Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Last week in Atlanta,

Black Lips released their latest record, Underneath the Rainbow

The Coathangers released their latest record, Suck My Shirt.

The Guardian listed the "Top 10 galleries, art attractions and events in Atlanta." 

Atlanta PlanIt talked to artists Michi Meko and Sam Parker

Ill Poacher (Mike Netland of Qurious and Seth Bolton of Mood Rings) released a new song called "Rabbit Skinner." 

Muriel Vega interviewed designer Erin Stevens.

City Hall wants to regulate art on private property.

Floyd Hall talked to sculptor and installation artist Mike Black.

Write Club Atlanta released their latest podcast, “A Fart and a Prayer," featuring Mike Katinsky and Jessica Blankenship.

And indieATL released their latest session, Mood Rings performing "Get Lost":








Record of the Week: Women's Work by Women's Work

The debut, self-titled record from Women's Work, released back in November on local label DKA, was one of the best records to come out of Atlanta last year. Their straightforward pop style makes for a great casual listen, but there's also a depth to the songwriting that rewards repeated listening. Highly recommended for those who enjoy dark ballads and artists like PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, or Cat Power. Stream the record below, and then catch them tonight (Monday, Mar 24) at the Mammal Gallery. 








Here are the events and shows that we recommend this week:


Monday, Mar 24:


DISPOSE @ The Low Museum

"Dispose is a curatorial experiment by Steffen Sornpao, utilizing eight photographers to generate content to be played with in an installation format. Based off the word dispose meaning, "to put in a particular or the proper order or arrangement," the show creates an environment of methodically placed images to activate the space and blur the lines between show room and installation. The role as curator, artist, and participant are intertwined to create a singular photographic experience. The viewer is subjected to construct relationships and conversation between images coming from multiple sources. Photographers: Brandon English, Jeff Hopper, Pastiche Lumumba, Riley O'shaughnessy, Max Rams, Steffen Sornpao, Jordan Stubbs, and Austin Yapp." 


Soundtrack, Ancient River, Reverends, Dear Woodland Creatures @ 529

Soundtrack is a new project from Cyrus Shamir of The NEC, and Dear Woodland Creatures is a new project from Josh Washburn of Nigredo. Plus, Reverends and Gainesville, Florida's Ancient River


Women's Work + Mary Ocher (Berlin) + WARSZ @ The Mammal Gallery

"Women's Work (Beautifully dark and haunting), Mary Ocher (From Berlin, Wonderfully odd avant-garage post-punk torch songs), and WARSZ (New electro glitter doom project)"



Tuesday, Mar 25:


Tanz 2: series III: FEED Performance as a Sanctuary Goat Farm Arts Center

"Join Atlanta cultural writer Howard Pousner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and ArtsATL dance critic Cynthia Bond Perry, for an intimate conversation with Atlanta’s unique pool of performers, across a broad spectrum of disciplines, philosophies, and spiritual needs."



Wednesday, Mar 26:


SCENE MISSING EPISODE 8: VIDEO GAMES!! @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"Produced in conjunction with WRITE CLUB Atlanta. Featuring performances by: Dayne Swerdling, Julian Modugno, Rita Nicole Leslie, Amy McDaniel, Jack Walsh, Eli Banks, Jerad W. Alexander. Strap on your power glove and tell your Kinect to clear your calendar—Scene Missing is doing a show based on video games!! Seven of Atlanta's greatest writers and comedians will electrify the crowd like a Pikachu destroying a Magikarp when they take the Highland Ballroom stage on March 26th! The cake may be a lie but you'll be saying "Sweet!" once you hear them perform essays and stand-up based on video games!!! Then you'll be saying "Hey what did you say about cake?" and "What ever happened with that cake?""



Thursday, Mar 27:


The Association of 4 Objects Through Documented Action @ MINT

"I’ve got a 5 day installation opening at MINT gallery on Thursday, March 27th, as part of the SUMPTUARY extravaganza. Using a video piece as the crux, I am teasing out new associations, exploring connections between objects and self, and playing between media. (what am I talking about? I don’t know either!)" -Jonathan Bouknight


Locals We Love with Dashboard Co-op artists, Romy Maloon and David Batterman @ W Atlanta - Midtown

"Join us on Thursday, March 27 to celebrate and support the city’s most popular Atlantans during the second “Locals We Love” event with Dashboard Co-op artists, Romy Maloon and David Batterman. Both local artists will display art installations in the Living Room while guests enjoy cocktail specials, passed appetizers and tunes spun by DJ Tim DeGroot."



"WonderRoot has partnered with ATLFF to bring you short films, animations, music videos, avant-garde and experimental shorts, as well as other video art by local filmmakers. All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly into a fund to help and encourage participants to submit their films to local and national film festivals."


Atlanta RAW 2014 MOSAIC @ Terminal West

"RAW:natural born artists is an international independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art. RAW events are multi-faceted artistic showcases. Each event features a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist. These artists are all local, hand-picked talent who have been chosen to feature at RAW."



Friday, Mar 28:


Joey Molinaro / Majid Araim and Ben Shirley / Knight Errant / Marquinn Mason / Eric Fontaine @ Magic Lantern Vol. 5

"The Magic Lantern is a private residence / listening space. We are dedicated to the presentation of creativity !!!"


Abby Gogo, Georges Bataille Battle Cry, Shepherds, Sheeba Darwin @ Star Bar

A super solid Star Bar bill of locals. 



"By far his most personal and vivid collection of work to date, HEAVY MENTAL is Greg Mike unleashed, free to explore new territories. Colors bend and blend while lines and images collapse and coalesce twisting the world inside out and upside down."



Saturday, Mar 29:


D I R T Y S O U T H : the G.R.I.T.S. edition @ CouchCouch

"the second installment of a reading series channeling the South in all of its strange, gnarly glory: collard greens, ice cream cone face tattoos, fried twinkies, airbrushed BFF spring break t-shirts, coca-cola for breakfast, sacred harp singing---all buttered-up & battered-down, deep-fried & glazed-up, tossed in sauce, wrapped in foil, & thrown under a heat-lamp. readings by: Brooke Hatfield, Gina Myers, Laura Carter, Laura Relyea, Laura Theobald."


Suspended Absolutes @ Beep Beep Gallery

"For the past two years, Atlanta based couple Dorothy Stucki and Bo Orr have collaborated on a series of intricate drawings that emphasize dichotomy, both in their illustrative styles and themes. This show features their favorite of these joint efforts." 


Cousin Dan / PLS PLS / Twin Tigers @ The EARL

A super solid Earl bill of locals. 



Sunday, Mar 30:


Axxa Abraxas, Warehouse, The New Sound of Numbers @ The Mammal Gallery

A super solid Mammal Gallery bill of locals. 




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