REVENGE). Join us Wednesday, December 10th for yelling, drink specials, and a stocking full of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstace festivity, in the most badass reading series this (or any other) city has to offer"



Barreracudas | Hector's Pets | JP5 @ The EARL

"Weekends at Bernie's. Everyday. Fiesta Foreva."



Mario Petrirena in Conversation with Beth Malone @ Sandler Hudson Gallery

"Join Sandler Hudson Gallery artist Mario Petrirena and DASHBOARD CO-OP's Beth Malone in a discussion about our current exhibition, "in the remembering." Malone will talk with Petrirena about specific works in this solo exhibition, his artistic practice, and how his own narrative greatly influences the work."




"Jingle Jangle! PIGTOWN IS BACK! Boom Done! presents: PIGTOWN The Mammal Gallery's monthly stand up show! Come stay warm by the fire with hosts Jeffrey Stephenson & Jake Head. 'Tis the season for using the word 'tis. 6 Featured Spots 6 Sign Up Spots BIG SPECIAL THING HAPPENING!!! To close the show Dayne Swerdling will be performing a one man show titled "A Dayne in my Life" written by Jake Head."




Thursday, December 11:


NATURAL SELECTION Vol. 4 // The Music Room // Deer Bear Wolf Presents @ The Music Room

"NATURAL SELECTION: Volume 4 Lineup: Cute Boots, Song Week, Zoetic Dance Ensemble, The Tinsel Sisters (Brooke Hatfield, Laura Relyea, Bobbin Wages, and Emily Diffenderfer), Jake Cook, Maddy Davis, Charlie Parrott. Deer Bear Wolf is proud to present its latest installment of the NATURAL SELECTION variety show. Thursday, December 11th, Natural Selection: Volume 4 will take place at the Music Room. Deer Bear Wolf is bringing its Holiday Edition of the variety show to Edgewood Ave and the Old 4th Ward. Natural Selection is a monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one featured musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. Natural Selection is hosted and co-curated by Elizabeth Jarrett."



A Night of FOOD & SONGS at HOMEGROWN - With Lebo & the Rattler, Moses Nesh, and Pappa Bear @ Home grown GA

"Come out to Homegrown on December 11th for our first night of FOOD & SONGS! The night will start off with an all you can eat (while supplies last!) dinner- Menu will include a Comfy Chicken Bar and some of Homegrown's delicious veggie selections! And of course, warm biscuits and cornbread! When everyone is full, we will get the music going! Featuring: Lebo & the Rattler- Moses Nesh- Pappa Bear-"



BENEFIT SHOW: Manic | Rapturous Grief | Tiger! Tiger! | Brawful @ The EARL

"BENEFIT FOR CASA for CHILDREN! CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children, to make sure they don’t get lost in the overburdened legal and social service system or languish in inappropriate group or foster homes. Volunteers stay with each case until it is closed and the child is placed in a safe, permanent home. For many abused children, their CASA volunteer will be the one constant adult presence in their lives.--All donations will go directly to CASA to ensure the children's needs are met. To volunteer you can visit"




Friday, December 12:


INVASION OF PRIVACY @ The Mammal Gallery

"Boom Done Records and the The Mammal Gallery proudly present: ##### I N V A S I O N : O F : P R I V A C Y ####### (a peek inside the artist's ever-shifting mind) Whether we are humble enough to deny it or not, we are all artists. Atlanta is a cesspool of creativity. A dumpster where the best ideas are broken, shattered, disposed of, salvaged, reassembled, and glued together into new ones that look exactly like nothing else that's ever been. Everyone we know is a genius. All of our friends are Mozart and Rembrandt combined. Every band is our favorite band. Every painting is the magnum opus of its creator. Every gallery is DIY, every exhibition is an opening and closing reception. in other news, 100 Watt Horse is going on tour again. Joining him for this ride is Spencer Kellum, also known as the Loneliness Monk. This is not a tour kick-off show, but some of the proceeds will help to put gas in their man van. Every single song that has ever been originated first in the bedroom of the mind. A carefully constructed, (if sometimes a bit messy) little room with endless bookshelves with endless ideas with endless possibilities. All we ever see of this room is through a keyhole. The songs are taken out of the room, stretched and compressed and polished and subsequently delivered to us onstage someplace where PBRs cost two fifty. This principle is the same for every painting that's ever been painted. The concept of this show is to break down that door, broaden that keyhole, and explore the space between the origin of a creative idea and the final finished product. Some of the best songwriters in some of the best bands in Atlanta will be playing ONE-TIME-ONLY acoustic versions of songs that are either very old, brand new, or at the very least never heard in a solo arrangement. In addition, a sampling of some of the best visual artists in Atlanta will be exhibiting their sketchbooks for us to flip through for ONE-NIGHT-ONLY. This is your only chance to see some professional artists get frozen up and nervous and intimate in a way that they haven't been in public since they were little baby artists just finding their initial shaky voices. It's going to be fucking great. PERFORMERS: Steven Abadin, Madeline Adams, Adam Babar, Daniel Bailey, Shorty Bedford, Grace Bellury, Elaine Edenfield, Ben Jackson, Ryan James, Mariah Johnson, Spencer Kellum, Meredith Law, Michika Skyy McClinton, Joe Oliver, George Pettis, Ross Politi, Brock Scott, Nathan Keele Springer, Jake Thomson, Jeremy Underwood, James Watson, Peter Webb, Chris Yonker."



Fahamu Pecou: GRAV•I•TY // Opening Reception @ The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia - MOCA GA

"Fahamu Pecou: GRAV•I•TY 2013/2014 Working Artist Project Exhibition Dates: December 13, 2014 - February 14, 2015 Opening Reception: Friday, December 12th / 6:30-8:30pm Artist Talk: Tues, Jan 27th / 6:30pm reception, 7pm talk ABOUT GRAV•I•TY In his first solo museum exhibition, Fahamu Pecou uses the trend of “saggin” (the style which sees young men wearing pants well below their waist) as an allegory to talk about Black male mobility and agency. The term gravity is used as a double entendre. It refers to both the physical concept of gravity - as in the force that presses matter towards the Earth - as well as the notion of something being grave and serious. Considering saggin as a politicized fashion statement, Pecou asserts that the trend actually confronts hegemonic readings of acceptability and decency, readings he suggests often alienate and overlook Blackness. By conforming to prevailing ideas of respectability young African American men find their realities, sensibilities, and self-expression diminished, effectively rendering them invisible. Saggin then is an act of resistance and a demand to be seen. But saggin is linked to many negative stereotypes making it both metaphorically and physically restrictive. The resulting irony is that in seeking autonomy, wearers of this trend mark themselves with the weight and burden of those stereotypes. "Grav•i•ty" troubles dominant ideologies around Black masculinity, especially as these ideas often use a vocabulary that images Black manhood in despair and disrepair. As a society, we often give up on Black boys before we've ever give them a chance. We meet them with fear and loathing. We limit their potential with tragic statistics about their potential and stories of their impending death. The resulting anxieties tether Black boys - and men - to the weight of their disposition, rendering them ultimately, immobile. But what if we resisted this idea of gravity? What if we believed in Black boys instead of belittling them? Could they... Would they fly? Could we defy gravity and it's limitations?"



Handmade at the High @ High Museum of Art, Atlanta

"We are teaming up with the High Museum of Art this holiday season for some great holiday shopping! Over 55 artist from the Southeast will be selling handcrafted amazing-ness for all your holiday gift-giving needs! Friday, December 12, 4-9 pm Saturday, December 13, 10 am-5 pm Attending Handmade at the High is FREE. If you'd like to visit the exhibits at the High, on Friday admission to the museum is only $10 after 4 pm. On Saturday, Handmade at the High attendees will receive $3 off admission to the museum. We will have free swag bags for the first 50 attendees on Friday and the first 150 on Saturday! Swag bags will be distributed from the Stent entrance. This is the former main entrance that faces Peachtree Street."



olive47 presents colourlovers @ Nelson Street Gallery

"colourlovers - an exhibition of new work by olive47. Street artist, muralist and illustrator, olive47, uses her bold colour palette alongside symbolism and spirituality to create her stylized aesthetic. Opening reception: Friday – 12 December, 7-11pm featuring a special performance by the glamourous… Brigitte Bidet & The Village Queens And music to make your feet happy courtesy of Xavier BLK Exhibition on view: 12 December – 29 December 2014"



Untitled Playing Cards: Happy Hour Pop-Up @ Beep Beep Gallery

"The response to the Untitled Playing Cards by Mike Germon has been tremendous and the limited 1st edition of decks is almost sold out. Come out to Beep Beep Gallery for your last chance to buy a deck. We'll also be playing some cards and having a drink, join us. 7 - 9pm at Beep Beep Gallery."



STREETFACE: New Work by Estela Semeco @ The 9 Ace Gallery

"The 9 Ace Gallery Presents Streetface, a series of portraits by Estela Semeco. From the Artist: Streetface is a product of Street Harassment and my attempt to have a healthy confrontation with it. Do you have a problem about something? Are you angry? If it is giving you anxiety then you need to make something of it, right? And I don't mean act on the anger but create from it. For a long time, I was an angry victim of everyday sexism. It ate me up from the inside out until one day I imploded. Luckily, like anything else in this periodic universe, the implosion was only temporary. The new danger was returning to the cycle of anxiety. The one that spins like a free falling wheel poisoning my mind with hateful and angry thoughts. This was not the empowerment that I was looking for. I wanted long lasting satisfaction instead of heated and unstable satiation. And so I redirected my pent up apprehension into dabs of paint and scribbles on paper. I feel way better now. A big thank you to all of the women that submitted photos of their unamused streetfaces for me to recreate!"



WonderRoot's 'Best Of' High Museum of Art, Atlanta

"WonderRoot's Generally Local, Mostly Independent Film Series is pleased to announce the following films to be a part of WonderRoot's 'Best Of' screening. These films were selected out of all of the films WonderRoot screened throughout the year and were curated by Erin Dougherty of the High Museum. Congratulations to all selected filmmakers! Vessels as Shadows, by Alex Zhuravlov and Arkia Jahani, The Grey Area, by Ebony Blanding, House of June Backtrack, by Kristina Adler, Jump Cut Collective Golden Child by Brantly Jackson Watts, Dirty Nails by Kristina Adler, Starlight by Shir Wen Sun, Tamarind King, Marisa Tontaveetong, Yu Ueda, Thomas Bennett by Nathan Honnold, Pretty Bird by Joe McDonough, Siren by Cali Berry, Keep It Clean by Arthur Thompson, co-directed by Cory Kruszewski"



Eyedrum's Performance Committee Fundraiser Party @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Along with acquiring a new space for art and performance, Eyedrum has also founded a new Performance Committee for creating events focused on dance! Please join the Committee and Board for a fundraiser party that includes live dance performances, music and dance video. This is a chance for dancers, choreographers, performers, writers, composers, filmmakers, and collaborators to network, see the space resources Eyedrum has to offer, and have some fun. The event is by donation, so please give what you can. Proceeds will go towards building a floor specifically for dance performances. At the party, you will receive special discounts on rehearsal spaces, Eyedrum merchandise, music, and events. It is our intent to use our new space to give creators, performers and collaborators of dance more opportunities, so please share this to whomever you think would be interested!"




Saturday, December 13:


Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta Presents: The Rock*A*Teens @ 529

"Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Atlanta is a monthly live music showcase featuring some of the South's hottest emerging artists. Throughout the year, the showcase will visit different career-launching venues highlighting an exciting lineup of local acts. All proceeds go back to support the opening local bands that night. The Rock*A*Teens, Warehouse, Small Reactions."



"Solar Heresies" Opening Reception @ The Mammal Gallery

""Solar Heresies," a group show curated by Meredith Kooi in collaboration with John Lloyd Hannah, draws on the cosmological and the heretical to explore the spectral nature of being. Artists featured in the show include morgan alexander, Brett Ian Balogh, Laura Bell, Andrew Boatright, Ian Cone, Stephanie Dowda, Nikita Gale, Corkey Sinks, and Michael Stasny. Accompanying exhibition catalogue features essays by curators, poetry by Justin Andrews, and images and statements by artists."



Pre X-Mas Art Show @ Trackside Tavern

"So ,come out to this Pre-Holiday Spectacular Art event!! This is also a call to Artists who want to be involved PARTICIPATING ARTISTS INCLUDE: Larry Holland, IKE, Nack, Bubba Carr, DoitDoit league, Sammi Mach, Chris Gummo, Adam Sellers, Elly Font, Kat Stockton, Susannah Leigh Caviness, Justin Petty, Chw Dawwgg, Heather Muse, Ars Gratis, Katie Troisi, Mike Germon, The Factory Press, Classick Stvy, Pretty Likable Press, Ms. ATL, David Bardi,s David Doodleslice Cohen, Angelica Dawn Bakhsh, Woe is Wolf, Doc Mindbender, Blockhead Atlanta, Misses Blockhead, MsBean Atl, ThumbsAtl, DiyDc, Aliana Fincher, Rockit Atl, Song Scraps"



Highlander, Velouria, and Slowriter @ The Music Room

"8:00 - Slowriter 8:45 - Velouria 9:45 - Highlander"



MINT's Annual Postcard Pinup Show! @ MINT

"MINTʼs 9th Annual Postcard Pinup Show, a non-curated show open to all artists, takes place Saturday, December 13th at the MINT Gallery located behind Fig and Flower. The exhibition will be from 7-11 p.m. and is free and open to the public. The main purpose of this event is to allow each participant a chance to share their creative output with a large audience. Additionally, buyers are able to purchase art at a very reasonable price, and the MINT staff is able to learn about new up and coming talent to include in future exhibitions."



Southern Surf Stomp! w/ Chad Shivers & the Silent Knights (performing the Beach Boys and Ventures Christmas albums), Caroline and the Ramblers, Fringe Factory DJs @ Kavarna

"$7, all ages."



Pandemonium:  Party to support the Save WRAS movement @ The Masquerade

"Support our creative alternative, student-run WRAS 88.5fm! Pandemonium is contributing proceeds from this event to the Album 88 Alumni who are pursuing the end of the deal between Georgia State and Georgia Public Broadcasting that has taken the airwaves away from the volunteer students who for over 40 years have made the station a beacon of independent music and culture.. See or for details. On to the party: circus performers, photo booth, and nonstop glam rock! Glam rock has inspired hair bands, proto and post punk, Jrock and more. Glam rock has endured and influenced popular music for decades--just like WRAS! And at the Masquerade to boot! The Masquerade has sponsored music and rebellion for going on 25 years. Please join Atlanta Pandemonium, the Alumni 88 Alumni, our artists and our friends, to celebrate rock'n'roll and contribute to a noble cause. The Imperial Opa Circus and Thomas Kerns Photography are already on board, along with DJs Corvette Summer, Fancy Feast and Westwood A Go-Go!. Cheers to Student-Run WRAS from Atlanta Pandemonium!"



PUSSYCAT PURRRADISE//ladyfest fundraiser @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Hey YA'LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, As many of you know, the first ever Ladyfest Atlanta will be taking place March 20-22, 2015 and it's going to be the most amazing weekend of your life...........BUT we need your help to make sure it is as fabulou$$$ as possible!! Music by DJ Bitchcraft, DJ CHEEDOH DU$T, Kėėsh La Reīne (more to be announced!!!) COME ON OUT & DANCE YOUR BUTT OFF (or hang outside and smoke cigarettes...ooof!) FOR A GOOD CAUSE and if helping out Ladyfest isn't enough of a reason to come, then come for some super special super secret surprises :D :D :D"



Knumbskull vs. Cancer 2: Heavy Chevy, WAKE, Dillon, WIC, DJ Creashun, and more @ Aisle 5

"KnumbSkull vs. Cancer A benefit for the homie, Zach Beauford aka DJ Knumbskull, who has been battling multiple forms of cancer. Performances by Heavy Chevy, WAKE, Dillon, W.I.C,. DJ Creashun. Hosted by D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik and more TBA"



HOLLIGAYÈGÉ À TRÖÏS @ 369 Millledge Ave

"join us for the third annual HOLLIGAYE, a celebration of holiday cheer when Jonathan's studio transforms into a dance floor and we go all night! light snacks and fish house punch will be served IN LIMITED QUANTITIES - that potent concoction goes fast so bring something for yourself we ain't made of money. merry christmas!!!"



HAWKS | THE POWDER ROOM | Andrew Wiggins (solo)  @ THE EARL

"Both bands' last show of the year. The Powder Room might have records. :fingers crossed:"




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