Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Last week in Atlanta, 

Jungol released a song called "Full Of Chemicals" from their forthcoming record Ghost Knocks, due out June 21. 

Jason Howell released a song called "Skeletons" from his upcoming record Vital Organs.

Jeffrey Bützer released a new record called Chansons pour un tailleur.

Stray Theories released a video for "Promises."

Caroline Cox interviewed jewelry designer and blogger Bryanna Simpson.

TanKorean released a record called Design.

GSU and GPB have delayed switching WRAS' format until June 29.

Floyd Hall talked with photographer Carlton Mackey.

Write Club released its latest podcast, “Independence is for Suckers," featuring Kara Cantrell and Jesse Price.

The Cylinder podcast featured choreographer T.Lang

Dashboard Co-op announced its next exhibition, Nexus Sexus Plexus, opening June 21. 

And Kevin Griggs photographed Christ, Lord's final show with Hello Ocho at the Mammal Gallery:


Hello Ocho:



Christ, Lord:





Film of the Week: A Day In the Life of Tim Friday

Directed by Corey Davis and written by Sean FahieA Day In the Life of Tim Friday manages to capture an authentic thread of life in present day Atlanta better than perhaps anyone yet, and at the same time creates a unique and delightfully weird world in of itself. Just the ambitious cinematography alone is impressive, from the dreamy parts where the film briefly morphs into a music video, to the beautiful shots of so many iconic Atlanta locales, but there's also so much heart and soul underneath the effects. You can watch the film above and then read an interview with Davis and Fahie about it at Creative  Loafing





Record of the Week: Loss Waves by Emily Kempf

There are few musicians who can channel the art of emotions better than Emily Kempf (Back Pockets/Iron Jayne/White Gold). Both her voice and her songwriting are so powerful and unpredictable, flipping seamlessly from sugary sweet melody to banshee roar at any moment. Her latest offering is a sporadic collection of demos called Loss Waves. Without all the spectacle of her Back Pocket days, Kempf's raw energy really shines through in this stripped down format. You can stream the record below, and catch Emily Kempf solo at Star Bar Saturday night:




Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, June 2:


Naked City | Push Push Theater & Film | THEME "OPPRESSION" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH "There's a million stories of "OPPRESSION" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them" The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production. Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme.You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. Theme:"OPPRESSION""



Drunk Critique No.3 @ The Low Museum

"THE LOW MUSEUM is hosting its third Drunk Critique on Monday June 2nd. It will be a night of inebriation coupled with rigorous art criticism. Our doors open at 6pm and we'll start critiquing at 7. If you would like to present work. Simply send a message to the THE LOW MUSEUM on facebook or email THELOWMUSEUM@GMAIL.COM."



The Open Circuit Series @ Erosol aka the Department Store

"If you have not been through yet come check this biweekly, cool inviting vibe. Electronic improvisation fused with live instrumentation. Bring your loopstations, mpcs, pedals, soundmakers or what have you."




Tuesday, June 3:


MAMMALS ONLY. Open Mic @ The Mammal Gallery

"Join us at The Mammal Gallery for our monthly open mic- held on each first Tuesday. All acts welcome! Come sing, dance, read, yell, twirl, listen, share... Sign up starts at 8 Open mic starts at 9"



Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"Atlanta's literary playtime is returning home to Java Vino! Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino's cozy downstairs for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"




Wednesday, June 4:


Atlanta Fringe 2014 PREVIEW PARTY @ 7 Stages

"Join us for the FREE PREVIEW PARTY to get a sneak peek of each show in the 2014 Atlanta Fringe Festival. This event is the kick-off to the Fringe weekend which will be jam-packed with indie, edgy, underground performances. Each of our 20 productions has the opportunity to give a 3 minute preview of their show, so you can figure out which shows are a "do not miss". PLUS we'll give away some neat-o swag from our sponsors and partners. YAY! FREE! Then stick around for a meet-n-greet with the artists!"

Thursday, June 5:

Hours of the Darkest Night - Atlanta Fringe Festival @ 7 Stages

"Hours of the Darkest Night is one of the productions in Fringe Festival Atlanta 2014. It's a collaborative piece of improv performance in support of a story that explores our fear of things that go bump in the night, dancing in the darkness outside our windows. Performers include Abby Joslin, Rhode Fraser, Scott Houston, A.m. Spexet, Sadie Hawkins, Off Centered, The Chameleon Queen, and Flight of Swallows. We have five shows between June 5-8 at 7 Stages. Each one will be a unique experience. PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE Thursday, June 5th at 8:00 PM Friday, June 6th at 11:00 PM Saturday, June 7th at 5:00PM and 9:30 PM Sunday, June 8th at 3:30 PM"

Boom Done! Records presents: SWEATY MAMMALS DANCE PARTY @ The Mammal Gallery

"TINY VICTORIES (NY): If Greg can remember the exact recipe for those cocktails we drank on his rooftop the night we both decided that a life dedicated to making music was worth pursuing I'll give him a big hug and maybe a kiss. Cason gets free kisses for life for saving me from a well-read skinhead nihilist in a bar in Bushwick. BREATHERS: Jake used to wear a Native American headdress onstage back in the day. It's funny both to think about how ignorant we were to cultural misappropriation and also to think about all the things we made Jake do just to please ourselves. BLACK GIRLS (Richmond, VA): I bought a shirt from the thrift store that says "When God made black women he was just showing off!" but I've been too chickenshit to wear it. These guys are five white guys who are in a band called Black Girls. So, yeah that's something right there. Their music sounds like drinking beers and sweet tea at the same damn time. HIGHLANDER: Everyone who makes fun of me all the time for posting Joe Oliver lyrics as my status updates can go eat too many pancakes because being a superfan is a lot easier if you know where your idols live and anyway Garrett was my idol but then he went into rehab too many times. Sniffing glue DOES NOT make you cool Garrett Goss. BINARY BOYS: Not sure if these boys would consider themselves pop or not. Either way, the melody lines on bass and synth are borderline virtuosic. Plus a very small television is involved. FOLLICLES: Scotty "The Body" Bruschotti makes music for the exact right reasons. I'm not going to tell you what those reasons are, you'll just have to ask him. I will say that every time I see him play I see just how intrinsically tied to his performances his real enjoyment for what he's doing is. I think that vibration really comes through, and frankly I'm kind of jealous. TOMAHAWK DEB: Back to Jake. This other time we were in Austin, TX and Jake, Joe, and I ate Whattaburger for five consecutive meals. I thought that was pretty incredible until I started living with old Jacoby and realized just how many consecutive days he could have eggs for breakfast. The man's an island. An eggy egg-shaped island. Eggland. DADS NIGHT OUT: Kurt's just a big old weirdo. He plays guitar, like a weirdo. He has a Phish sticker on his car. George doesn't have anything better to do than write long, wordy, convoluted facebook event descriptions about nothing. Nick looks like a celebrity but I can't think of who right now. There's gonna be some other people playing too, but it's a surprise (we don't know either, so it's REALLY a surprise)"

Beer Can Solargram Talk @ H Harpers Station

"I have been doing these month long pinhole photographs for about a year. The first public showing of this technique is hanging at H. Harper Station. Please come to H. Harper Station Thursday June 5th 7:30 for an explanation and Q&A on the process. Hope you can make it and bring a friend. - Kevin Griggs"

The KSU Tellers Present: The Unbelievable True Story @ The Highland Inn

"Join the KSU Tellers at the Fringe Festival Atlanta for "The Unbelievable True Story" A breathtaking evening at the crossroads between stand-up and storytelling. Thursday June 5th 11:00pm Friday June 6th 8:00pm Saturday June 7 @ 12:30pm and 6:30pm Sunday June 8 @ 3:30pm"

Swank Sinatra, TUNGS, BearKnuckle, Ganges Phalanges @ The Clermont Lounge

"Join us for a fun summer night at The Clermont Lounge. Blood Drunk Records is providing the tunes via: Swank Sinatra - ATL TUNGS - Richmond VA BearKnuckle - ATL Ganges Phalanges - ATL Come and support some great tunes and times with your favorite folks over at Blood Drunk Records!"

"The Influencers Present.." @ Edgewood Speakeasy

""The Influencers" is a bi-weekly Thursday night event hosted by Sean Fahie, sponsored by Stylee' with music provided by Dj/Producer, L. Knight. This evening is meant to highlight and celebrate a local brand whom may fly under the radar but who's work has a consistent presence and impact among their peers. The overall goal is to increase awareness for a brand, the venue and most importantly to have a fun night, filled with great culture, drinks and music!"

FREE Show - Sex BBQ, The Merry Go Rounds + More! @ Star Bar

"FREE SHOW THURSDAY at STAR BAR with The Mumzees, The Merry Go Rounds, Hello Cobra, SEX BBQ, Canopy // 9PM/NO COVER"

Friday, June 6:

THE ROCK*A*TEENS & Carnivores @ The EARL

"The Rock*A*Teens were nothing short of a force of nature. Roaring out of Cabbagetown, GA, they blended a unique mixture of dark, swampy rock influences into a thick primordial stew that defies categorization ... Pop? Blues? Jazz? Rockabilly? Garage? Theirs was music of passion and lust, love and heartbreak, hope and despair, triumph and failure, heat and humidity. Less - Distortion pedals buzz with washes of reverb, organ whines and piano rolls, drums pound with tribal intensity, and the vocals wail and ache and rejoice, wrapping around themselves in a feverish embrace. A cool wash of emotion and grit. A cleansing of your tired and battered soul. // Over the skuzzy blend of scrappy guitars, the DIY kids Carnivores offer a twist on neo-wave standards."

T.LANG DANCE // POST-UP @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"The Goat Farm is proud to announce it has selected its’ next AIP Recipient (Arts Investment Package Recipient), choreographer, T.Lang and the Atlanta premiere of Post Up. The Goat Farm’s AIP vehicle funds, produces & presents experimental & innovative works that “pattern-break” & excite new thinking. The Goat Farm’s Review Board recognizes that consistent vanguard arts programming contributes to Atlanta’s global relevancy and is excited to add T. Lang Dance to the Arts Center’s 2014 curated line up. Continuing in the vein of her earlier unflinching addresses to difficult dialogues, T. Lang embarks upon a new artistic relationship with John Osburn, a collaborative sound artist who composes and improvises music for modern dance and visual artists. Inspired by the literature of Heather Andrea Williams' Help Me Find My People, Post Up focuses on the delusional hope of being reunited with a loved one. Following multi-generational conversations on love and personal diary entries that beg for the return of a deceased loved one, this work investigates the search for love as it tends towards self-destruction. Moving from entangled aggressive movements to staggeringly tender moments, Post Up demonstrates our search for genuine love. Performances are June 6-8th in Goodson Yard."

20 Yrs of WonderRoot Art Opening with: Shampoo ~ El Hollin ~ Babes Motel ~ Kissing Booth @ WonderRoot

"Has it really been TWENTY YEARS??? WonderRoot has been one of the most successful DIY show spaces in the country for some time now, so we figured it's about time to celebrate our wonderful basement, and all of the hard work we've put in over the years. Come check out the new art installation in the basement, featuring past and present show flyers by a variety of artists from Atlanta and beyond! Not to mention sweet music and tasty refreshments all the night through. Bring yr dancing shoes! FREE EVENT~ JUNE 6TH IN THE WONDERROOT BASEMENT~ STARTS AT 9PM~ FEATURING WORKS BY: Deborah Hudson (ATL), Devin Utah (NC), Taylor Stranger (ATL), Susan Dickson (FL), Dakota Floyd (ATL), and Gavin Caffery (ATL) WITH MUSIC FROM: Shampoo: (ATL) El Hollin: (ATHENS) Babes Motel: (ATL) new atlanta band feat. members of places to hide & kidbrat / first show! Kissing Booth: (ATL / ATHENS)"

Saturday, June 7:

Forward Warrior Cabbagetown @ Wylie Street

"Forward Warrior is a live painting performance event that brings together artists and communities, to create large scale murals during a one day event. This is our fourth year in existence and I am incredibly excited to bring together such a talented group of Atlanta artists. Artists include (in alphabetical order): Ally White, Amy Ashbaugh, Ashley Anderson, Brandon Sadler, Carl Janes, David Hale, Kennie Davis, Kyle Brooks, Lucha Lucha Rodriguez, Art Marcy Starz, Michael Zieper, Molly Rose Freeman, Nick Benson, PaperFrank Dunson, Rebecca Ashley, Sam Parker, Sanithna Phansavanh, Shaun Thurston, Skie Art ,Trey Moseley. We will be painting the wall along Wylie street, across from 97 Estoria, towards Esther Peachy Lefevre Park. Painting will begin around 11 am and continue until 11 pm. So come grab a drink and some food at 97 Estoria, enjoy some sounds by DJ Genesis and DJ Dusty Bottoms and then come watch these artists do what they do best. See you there! -Peter Ferrari Founder/Curator"

Book Launch for Bruce Covey's Change Machine @ Emory Bookstore

"We're going to launch Bruce Covey's new book of poetry, Change Machine, with a short reading and lots of fun at the Emory Bookstore from 4:00-6:00. Readers will be Gina Myers, Megan Volpert, Kory Calico, Laura Relyea, Laura Solomon, Jamie Iredell, and Bruce."

Fighting Words: Stories of Conflict and Discourse @ Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery

"Safety Third Enterprises presents a night celebrating the time honored tradition of the fight. No one, not even the Patron Saint of sitting on the porch is unfamiliar with the art of fisticuffs (whether it’s a heated argument or a true brawl of force). For one night only at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery six of Georgia’s finest writers will tell tales of conflict and discourse. Saturday, June 7th. Doors at 8pm. Beer and wine provided by your donation. Jared Yates Sexton is a born-and-bred Hoosier living and working in The South as an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing. He is the Managing Editor of the literary magazine BULL and his work has appeared in Salon, The Southern Humanities Review, Hobart, PANK, and elsewhere. His first book, An End To All Things, is available from Atticus Books. John Carroll wants you to hit him as hard as you can, but make sure you warn him first. He's taking applications for the first Atlanta based Fight Club immediately after the reading. His first rule of Fight Club is "violence doesn't solve anything". Laura Relyea has shied away from conflict ever since she got into her one and only fist-fight in the fourth grade. Despite successfully giving Steve a well-deserved shiner, the confrontation really wreaked havoc on her insides. Since then she's been learning to handle conflict in a more adult, conversational manner. Also, she told me to tell you all to fuck off. Matt DeBenedictis lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of three chapbooks, including Congratulations! There’s No Last Place if Everyone is Dead, and is the founder of the press Safety Third Enterprises. Amy Stufflebeam has superpowers as well as her own verb. Give her some liquid courage and she is capable of putting any out-of-line man in his place in two seconds or less, all whilst smiling. (And not just any smile, but a a real stone-cold stunner.) Most casualties are said to be left in an awed state of confusion. This tactic was officially coined as "Stufflebeaming" back in '07. Many other women have attempted to Stufflebeam, but with mixed results. Kory Oliver reads and writes in Atlanta, GA. He likes to think of himself as a winner. But he'd be more happy if you just thought of him as a friend."



Solo Performances @ The Mammal Gallery

"Hey people, four dudes that you know pretty well are doing a night of solo musical adventures. Gage Gilmore - performing a new solo composition for piano. its a meditation on rhythm and volume for fans of minimalism, jazz and drone. Carey (Danny Bailey) - Danny invites you to his aural meditation. This will be the only performance the could easily bring you to tears or make you reconsider your entire life. danny slays. heres a link to his beautiful new album Knight Errant (Maxwell Boecker) - is performing a solo composition for the electric bass. Visceral and engaging. fans of oteil burbridge, john fahey, and flamenco music will wonder why max isnt famous already. Britt Teusink - britt makes beats noises and rocks out on synths. he'll probably dance strangely if he gets into it enough."



team luis presents BEAU VICTROLA | EMILY KEMPF | BOOK OF COLORS | FAERY TEETH @ Star Community Bar




Opening Reception of New Clay Work by Atlanta Artist John Roberts @ MudFire

"A new series of sgrafitto work unveiling at Mudfire Gallery Artist's Reception: Saturday, June 7  Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm Show Dates: June 7 - June 28 Listed MudFire Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8:00pm."



The Rock*A*Teens & Women's Work @ The Earl

"“In that they were ‘arguably’ the best American rock ’n roll band of the ’90s, it is safe to say that the Rock*A*Teens were also the most underrated American rock ’n roll band of the ’90s.” —Dan Bejar, Destroyer // Women's Work are Lindsey, Shane, Shannon, Rick and Will. They like nighttime, cocktails, Nick Cave, books and many other things. They live in Atlanta, Ga."




Sunday, June 8:


POETRY house READING:  Zack Haber with Gina Myers, Laura Carter, Matthew Sherling, Michael Hessel-Mial, and Nathan Keele Springer! @ 1514 Park Road

"Hello Atlanta! I'm really happy that my buddy Nathan Keele Springer has helped me set up a reading at his house. And I'm happy to visit Atlanta from my home in Oakland to see old friends and meet a lot of locals! My little book "if you want to be one of them playing in the streets..." just came out and I'll have copies of it at the reading for cheap. Joining me will be local poets: Gina Myers, Laura Carter, Matthew Sherling, Michael Hessel-Mial and Nathan Keele Springer This will be a fun way to spend a Sunday night. Come if you can and invite all your friends. - Zack Haber"





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