Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Last week, 

indieATL's latest session featured Whores performing "I Am Not a Goal Oriented Person."

Atlanta PlanIt unveiled a new public art video series, the first installment featuring Evereman

New Animal released a new single called "Empty Hours."

Night Driving in Small Towns released a new EP called The Bomber

Mastodon dressed up as the Coathangers

CommonCreativ ATL interviewed artist Wyatt Graff

Suffer Dragon released a single from their upcoming No Suffer, No Cry EP.

Write Club Atlanta released it's latest podcast episode, “The Mortar of Civilization."

Nomen Novum released a new song

Flux Night plans to skip this year and return in 2015. 

Burnaway conducted "A Day of Art in Atlanta: A Case Study." 

The Atlanta Mess-Around announced its 2014 dates and lineup. 

Hopi Torvald released a new song. Also, a super wonderful video called "You Can't Walrus Get What You Want."




Record of the Week: So Happy, It’s Sad by Spirits And The Melchizedek Children

a0223349576_10 (1).jpg

With their second record, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children have delivered on the promise and potential they displayed on their debut, which instantly made them a staple of the local scene three years ago. Everything that was great about We are Here to Save YOU! seems magnified here, showcasing a band increasingly adept at drawing from a growing cast of talent. If you haven't heard So Happy, It's Sad yet, you can still stream the album at A.V. Club, and you can purchase it tomorrow (Tuesday, March 4). Also, Max Blau did a great feature on the band and record at Creative Loafing

Here are the events and shows that we recommend this week:

Monday, Mar 3:


Red Sea's first show since releasing their latest EP. Atlanta's Hellier Ulysses and Montreal's Each Other open. 

2014 Short Cuts Film Contest Screenings @ The Plaza Theater

"Join CL and the Atlanta Film Festival for the 4th Annual Short Cuts Film Contest Screening at the Plaza Theatre on Monday, March 3 at 7:30pm. This is a free event (!!) but you MUST rsvp to get in to the screening. Email to rsvp."

Naked City || THEME "PROGRESS" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do."

Darsombra and In Sonitus Lux @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

In Sonitus Lux, a revolving cast of musicians centered around E. Seron Brannen (The Subliminator) that has recently featured Jason Robert Elliot (Spirits And The Melchizedek Children) opens for "Transcendental audio/visual rock duo" Darsombra from Baltimore. 

Catch 23 • Atlanta's Friendliest Comedy Death Match @ The EARL

"3 Teams. 23 Minutes. 4 Rounds. Because nothing says "hilarious comedy" like a series of numbers."

Tuesday, Mar 4:

Tiny Bites-a launch party for Klimchak's CooksNotes @ Seven Stages Inc

"I'm starting on a year-long project, a performance art cooking show. I'm going to make music & food live on stage using modified kitchen equipment as musical instruments. I decided to start this project with a performance. So come by 7 Stages & drink some vodka punch and have some guacamole, which I will be making live on stage. Check out the in-process designs for the new instruments I'm building & learn about the project."

Open Mic @ The Mammal Gallery

Whether you want to perform and watch, this might be the city's best Open Mic at the moment. 

Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"It is time again to add your creative juices to the cocktail of the Atlanta literary community! Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"

JoyCut w/ Where.Are.We / Breathers @ The EARL

Christopher Brooker's excellent psychedelic electronic project Where.Are.We joins Breathers, which features members of Wowser Bowser & Qurious, in support of Bologna, Italy's Joycut

Wednesday, Mar 5:

Dark Sister, Speakerfoxxx, Gezan (Japan), Blunt Fang, Hosted By the ATL Twins @ 529

"Memphis goth rappers DARK SiSTER bring their witch-house influenced beats to 529 on March 5 w/ special guests Speakerfoxxx who will DJ after the show plus performances by Gezan from Tokyo Japan, Blunt Fang and hosted by the infamous ATL Twins."

Thursday, Mar 6:

SMOOCH FEST w/ Hello Ocho, Turbo Fruits, whitegold @ 529

Hello Ocho and Whitegold, which features Back Pockets alumni Emily Kempf and Billy Mitchell, support Nashville's Turbo Fruits

Friday, Mar 7:

Zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz presented by Queersar @ MINT Gallery

"Relax, please. Your kindest submissive status is required to relax in our artisanal mellowing chambers. Be advised, Zzz zzz zzz, a relaxation night in two parts will be conducted on FRIDAY, MARCH 7th at 7PM until SATURDAY, MARCH 8th at 8AM. Enticing auditory stimulants (7pm to 12am) include: Book of Colors, Britt Teusink, Nirvana Kelly as Bat., Music You Need provided by MSIF, and more. and more. and more. and more."

Black Lips and Deerhunter @ Variety Playhouse

"Black Lips and Deerhunter co-headlining in Atlanta on a Friday night? Yes, and it will be great."

Saturday, Mar 8:

COATHANGERS (record release) w/BITERS, COUSIN DAN + ZONERS @ Star Community Bar

"Spring Break 99 Party with: Drag Queens! Male Wet T-Shirt Contest! Lotto raffle for official Coathangers merch! Come dressed in your finest Panama City Spring Break Garb!!!!"

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: Guerilla Toss, Psychic Teens, YVETTE, and more @ The Mammal Gallery

"Tight Bros and Speakeasy present "No Child Left Behind" - 11 bands on 2 stages at The Mammal Gallery on Saturday March 8th featuring... Guerilla Toss, Psychic Teens, YVETTE, Faun and a Pan Flute, Polish Nails, Warehouse, TV Dinner, Muuy Biien, AkuYou, Tweens, Cloud Becomes Your Hand."

Steal This Surfbort: Suno Deko ʕ•͡-•ʔ Tantrum ʕ•͡-•ʔ Alligator Indian ʕ•͡-•ʔ Amy Godwin@ MINT Gallery

Experimenters Suno Deko and Tantrum are joined by folkster Amy Godwin and Asheville's Alligator Indian

Young Blood Moving Party! @ Young Blood Boutique

"If you haven't already heard, Young Blood Boutique is movin' on up! (Or rather, over, 22 feet to be exact.) Join us in breaking in our new digs on Highland Row on March 8 for our Reopening Party!"

Sunday, Mar 9:

Chamber Cartel | Four Thousand Holes @ Erikson Clock

"Erikson Clock Presents Chamber Cartel, a celebrated force within Atlanta’s “New-Edge” music scene. There is a new breed of composers making classical music for the modern culture. Chamber Cartel is ensuring that our city gets a chance to experience them. Four Thousand Holes: Pianist Amy O’Dell and Percussionist Caleb Herron present a night of piano and percussion music. New works by Adam Scott Neal and Aaron Jay Myers will be performed alongside John Luther Adams’ epic work Four Thousand Holes."

The Iceberg: STATE OF EMERGENCY @ Red Light Cafe

"The Iceberg floats back in with another scintillating night of startling storytelling! Join our lineup of yarn spinners as they expound on moments of panic, distress, misadventure, and occasionally violent vicissitude! You'll hear stories from: Mauree Culberson Corey Briley Andrew Anselmo Caroline Ervin Jerad W. Alexander Shannon McNeal"

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