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Last week in Atlanta,

Sean Fahie interviewed artist Mike Germon.

The Atlanta City Council proposed to tighten regulations on public art on private property.

TanKorean released a new record called Why guns get anxious.

Muriel Vega interviewed artist Stephanie Dowda.

Floyd Hall talked to artists Yun Bai and John Stephens

Lee Rankin photographed art in Downtown and Castleberry Hill.

And Little Tybee covered Paul Simon's "Diamonds On The Soles of Her Shoes":






Record of the Week: Escapism by Deku

Atlanta producer Deku, aka Brett Leggitt, just released a great new record of experimental beats and electronic soundscapes. The seven songs feature some guests appearances, including contributions from 10th Letter and Alexa Lima, Deku's fellow bandmates in the super group Waking Astronomer. He describes the record as "a love letter to Video Games, Literature, Cinema, Anime, Nature, Conversations, Spirituality, and all the other planes we escape to. It was created using a variety of samples, hand-crafted instrumentation, found sounds, and nostalgia." LIsten to Escapism below, and then catch the record release party this Friday (April 11) night at 529. 




Here are the events and shows that we recommend this week:


Monday, April 7:


Naked City | Push Push Theater & Film | THEME "HATE" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. Theme: "HATE" You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do."


SUMPTUARY: ARTISTS' NIGHT: To Hell in a Handbasket by Joseph Bolstad [plus Joey Orr] @ MINT Gallery

"Hang out and relax while we deinstall To Hell in a Handbasket forever and pack it all up to send back to Joseph Bolstad. If the moment takes you, jump up and lend a hand! (5 pm - 12 am) PLUS Joey Orr's "info:burn." Have you been submitting your requests for research at the bar? The researcher, who is legally prohibited from sharing his access to information, will research for several hours at his Sumptuary desk and then burn the results of his research as it is acquired, adding to the accumulating ashes. (7:30 pm - 10:30 pm)"



Tuesday, April 8:


10th Letter/Where.Are.We/The Van Allen Belt/Magicicada/Salsa Chest @ The Mammal Gallery

This features three of Atlanta's most exciting musical experimenters (10th Letter, Where.Are.We., and Magicicada) in a single show. 



Wednesday, April 9:


WRITE CLUB ATLANTA Chapter 34: Without Representation @ The Highland Ballroom

"IT'S ALMOST TAX DAY! COME DRINK AND SCREAM ON APRIL 9 AT THE HIGHLAND BALLROOM! SWEET CATHARSIS! UNCLE SAM CAN'T TAKE THAT FROM YOU! WRITE CLUB is: 3 bouts of 2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas 7 minutes apiece. Audience picks a winner. Proceeds to charities of winners' choosing. This month: Nicholas Tecosky (WORK) v. Cory Byrom (PLAY), Jackson Pearce (RICH) v. Marki Shalloe (POOR), Hilary Kelley (LEFT) v. Jared Kelley (RIGHT)"


I Want Whisky, Lily and the Tigers (TOUR-KICKOFF!) and Avi Jacob @ The EARL

"Yo y'all! On the eve of April 9th the Earl will be filled to the brim with glorious tunes! To begin it all, Avi Jacob is comin all the way up from Charleston to serenade Atlanta with his arresting folk music. Then, come give Lily and the Tigers a hug goodbye before they hit the open road again for their spring tour! Finish off the night stompin your feet with the ungovernable, wild and lawless I Want Whisky."



Thursday, April 10:


Vouched & The Five Hundred @ The Goat Farm

"After a brief hiatus VOUCHED PRESENTS has returned to showcase and celebrate the anniversary of THE FIVE HUNDRED an Atlanta-based, online flash-fiction journal that challenges established and developing writers the opportunity to showcase their work. The only catch? To stay between four hundred and six hundred words. Proudly hosted at The Goat Farm Arts Center in The Rodriguez Room, the event will feature readings by Aric Davis, John Carroll, Amy Stufflebeam, Myke Johns, Daniel Lamb"


WRASFEST 2014! @ The Mammal Gallery

"Georgia State University's 100,000 watt student-run radio station, WRAS Album 88, is proud to announce its annual fundraiser, WRASFEST! As we celebrate 43 years on air, we cap off another year of programming with a music showcase of local and national talent on two stages! All money raised will support our non-profit station's programming and promotional efforts. LINEUP: Ringo Deathstarr, Order of the Owl, Dasher, Twin Studies, Makeup, Koko Beware, Breathers"


SUMPTUARY: OPENING: In Situ by Elwen Hau [with dance by Helen Hale] @ MINT Gallery

"For In Situ, Hau and Hale collaboratively evoke a happy and harmonious realm tangibly related to the concrete without being tethered by it. Through a playful approach to visual perspective and performance, the two tinker with architecture, movement, and landscape, toying with the lines that connect the real and surreal. Dead space, nooks, and visual irregularities become opportunities for ingenuity and shape shifting. MINT won't recognize itself. (5 pm - 12 am) Hale's performance unfolds over the course of the opening at Dawn (8 pm), Mid-day (9 pm) & Night (10 pm)."


MORGAN ALEXANDER / solo exhibit @ Swan Coach House Gallery

"The SWAN COACH HOUSE presents the Forward Arts Foundation's 2013-14 Emerging Artist Award Winner Morgan Alexander remembering, forgetting, and remembering again WITH EMERGING ARTIST AWARD FINALISTS: Nikki Starz, Chelsea Raflo, Rebecca Hanna, and Brendan Danielsson. The Swan Coach House Gallery and The Forward Arts Foundation are pleased to present the work of Morgan Alexander, winner of the 2013-2014 Emerging Artist Award. Also presented are works by the four finalists. The Awards are given annually by the Forward Arts Foundation to the candidates recognized as the most dynamic emerging artists in the Atlanta area. The title of Alexander’s debut solo exhibition, “remembering, forgetting, and remembering again,” contemplates ideas of impermanence, memory, and the passage of time. His delicate installations of collected materials and gauzy constructed ‘drawings’ evoke a quiet sense of place and the search for beauty in ordinary things. Employing an ethereal vocabulary and limited color palette, he incorporates natural found materials along with lead, steel, glass, salt, wax, and paper collage elements. The works on view explore intersections between the physical body and the soul, and the interconnections between ourselves and the world around us."



Friday, April 11:


The Left Field Experiment: Deku, Wake, Double Cypher @ 529

"The Left Field Experiment: your monthly dosage of mind altering beats and psychedelic hip hop. This month's lineup: Deku (album release party for Escapism) WAKE (instrumental set) There will be a double cypher. Producer cypher and MC cypher at the same damn time. Producer lineup: Chris Devoe, Illastrate, Dustin Teague, 10th Letter, and Dr. Conspiracy. Deejay sets from The Morkestra, Divine Interface, Knumbskull, The Beatles. Dub effects by SAUDE Hosted by DT"


Comedy Shorts Pop-Up Party!!! @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Y'allywood Film Festival and Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery are proud to present Y'allywood's second pop-up event: April, Fools! COMEDY SHORTS. A night of locally made comedic short films, music videos, and webisodes hosted by the very funny Lace Larrabee. Come mingle, bring a few friends, drink a million beers, and enjoy some funny short-films made by Atlanta folk."


RETURNING HOME: Sam Parker + Larry Jens Anderson + Peter Ferrari @ KAI LIN ART

"Please join us on Friday, April 11th, 2014 for the launch of RETURNING HOME: a three person solo exhibition featuring new works by Sam Parker, Larry Jens Anderson, and introducing Peter Ferrari."



Saturday, April 12:


WREKtacular 2014 ft. Warehouse, Blunt Fang, Sonic Generator, and In Sonitus Lux @ The Mammal Gallery

"WREK is holding a benefit concert to celebrate 46 years of existence! In Sonitus Lux - 8PM, Sonic Generator - 9PM, Blunt Fang - 10PM, Warehouse - 11PM"


HAWKS | Big Jesus | Powder Room | Cheap Art | Uniform @ The EARL

"HAWKS are leaving for a 3 week European vacation in April, so help us kick them the fuck out of America with the help of: Big Jesus - Smash early Helmet and Torche together and there you go. 90's as shit, good as fuck. The Powder Room (ATH) - ex- Pride Parade, Noise Rock bros who like heavy verses and hooks. Uniform - Members of Wymyn's Prysyn, GG King, Cheap Art, Hidden Compartments, etc. Kinda like Jerry Kids on mescaline. Cheap Art - Do you like Charles Bronson? The band not the dude. How about Iron Lung? Yeah it's power violence at it's best."



""I DON'T EVER SAY THIS TO YOU ENOUGH" is an entire evening of storytime (in many forms) with Lavonia Elberton. Here's one story: “Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to/ them, 'Love me.'/ Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise/ someone would call the cops./ Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us/ to connect./ Why not become the one who lives with a full/ moon in each eye that is always saying,/ with that sweet moon language, what every other/ eye in this world is dying to hear?” – Poem by Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky (5 pm - 7 pm is Happy Hour with Lavonia Elberton; 7 pm - 10 pm is for Readings, Breathings & Spells; 10 pm - 12 am is Magick on the Dance Floor)"



Sunday, April 13:


SUMPTUARY: BRUNCH PLUS: Kristin Juarez @ MINT Gallery

"Good Food Truck is cooking up brunch while we serve espresso and Bloody Marys! (12:30 pm - naptime) Sideways Sermon #4 - What will Dave Sturgis do? (2 pm) If you missed the Kanye concert, you can't miss YouTube Jockey Set #4, "Simulation Stimulation" by Kristin Juarez. We’ll look at videos whose interactivity transforms documentation into simulation, and works that use the screen as interface to push documentation’s limits of the sensorial. We’ll lose our sight, glimpse elusive phenomena, play our way through James Turrell’s LACMA retrospective, and hunt in the Louvre. (6 pm - 7 pm)"



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