Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Last week in Atlanta,

Cute Boots released a single and album art from their new record, A Fresh Start in the Same Old Town.

Acid Flashback, a project featuring Dog Bite's Phil Jones, released a record called Glitter Glory

Topher Payne won the The American Theatre Critics Association's M. Elizabeth Osborn New Play Award. 

Sara Commet interviewed artist Allison Fennell

Stephanie Cash interviewed New Art Papers Editor Victoria Camblin

Floyd Hall interviewed Multi-Media/Genre artist Mike Stasny.

Kate Sweeney released a book called American Afterlife: Encounters in the Customs of Mourning.

Write Club released its latest podcast, “10% Having Sex With Batman." 

And The Mammal Gallery launched a Kickstarter to Save The Mammals:





Record of the Week: The Hand You Deal Yourself by Lily and the Tigers

Simplicity is an often traveled road, and while it rarely yields something extraordinary, sometimes a lot can be accomplished with very little. Lily and the Tigers' latest record is a perfect example, a minimalist and traditionalist approach yielding something transcendental. There's just so much raw emotion contained on the eight songs of The Hand You Deal Yourself. Give it a listen below, and then see them Sunday at the Mammal Gallery. 






Here are the events and shows that we recommend this week:


Monday, Mar 17:


MONDAY NIGHT COMEDY @ The Star Community Bar

"What started as a no-bullshit room run by two grade-A bullshitters quickly earned its reputation as a first-rate open mic for comedians who care about improving. The more quality comedians took to Star Bar, the more Star Bar became known for quality comedians. With each year, each Atlanta expat that got started there, each album recorded there, each celebrity drop-in, the venue's reputation has solidified further." -- Austin L. Ray via Creative Loafing



Hello Ocho and Warehouse host a couple northeastern bands. 



Tuesday, Mar 18:


Nearly New Festival | GF & Théâtre du Rêve Present @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Presented by the Goat Farm Arts Center & Théâtre du Rêve (a Goat Farm resident theater company) The NEARLY NEW FESTIVAL plays the Goat Farm Arts Center with a bevy of theater readings and performances March 18-30. In partnership with the Atlanta Francophonie Festival, this collection of “nearly new work” by living writers will be presented by some of Atlanta's brightest directors and actors." FESTIVAL SCHEDULE



Thursday, Mar 20:


SUMPTUARY Opening @ MINT Gallery

"SUMPTUARY is a hyper-saturated series of installation, performance and social encounter commissioned by your incremental donations on food & drinks made available for consumption at SUMPTUARY. Not quite a gallery and not quite a bar, SUMPTUARY magnifies your art appreciation by inviting you to stay a while. SUMPTUARY presents 35 experiential artist projects that are too fleeting to fund or buy through normal outlets. Every time you donate for a drink or snack at SUMPTUARY, the artists get paid. Please join us in celebrating our GRAND OPENING and our inaugural full-gallery installation, Park #1 by Marcia Vaitsman. (5 pm - 12 am)."


Les Rhinoceros, Currency, Indie Revenge @ The Mammal Gallery

"Les Rhinocéros (John Zorn's Tzadik Records), Currency (featuring members of Faun and a Pan Flute), and The Indie Revenge."



Friday, Mar 21:


Sapere aude <dare to know> @ The Mammal Gallery

"There is the possibility to go beyond the limits that have been imposed upon us. Knowledge is the source of all power. It is time for man's release from his self-incurred tutelage. We will show you the way. Bring an object to sacrifice as your initiation. Performance x Music x Installation. Everything will be Revealed in due time. sound meditation provided by: Dark Room & Virginia Bliss"


BusCrates Benefit: Heavy Chevy, Synthesiz, Waking Astronomer @ 529

"As many of you know, BusCrates was hit by a car riding his bike home from the grocery store in Atlanta on 2/9. Crates has always lifted others up through the music he creates, the dance floors he moves & just by being a positive, thoughtful & hilarious human being. If you are capable of helping him out in his time of need it would be deeply appreciated."



Saturday, Mar 22:


11th Annual SHAMJAM SHUCKFEST @ Tin Roof Cantina

"Outside Stage: 2pm - City Mouse, 3:20pm - MammaBear, 4:40pm - On Holiday, 6pm - FACTORY, 7:20pm- Tikka, 8:45pm - Little Tybee. Inside Stage: 10pm - Nameless Nameless - Nirvana Tribute Band, 11:30 - Cousin Dan, 12:30 - Late - DJ Moreland Brando."


Through One Another @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Eyedrum presents Through One Another, an exploration of identities using cloth, paper, and collaboration by artists Edilburga Gonzalez and Margaret Quiggle. Featuring complimentary homemade dishes reflecting both artists’ background including Mexican tamales and traditional Southern staples. This event will also feature music by MarcH."


The First Print Edition—Vol. 4.1 Anthology Release Party @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"Join us as we celebrate the release of the first-ever print issue of Loose Change magazine, featuring the best of our pages since 2010! Hear readings from the winners of our first writing contest series and be among the first to bring home your limited-edition copy. Readings starting at 8 by Hank Backer, Evan Guilford-Blake, Natalia Castells-Esquivel, Hank Pugh, Paige Sullivan, Tricia Stearns & Jessica Temple. LIVE music starting at 9:30 by Jeffrey Butzer and The Bicycle Eaters."



Sunday, Mar 23:


Collab-a-Doodle with Lily and The Tigers, Fugitive, Spirit Temple @ The Mammal Gallery

"Y'all! Let's have a drawing party! Sunday March 23rd! ! Come sit and swoon and spoon and doodle on big a$$ pieces a paper with your buds and let your mind go into overdrive with the tunes of: Lily and The Tigers, Fugitive, and Spirit Temple."



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