Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

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Here are the events and shows that we recommend this week:



Monday, Mar 31:



"What started as a no-bullshit room run by two grade-A bullshitters quickly earned its reputation as a first-rate open mic for comedians who care about improving. The more quality comedians took to Star Bar, the more Star Bar became known for quality comedians. With each year, each Atlanta expat that got started there, each album recorded there, each celebrity drop-in, the venue's reputation has solidified further." - Austin L. Ray via Creative Loafing


TRON TURNS TEN: theemotron // places to die // shampoo (FIRST SHOW!!!) // futo @ The Mammal Gallery 

Most notably from a local perspective, this features the first show from Shampoo, which features members of Qurious and Goldilocks



Tuesday, Apr 1:



"Join us at The Mammal Gallery on the 1st of April for the Mammal's Only Open Mic - held on the first Tuesday of every month. Come sing, play, read, dance, yell, twirl, share, listen,,, all acts welcome!"


Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino on April 1st for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"



Wednesday, Apr 2:


Faun Film Premiere and Rock Show @ Big House On Ponce

""Be Free," a 30 minute film about Faun and a Pan Flute premieres along with musical performances from: Easily Suede - music to suffer to, The Dandyls - post 9/11 hypno-sludge, Prostate (MPLS) - industrial synthpop, The Funeral and the Twilight (MPLS) - haunting black metal"



Thursday, Apr 3:


GF • Sound & Vision: Atlanta Film Festival | GF Presents @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

A huge collaboration between the Atlanta Film Festival and the Goat Farm that will include musical performances by Biters, The Dewars, EarthGang, Faun and a Pan Flute, and Jungol, art exhibitions, showings of a few experimental films, including Jungol's Go Softly by Josh Yoder, and showings of the Atlanta Film Festival music video competition finalists, including videos from local acts such as Biters and Del Venicci



Friday, Apr 4:


ATLFF2014: Music Video Panel presented by Y'allywood @ 7 Stages

"Join us for a panel discussion with filmmakers from this years Atlanta Film Festival Music Video Competition. We will screen the selected music videos of panelists and have a open discussion regarding collaboration with musicians and strategies for distribution."


PHILIA: Process as Performance @ The Low Museum

"Featuring: Orion Crook, Prince Diana, and Stephanie Pharr In A NITE Of PERFORMANCE FANTASY"


Subverse: AZF first annual Writing Contest & fundraiser @ Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery

"SUBVERSE -- First Annual Writing Contest & Fundraiser for Atlanta Zine Fest Live readings and performances by: Scott Daughtridge, Sheena Roetman, Jake Cook, Erin Bassett, Brooke Hatfield ft. Jason Mallory, and Sherri Caudell!"



"Lazer/Wulf – Join L/W for its last Atlanta show before beginning an extensive touring cycle for its upcoming debut full-length LP! Album announcement coming soon! Woo! Cinemechanica - The Athens legends return, heavier and more focused than ever, with all new tunes and line-up, having just recorded its first full-length album in 8 years! You're absolutely not prepared for this. Hello Cobra – Tough as fuck math-rock from Atlanta. If you haven't seen them yet, this is your chance to have a new favorite fucking band. These guys slay."



Saturday, Apr 5:


EMILY•KEMPF ••∆•• CHARLIE•KEY ••∆•• ART•SHOW @ The Mammal Gallery

"An evening of art and music and spoken word at le mammal gallery performances by Edgar Lopez <<GINKO>> & Eoley Mulally & Wild of Night art by the magical Atlanta based Emily Kempf & Athens based Charlie Key"


Gringo Star w/ Tedo Stone & Shook Foil @ The EARL

A solid local bill with long time Atlanta veterans Gringo Star headlining. 


deadCAT, Boyfrndz, Clothes, Suffer Dragon @ 529

deadCAT headlining 529 on a Saturday night is guaranteed to get weird. 




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