Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Join us this Tuesday, May 13 at the Mammal Gallery for the Deer Bear Wolf Launch Party and pick up the first issue of Deer Bear Wolf Magazine, which includes a digital copy of the new Nomen Novum record, Lookalikes, the first release from Deer Bear Wolf Records



Last week in Atlanta,

GPB announced that they are taking over WRAS daytime programming. The WRAS student staff has mobilized to fight against this decision. Protests are happening, and petitions are circulating

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children recorded a Daytrotter Session. 

Emily Kempf (Back Pockets/White Gold) released a collection of demos from past years called "Loss Waves." 

Gallery 72 opened in the Former AJC headquarters.

No Eyes released a new record called //☹.om.

On Holiday released a single called "Weekend" from their forthcoming self-titled record. 

Caroline Cox interviewed Make Black-Out Poetry’s John Carroll.

Feast of Violet released a new song called "Pact."

Big Jesus released a video of them performing "Shrimp" live at Thunderbox. 

 Muriel Vega interviewed artist Shara Hughes.

Underwater Social Life (Nathan Springer of Narrator) released a self-titled record on ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS. 

Dasher signed with Suicide Squeeze for 'Soviet' b/w 'Teeth' 7-inch

Leisa Rich interviewed artist Kim Blodgett

Noot D' Noot announced their final show on May 31 at MJQ. 

Write Club ATL released their latest podcast, “A Series of Foreplay Positions," featuring Eli Banks and Theroun Patterson

Floyd Hall chatted with printmaker Jerushia Graham

And indieATL release their latest session, Mood Rings performing "The Line":





Record of the Week: Twin Warmths by Narrator


One of the most promising acts to emerge over the last year in Atlanta's flourishing experimental scene is Narrator, comprised of Nathan Springer, Scott Irvine, and Nicholas Lowery. An early recording of this collaboration, Twin Warmths, was recently released on tape cassette via J Ross Select, and it's an impressive collection of gorgeous soundscapes and wonderfully weird drone. It's a must-listen for an adventurous musical explorer. Stream the record below, and then catch them live Tuesday (May 13) at the Deer Bear Wolf Launch Party at the Mammal Gallery





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, May 12:


THE CLAP REUNION SHOW w/ breathers & shampoo @ 529

"Hey ya'll The Clap is back and this thing is gonna be FREE FREE FREE Also, Atlanta's recently-birthed Breathers and Shampoo will be kicking things off."




Tuesday, May 13:


DEER BEAR WOLF | Launch! @ The Mammal Gallery

"Deer Bear Wolf is a new movement celebrating Atlanta’s art, music and literary communities. It is one part store, one part record label, one part small press, one part magazine and May 13th at 8pm will be the official launch at The Mammal Gallery. With a bevy of favorite local Atlantans performing, this event features the vicereine of small press literature Laura Relyea of Vouched Books as the emcee. Readings by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward, Amy Herschleb, Caroline Cox, Muriel Vega, Daniel Beauregard, Joe Ennis and John Carroll. Nomen Novum, Ladybeard (Chris Yonker of Hello Ocho and Brian Egan), Narrator, and Tim Kohler (Kid Stuff/Big Tent/Hello Ocho) will provide the music for the evening. The quarterly printed magazine will be made available as a limited run of 200 copies and $20 a piece. The featured contributors to DEER BEAR WOLF (the magazine) include: Mike Germon - Cover Art, Amanda Locke - Photos and Satirical Advertisements, Muriel Vega - Interview with Molly Rose Freeman, Living Walls Artist, John Carroll - Blackout Poetry, Amy Herschleb - Collage, Winston Wheeler Blake Ward - Fiction, Nick Benson - Illustration, Katie Troisi - Paintings, Daniel Beauregard - Poetry, Kevin Griggs - Concert Photography, Caroline Cox - Interview with Michelle Armas, painter, Joe Ennis - Fiction, Brian Egan - Overall Magazine Design & Drawings"




Wednesday, May 14:


WRITE CLUB ATLANTA Chapter 36: Apollencalypse Now @ The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"IT'S MAY! TAKE YOUR ANTIHISTAMINES, GIRD YOUR PRETTY FACES AGAINST THOSE YELLOW CLOUDS OF DOOM, AND BRING YOUR WARRIOR-POET'S SOUL DOWN TO THE HIGHLAND BALLROOM FOR A BATTLE OF WORDS! IT'S WRITE CLUB, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS! WRITE CLUB is: 3 bouts of 2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas/ 7 minutes apiece. Audience picks a winner Proceeds to charities of winners' choosing This month: Mathias Alvarez (CIRCLE) v Kate Allen Fox (SQUARE), Cynthia Oquendo (PURSUE) v Allison Steele (RETREAT), Myke Johns (DEEP) v Michael Molina (SHALLOW)"



Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta Presents: The Gaslamp Killer @ The EARL

"Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Atlanta is a monthly live music showcase featuring some of the South's hottest emerging artists. Throughout the year, the showcase will visit different career-launching Atlanta venues highlighting an exciting lineup of local acts. All proceeds go back to support the opening local bands that night. - THE GASLAMP KILLER - Kebbi Williams and Wolfpack ATL - The Difference Machine - 10th Letter"



Sonic Generator | EC Presents @ Erikson Clock

"Their newest performance, centers on two pieces by John Zorn, The Tempest (flute, bass clarinet, drum set) and Amour Fou (violin, cello, piano). John Rockwell, of The New York Times, has called John Zorn "the single most interesting, important and influential composer to arise from the Manhattan 'downtown' avant garde since Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Amour Fou is described as, “a work of sensuality combining eroticism with mystical transcendence in a world of Surrealistic French decadence ... Zorn's lyrical genius holds together a work of rambling proportion and reins it in on theme and motion notated by some of the most adventurous counterpoint composed in many years. The work is full of sad, frenetic beauty and pathos. “ The rest of this eclectic program will consist of: - a piece by Daniel Wohl, Cycles (sextet), which is a movement from a new score that been commissioned by Sonic Generator for a new collaboration between gloATL and Sonic Generator. -Chatter Box - Marc Melltis (flute and audio stack box array) -Lullaby for Growing Old - Jason Freeman (solo toy piano)"



XPT (Experimental Puppetry Theater) 2014 @ Center for Puppetry Arts

"Every year, dozens of artists come together in Xperimental Puppetry Theater (XPT), a program that offers professional and emerging artists the opportunity to explore and experiment, creating original and bold puppet theater guaranteed to inspire and surprise adult audiences. Beer and wine bar available. Show lineup: •“Dark Night of the Meat,” a film about a steak who has an existential crisis •“Forgotten Love,” a Bollywood inspired story with finger puppets and an original score in Hindi •“HueMan: He Volution,” a romp through gender stereotypes •“Learning to Fly,” the story of two flirtatious coworkers about to make a difficult choice •“Lemonade Stand,” a film about a journey to find a lemonade Shangri-La in a desolate world •“Monkey Branes,” a film set in a control room where deranged monkeys feverishly command their vessel •“Monster Guard,” a new spin on the classic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” story •“Mr. Punch and the National Club Association,” a satirization of the National Rifle Association •“Mutabilitie Cantos,” stop-motion animations featuring a terrible beast taking on seemingly mundane tasks •“Third Saturday,” featuring an unremarkable man who robs a bank once a month while his wife is away •“Typically Tom,” inspired by the writing of Tom Waits, a story of a boy lured into the pages of a book Join us for an artist talk-back following every performance."




Thursday, May 15:


100 WATT HORSE E.P. Release Show!! w/ SUFFER DRAGON // CAREY // MOSES NESH // LIMINAL SPACE @ The Mammal Gallery

"This show is sort of like a (goodbye) (good luck) (Viel Glück) party for Gabe The Babe Seibel a lovely boy by anyone's standard. He's hiking the Appalachian Trail, which you would have heard of if you gave a shit about nature. // Suffer Dragon reminds me of a time when nobody knew how to play music right. We tried hard, sure, and wrote great songs, but it just didn't sound like Sugar Ray no matter what we did. Suffer Dragon continues to sound less and less like Sugar Ray with every show and I think that's pretty impressive. // CAREY is dang impressive too. You know that phrase "Not just a pretty face?" Me too. I've even said it. Stick around you may hear me say it even if I'm in the mood. Oh yeah and Danny lived in a room and then I lived in it, and so on some level I feel like we're connected in a way that neither of us really understand or acknowledge. // Moses Nesh really gets it. Here's a trade that anyone would make: soft fingertips for hot shit finger pickin' skills. Pretty friggin sweet deal huh? Well let's just say that Isaac has finger tips that could pick up a hot pocket right out of the microwave and not even think about it. Yeah, conceptualize that for a moment then go play the banjo and catch up, idiot. // LIMINAL SPACE is a reference I don't really understand, but the enjoyment that I get from being mildly confused by it is a little greater than the satisfaction that I would enjoy from googling it and doing some light research. I think it's important sometimes to let things go, and let mysteries be mysteries. Anyway, I'm sure Peter didn't mean to confuse people. He's a pretty swell fella in most respects and his music is top notch.




Friday, May 16:



A night of mayhem with three standard-bearers of the Atlanta independent music scene. 



One Love Generation 2014 Gallery Show @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Rodriguez Room Gallery at The Goat Farm Arts Center to celebrate the young artists of OLG and their amazing work. Proceeds will benefit OLG, the young artists, as well as a cause of their choice. Music, beverages, and light snacks will be provided! Featured Artists Include: Ahmara Smith, Alana Clark, Alex Dreher, Amaya Wright, Avanti Lemons, Brady Moreland, Carl Schwartz, Cyan D’Anjou, Dayla Jackson, Gloria Kitchens, Hunter Peatman, Jada Hislop, Jorryn Bellinger, Katherine Davis, Micah Seals, Natalie Avery, Neelie Kibler, Posey Miranda, Reid Rosbottom, Sarah Kitchens, Savannah Banks, Sebastian Van Erk, Sharon Moran, Tamai Shealey, Yakira Carter"



Invent Room Pop 37 @ Beep Beep Gallery

"This is the 37th installment of Invent Room Pop. Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat. Britt Teusink - electronics, Ryan Parks - electronics, Jon Ciliberto - keyboards, Ryan Taylor - bass & electronics, Maddy Davis - vibraphone, Claire Belcher - violin"



Harrison Keys - Always Aweigh  //  Austin Eddy - someone to ride the river with @ Get This Gallery

"Harrison Keys - Always Away and Austin Eddy - someone to ride the river with Dual solo exhibitions at Get This Gallery. Opening reception: Friday, May 16, 7-10pm Show runs: May 16 - July 12, 2014"




Saturday, May 17:


Ex-Cult | GHB | Zoners | Carmen @ 529

Atlanta punk outfits on the rise GHB, Zoners, and Carmen host Memphis' Ex-Cult



Just Past the Peripheral @ Whitespace

"New photo works by Charlie Watts Photography at WhiteSpec. The opening is May 17th from 7-10pm and a performance is tba! WhiteSpec is located right next to Whitespace at: 814 Edgewood Ave"




Sunday, May 18:


VIDA VOCE Reading + Perfomance Series #8 @ MINT Gallery

"VIDA VOCE is a monthly reading + performance series featuring women at MINT Gallery. You can check out past performances and readings on the website: The event is free. There is a bar! The series features women, but men are welcome and encouraged to attend! :) The May event will feature readings by: Kate Sweeney, Jessica Temple, Anïsa Lewis and Adrienne Estelle Mullins!!!!!! PLUS! A performance by Matilda Bloome with vocals +ukulele and a special, especially rad performance by Michika Skyy McClinton/Tantrum!!!!!"



THEM NATIVES// rotarran// CURRENCICADA// small ppl's music ensemble// RAMBLE TAMBLE @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"THEM NATIVES• - hologram projections from birmingham •rotarran• - narrating etc •CURRENCICADA• - money making music •small ppl's music ensemble• - all sorts of things •RAMBLE TAMBLE• - high impact communication"




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