Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Last week in Atlanta,

Taylor Green interviewed artist Nathan Sharratt.

Follicles released a record called Sideways Rituals In Reverse on new Atlanta cassette label Staring At The Ceiling.

Tiger! Tiger! released a new EP called God Is On Their Side.

Muriel Vega interviewed artists and real-life couple Dorothy Stucki and Bo Orr.

Floyd Hall interviewed saxophonist Kebbi Williams.

Write Club ATL released their latest podcast, Episode 110 – NARWHALS!, featuring Rachael Maddux and Sheronda Gipson

indieATL photographed the Atlanta Film Festival's Sound & Vision 2014 at The Goat Farm Arts Center. 

And Gavin Bernard has a new show called Thank You For Stopping By, interviewing artist Peter Ferrari in the first edition:







Record of the Week: Brainstorm by Nobra Noma

The latest record from former Cassandras vocalist/guitarist Michael Jordan came out amidst this recent abnormally cold winter, but it's definitely much more of a spring album. The psychedelic, shimmering energy, at moments reminiscent of Deerhunter or Tame Impala, is channelled as well here as any of the stellar records from the now-defunct Cassandras. Brainstorm is yet another gem in Jordan's extensive catalog. Listen to the record below, and then catch Nobra Noma opening for Pompeya and Leverage Models at 529 Wednesday (April 16) at 529






Recommended Shows and Events This Week:



Monday, April 14:


!mprov's April Showers @ The Mammal Gallery

"Improv games and performance from Bangprov and Banshee Improv! Watch us make everything up on the spot based on your suggestions! Famous playwright T.S. Elliot once stated "April is the cruelest month." We here at !mprov couldn't agree more, and we feel it is our duty as America's Most Famous and Sexiest Improvisors to help distract you from the nauseating sickness of new love and the rivers of pollen flooding Atlanta's streets."



Tuesday, April 15:


Writers Exchange @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Writers Exchange allows writers to share work aloud for 10 minutes and get impressions, observations and analysis from other writers for 5 minutes. All genres and disciplines are welcome. Both inexperienced as well as practiced writers are encouraged to attend. It's an opportunity to connect with other Atlanta writers and experiment with different voices and different genres. Presented by Eyedrum."


Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Javavino

"The only things you can count on in life are taxes, death, and brilliant critique at Vicious Circle! Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"



Wednesday, April 16:


Living Walls x BTI : MOMO @ Boulevard Tunnel

"Living Walls and Boulevard Tunnel Initiative are proud to welcome artist MOMO to Atlanta! For 10 days, both organizations will highlight the tunnel that links Old Fourth Ward and Cabbagetown. Each day will feature programming - tours, projections, block parties, markets and more! All events will be held in the tunnel or along the Edgewood and Carroll Street strips." (Living Walls x BTI : MOMO Schedule)


"TERMINUS" A New Production From Saïah Arts Int'l @ Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

"SAÏAH's "TERMINUS" has been selected by the Goat Farm Outlands Program Saïah is a Goat Farm resident theater company. TERMINUS is a work inspired by Richard Adam’s famous novel Watership Down, set in the South at the end of the American Civil War as General Sherman burns his way across Georgia. "Our souls ain't gonna last this madness much longer" - TERMINUS  April 16 - May 17, arrive at 7:00, the performance begins at sundown, Wednesdays - Saturdays"


Dance Like Kate Bush Party with Red Sea and Linear Downfall @ The Mammal Gallery

"Dance Like Kate Bush Dance Party presented by and in association with but not completely run by Kirstin Mitchell. With local heros and princes of Narnia - Red Sea The insufferable musical stylings of - Suffer Dragon And touring nashville noise maniacs and Wayne Coyne approved wonderful joy hammers - Linear Downfall"


Two Houses - Closing Reception and Award Ceremony @ Chastain Arts Center and City Gallery Chastain

"The City of Atlanta - Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award winners for 2014, Jessica Caldas and Aubrey Longley-Cook, present Two Houses an immersive show investigating interior and exterior views of family at Chastain Arts Center. The home is commonly perceived to be a safe space. By engaging various mediums, the artists examine experiences that break from this ideal. Through the repetition of these broken narratives, the fantasy of the home is unraveled and new perspectives of family are created."



Thursday, April 17:


SEALIONS // NE HI (chicago, IL) // 100 WATT HORSE @ 529

"SEALIONS: Local lovely 'lectric legends return to the 529 after what I understand was a WAY TOO LONG hiatus to give your butt something to convince your feet to dance about. NE HI: A bunch of Chicagoians, or Chicagans, or Chicagofolk from Chicago, IL. Billy Mitchell says these guys are really nice and super good and that's enough for me and it should damn well be enough for you too. 100 WATT HORSE: The full band in all of its power. Utilizing ancient Cherokee melodies hidden from time, this band has finally been able to unlock the mysteries of the key of D. (and with a capo, that's really a lot more keys as well). Using her smartphone, Maddy Davis has been able to unlock the mystery of what's taking her Domino's pizza so damn long."


SUMPTUARY - OPENING: You Killed My Son. Now, I Will Kill Your Sun. @ MINT

"Mike Stasny will compile an intolerable collection of unfeasible creatures made out of impractical and shamelessly useless objects that are out-of-the-question. There will be absolutely no fooling around. MSIF will be DJing. Think about it."


Team Luis presents: REVERENDS | WEARY HEADS | FOXGRIN | MAMMABEAR @ Star Community Bar

A super solid collection of Atlanta rock bands. 


MORGAN ALEXANDER / solo exhibit @ Swan Coach House Gallery

"The SWAN COACH HOUSE presents the Forward Arts Foundation's 2013-14 Emerging Artist Award Winner Morgan Alexander remembering, forgetting, and remembering again WITH EMERGING ARTIST AWARD FINALISTS: Nikki Starz, Chelsea Raflo, Rebecca Hanna, and Brendan Danielsson April 17 to May 30, 2014 OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, April 17, 6-9pm"



Friday, April 18:


SUMPTUARY - SINGLE ATTRACTION: Courtney Hammond/Beth Malone @ MINT

"The founders of Dashboard Co-op bring us a Night of Music and Neon + Man Eater + Exile + Sex + Hiss. (8 PM - 12 AM) W/ Live Mechanic (Ben Coleman & Henry Detweiler): Two quantum mechanics will walk into a bar looking for some spooky action. Possibilities abound: possible pseudonyms. Possible pseudopods. Bird blood cells keep their feet from freezing. 'Live' autopsy / 'dead' people. Realistic eyeballs. Healing by folding. Arachnid cricket master. Heckler options. Beverages."


Living Room Show: Book Club / Lily & The Tigers / Jeremy Ray / Stephen Gordon @ The Book Club House

"Friday Night Folk Show @ The Book Club House. Featuring local friends and troubadours: Book Club, Lily and the Tigers, Jeremy Ray, and Stephen Gordon (from Bowling Green). 8pm. $5 suggested donation. BYOB."



Saturday, April 19:


SUMPTUARY - DOUBLE FEATURE: Nathan Sharratt w/ Michael Rooks & MagicGold @ MINT

"If you can make it past the Binary Bouncers®, dance to Nate's and Michael's favorite pop songs that Nate has graciously broken for your listening enjoyment. Hooks are rearranged, melodies are inverted, and structure is reconfigured to present old (and new) favorites in ways you've never heard before. The same goes for your projected sexual orientation. (5 pm - 10 pm) Then, Magicicada and Whitegold will join forces to re-mix mix-tapes live through digital means. In between sets of mixes will be opportunities to sing karaoke songs chosen by the artists on the mixtape. Face paint and costumes optional. (10 pm - 12 am)"


hydeATL presents 7 DEADLY SINS... finally and finale. @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"hydeATL is back for the very last time in one debaucherous night with seven amazing writers to explore THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Nicholas Tecosky- Gluttony Cristen Conger- Envy Gina Rickicki- Greed Jay Hansbrough- Sloth Topher Payne- Lust John Carroll- Pride Jayne OConnor- Wrath"




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