Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, May 26:


MIDIitis @ 529 w/ Fashion and Hello Cobra and The Mumzees @ 529

"Fashion is releasing their new album "1000 Pounds of Meth", Hello Cobra will bring the math funk, The Mumzees will confuse and excite, and MIDIitis will tempt you with aural visions of future past. For a good time, join this free / donation / buy music / tip yr bartender show!"




Tuesday, May 27:


Carapace Raconteurs: BAD BEHAVIOR @ Manuel's Tavern

"Build a story, 5 to 7 minutes long, around misconduct, a lapse in the protocol of how to act ... any form of naughtiness, malversation or delinquency ... by yourself or another. Did you trespass against the rules of proper doing on the job, or with a lover, or on I-85? Or with a lover on I-85 when you were supposed to be on the job? Can you tell it in story form? We wanna hear. Funny? Dramatic? Heartbreaking? Everybody's got at least one. Tell us about your BAD BEHAVIOR. See you at Manuel's!"




Wednesday, May 28:


Vouched Presents @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"The Goat Farm Arts Center Presents: VOUCHED PRESENTS: Jessica Blankenship - Scott Daughtridge - Benjamin Carr -Laura Sullivan -Jerad Alexander." 




"E.T. THE EXTRA-TRAILESTRIAL: Writing And Comedy Based On Science Fiction Movie Trailers. Featuring performances by: Joe Karg, Kevin Moreau, John Carroll, Keenan Burton, Dani Herd, Jake Head, Beau Brown."




Thursday, May 29:


Irrelevant Music Presents: GOLD-BEARS (lp release show!) / LITTLE BIG LEAGUE / EMPEROR X / MADELINE @ WonderRoot

"come one come all for it is the "EPIC" release of "DALLIANCE" the new album by local sweethearts "GOLD-BEARS" with support from.... "LITTLE BIG LEAGUE" from "PENNSYLVANIA" "EMPEROR X" from "CALIFORNIA" and... "MADELINE" from "ATHENS/ATLANTA" all ages welcome"




"TWINS (one man trax techno), VOS ( Italo House from Chicago and a member of Afterburner and Judi Chicago), PRIVATE EYES (Lofi 80s funk agents), ANTICIPATION (Mutant Death Disco), SPECIAL ITALO DISCO AND 80S DJ SET FROM VJ ANTHONY! BRING YOUR MONEY AND DANCE"



Brian Holcombe - Fault Lines - Opening Reception @ Octane

"I'm really excited to invite you to my new exhibition, Fault Lines at Octane in West Midtown. The exhibition features 13 of my recent paintings. Please join me for the opening reception Thursday, May 29, 7 -10pm. Octane will be offering my signature cocktail, the Slow Talker. I hope you'll enjoy one with me. Looking forward to seeing you there and sharing my work with you. Best, Brian"



Onchi, Starfighter, Rrest, Weird Sin The EARL

"Onchi is pronounced with a long "O". like "own chee"... but whatevas -say it how u like. Onchi is a punk rock band in Atlanta ,Georgia.They first appeared on the Atlanta scene in 2013,from seemingly out of nowhere. And have been steadily killing it at all their live shows and winning over audiences ever since. The sound of their music comes from 1 guitar(rhythm),2keyboards(bass and lead),and a cacophony of drums and cymbals being pulverized,as well as vocoder infused vocals. Kristian sings leads ,Cesar sings back-up,and Alain sings on special occasions. Onchi is heavily influenced by first wave punk,as well as some 80's hardcore,new wave ,post punk,60's garage,kraut rock,electronica,and no wave . Onchi concocts music that is new and interesting, creative and captivating ,weird and fantastic..Their music is fun ,exciting, rebellious, and hypnotic. Onchi plays by it's own rules and encourages everyone to do the same."



Invisible Things, Martin Bisi, Red Sea, Warehouse @ 529

"Invisible Things: Guitar: Mark Shippy (U.S. Maple, Shorty, Miracle Condition, etc.) Drums: Jim Sykes (Grooms, Parts & Labor, etc.) // Martin Bisi is an American producer and songwriter. He is known for recording important records by Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn, Material, Bill Laswell, Helmet, Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop, White Zombie, Boredoms, Angels of Light and Herbie Hancock's Grammy-winning song Rockit." 




Friday, May 30:


From Exile / ZRUDA / Palaces @ The Drunken Unicorn

"ZRUDA returns, performing all of their classic hits from the 12's and 13's, along with new hot shit for your wardrobe and such. We are joined by some of the greatest metal in Atlanta. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!!"



Turf War l State  Champion l The Liverhearts l Bodyfather l Lowbanks @ 529





Saturday, May 31:


Christ Lord / Hello Ocho / Tantrum @ The Mammal Gallery

"Christ, Lord will be playing a last show to send Christian away to Wyoming. It'll be a good ole reunion celebration dance off. Hello Ocho, Tantrum and friends will be joining in the fun. Come!!!!"



Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"Co-presented and hosted by the Goat Farm Arts Center, the 19th Annual Hambidge Center Art Auction & Performance Gala finds itself amidst the Goat Farm’s historic property on Saturday May 31st at 7pm. In addition to offering artwork at enticing prices, the Gala provides a carefully curated presentation of musical acts, short plays, installations, and experiences at every turn indoors and out. This year’s honorary chairs are April and Lance Ledbetter, founders of Dust to Digital. The GRAMMY® award-winning team produces and curates projects that combine rare, essential recordings with historical images and descriptive texts, to create exceptional cultural artifacts. Special performances by Lonnie Holley, Art Rosenbaum and others will stretch musical minds. The artwork of over 200 established and emerging artists will also be curated for the silent auction by Ben Goldman, manager of Kibbee Gallery, and Jenny Jensen Minkewicz, an independent art advisor. Expanding on the Dust to Digital theme of the event, bidding on artworks will all be done digitally through mobile devices. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to be provided by local restaurants."



TM05 (JP Villa Album Release) : Divine Interface, 10th Letter, T.A.L.K  N.O.I.S.E, Rekchampa, Spaceman Spiff, Clothes, JP Villa @ Tomorrow's Month

"Tomorrow’s Month is a creative party with live performances and visual art on the last day of every month in East Atl. Hosted by Clothes. This Tomorrow's Month will start early (7:00) due to the amount of performances and will be outside. TM05 will be featuring: Music from: (artists in no particular order) Divine Interface, 10th Letter, T.A.L.K N.O.I.S.E ( Byron The Aquarius x Tyler Ambrosius), Rekchampa, Spaceman Spiff of Genesys Order Jeremiah Christopher Percival, Clothes, JP Villa + Visual Artists + Alcohol"



Noot d'Noot GRAND FINALE w/ Judi Chicago, DJ Cozy Shawn and DJ Gnosis @ MJQ Concourse

"20TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT! Noot d' noot Grand Finale! w/ Judi Chicago, DJ COZY SHAWN, DJ GNOSIS"




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