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The Deer Bear Wolf Online Store officially launched today with a curated collection of some of our favorite artists. It features artists from the Deer Bear Wolf Magazine, such as Mike Germon, John Carroll, Kevin Griggs, Katie Troisi, and Amanda Locke, records from the bands that played the Deer Bear Wolf June Showcase, including Spirits and The Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse, artists that were at the Atlanta Zine Fest, including Troy Stains & Jason Travis, Brooke Hatfield, Allen Taylor, and Michika McClinton, and Burnaway's Interior book.

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The Deer Bear Wolf Pop-Up Shop will be at two different events this Saturday, June 28. First, we'll be at Argosy for the Summer Record Swap & Vintage Pop Up Market from noon to 5pm. Then that night we're sponsoring Missing, Presumed Dead: A Memorial for Gaspar LaBrada at the EARL presented by Goat Farm Outlands and Bang! Arts. Join WRITE CLUB Atlanta, Naked City, Vouched, Scene Missing, the Five Hundred, Ninja Puppet Productions and other titans of Atlanta's live literature scene in celebrating the life of Gaspar Allamande LaBrada.

Nomen Novum Lookalikes, which was named by Creative Loafing as one of "The 20 best and most-anticipated releases of 2014," is now available on tape cassette via Deer Bear Wolf Records, and the new On Holiday record is streaming in its entirety:




Previously in Atlanta,

Creative Loafing released their annual Music Issue, featuring pieces on Lilly and the Tigers, J-Live, Raury, Joe McGuinness, Dasher, Whores, Waking Astronomer, and more. 

AJC Decatur Book Festival announced its lineup, featuring Joyce Carol Oates, Wiley Cash, Natasha Trethewey, Louis Sullivan, Maggie Stiefvater, and more. 

Atlanta PlanIt posted a video of Forward Warrior, featuring Peter Ferrari, Molly Rose Freeman, and Laura Levy

Faun and a Pan Flute released their new self-titled record. 

Magicicada released his new record, Wrack with Ruin

Song Week released their second song, "Showin' It Off," featuring Gus Fernandez, Mitchell Hardage, Bo McAfee, and Jayson Nix

10th Letter released a song, "Blinding Silver Light" featuring. Brea, from the new album Corpus Animus Coming July 8th.

TanKorean released two records, Burn Paris and Instrument Of Conversation: The Viola

Caroline Cox interviewed artist Kevin Byrd.

Ill Poacher released a new song called "Lamps." 

Muriel Vega interviewed artist Jason Peters.

Jason Travis photographed the 2014 Atlanta Zine Fest.

Jessica Hunt interviewed artist Aubrey Longley-Cook.

The Dandyls released a video for “Only Love," from their new album Malia out July 2th.

DOUG released a video for "Modus Operandi."

Write Club Atlanta released their latest podcast, “A Heartbeat, Solid & Round," featuring Suzanne Van Atten and Jessica Handler.

And Kevin Griggs photographed the Deer Bear Wolf June Showcase at the EARL:

100 Watt Horse

100 Watt Horse

100 Watt Horse

100 Watt Horse

New Animal

New Animal

New Animal

New Animal

Nomen Novum

Nomen Novum

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children




Record of the Week: //☹.om by NO EYES

In the age of Dubstep, often times music categorized as Intelligent Dance Music isn't all that intelligent. But there are a plethora of artists doing exciting and experimental things with electronic music, and one of the best records this year to take a compelling approach to dance music is //☹.om by No Eyes, aka Seanny Georgie. Hauntingly beautiful soundscapes are juxtaposed by aggressive beats and avant-garde compositions, resulting in a perfect late night record. You can stream it below, and then catch No Eyes Tuesday (June 24) at the Mammal Gallery. 





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, June 23:


MASTODON Listening Party @ Fernbank Science Center

"MASTODON's new album, Once More 'Round The Sun, comes out June 24th. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Criminal Records is hosting a listening party WITH THE BAND at the Planetarium at the Fernbank Science Center the night before (Monday, June 23rd). Doors open at the Fernbank Science Center at 7:30pm. The planetarium program starts at 8:00pm. This special event requires a laminate pass for entry. To get a laminate, you will need to pre-order the upcoming album on CD and/or vinyl from Criminal Records (either in person at the store or online)."




"MTN ISL. BODYFATHER, The Liverhearts, Hot Wives. FREE EVENT"



Monday Night Soiree @ Under the Couch

"Free show on a Monday night! in order of appearance: Jared McGrath & Lisa Rossi Duet, Ben Nevis & Jacob Hunt, Anna Yancey Ballard, Noel Hart, Derek Liddell"




Tuesday, June 24:


Carapace Raconteurs: CRAZY LOVE @ Manuel's Tavern

"We’ve come up with a theme for the next show: CRAZY LOVE. Everybody's got a story for this one. Maybe yours centers on a daft ex-boyfriend/girlfriend … or an unstoppable passion (for anything: person, beast, inanimate object) that just doesn’t make sense … or a set of affections that are just insane in their intensity and cause you to undertake (how to say it?) irrational behavior. Bring the 5 to 7-minute goods Tuesday, June 24, to Manuel’s Tavern, 602 N. Highland at 7:30 p.m. Or just come to listen. Free, as always."



Feuding Fathers W/ No Eyes, Clothes and Suno Deko @ The Mammal Gallery

"Feuding Fathers (ATX) girl i just want to be your man tour at The Mammal Gallery w/ support NO EYES, Suno Deko, Clothes"



[DEATH SQUAD ] Kebbi Williams - Deantoni Parks - Kevin Scott @ Elliott St Pub

"Williams/Parks/Scott Trio // 10 - ? // Jam will follow // Free"



An evening of eclectic sound @ The Music Room

"In Sonitus Lux (, Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel (, Killick! ("



Speakeasy Presents: Weary Heads, Sons of Hippies, Imagination Head, 7 Deadly Daggers @ 529

"Speakeasy Promotions presents: Weary Heads, Sons of Hippies, Imagination Head and 7 Deadly Daggers (late night set)"




Wednesday, June 25:


Scene Missing: Harry Potter and the Previews Of Atlantazkaban @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"HARRY POTTER AND THE PREVIEWS OF ATLANTAZKABAN: Writing and Comedy Based on Harry Potter Movies. Featuring performances by: Jesse Price (, Cherith Fuller, Mauree Culberson, Paige Bowman, Ben Arnold, Joe M. Turner (, Larry Johnnson ( Open the window and let in that owl: have we got a message for you! After eleven long years living under its muggle aunt and uncle's stairs, Scene Missing returns with a magical show exploring the Harry Potter movies guaranteed to leave you ROWLING in the aisles! That's right, we're going McGonagALL IN and having seven of Atlanta's most talented wizards conjure up a variety of spells and incantations guaranteed to leave you writhing on the floor like someone hit you with a cruciatus curse, except you're laughing instead of experiencing incomprehensible nerve pain, so that's better! Seriously, you'll chuckle so much, they'll have to start calling you "The Boy Who Laughed." Warm yourselves up with a butterbeer and settle in for a night of performances that'll leave you saying "I wish I knew how to quidditch you." From writers to comedians to magicians (the real kind), this evening will have more variety than a box of Bertie Bott's but with 90% less snot flavor (not guaranteed). So what are you waiting for? Saddle up your hippogriffs, break your godfather out of Azkaban, and get ready for a Scene Missing so magical, you'll wish you could obliviate your memory and do it all again!"



Black Taxi w/ Vera Vera & Nobra Noma @ The EARL

Vera Vera and Nobra Noma host Brooklyn's Black Taxi




Thursday, June 26:


The Emperor and the Moon @ Big House On Ponce

"Saints of an Unnamed Country presents The Emperor and the Moon featuring performances by Cameron Stuart, Shitty Bedford, Gina Murdock, Alisa Mittin. An extravaganza combining Theater, Music and Dance with Puppets and Clowns! The Emperor, haunted by a recurring dream as he decays in his throne room, is attended on by his servant, Zanni the Clown. To keep his empire from crumbling, he summons the Moon through a window to elucidate his dream and thereby discover the identity of his fantasy interloper. Thursday June 26th, Friday June 27th, Saturday June 28th, Sunday June 29th. $10 at door / show starts at 9PM"



Loose Change Presents: Summer Issue Launch and Silent Reading Party @ Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

"Join us as Loose Change celebrates the online release of our new Summer Issue, Vol. 4.2, with our first Silent Reading Party. Have tons of good books on the shelf, but never find the time to crack their spines? Loose Change brings you the opportunity to share (mostly) silent contemplation, renew—or begin—your regular reading practice, and settle into someone else’s story for a change. Bring your own choice words—or grab a copy of Loose Change—and spend an hour reading in delicious, dedicated silence alongside your fellow lit-lovers. We'll turn the volume up on hour two for conversation, connection and a chance to chat up Loose Change contributors and staff."




Friday, June 27:


Opening Reception for Alejandro Aguilera | PATTERNS OF PROTEST @ SALTWORKS Contemporary Art

"SALTWORKS is pleased to present Patterns of Protest, new works on paper by Atlanta-based Cuban-born artist, Alejandro Aguilera. This is Aguilera’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The work will be on view at the White Provisions SALTWORKS space in suite A06 through July 26, 2014. Consisting of works created over the last two years, Patterns of Protest started in 2008 during the time of the global economic crisis. Aguilera began channelling the daily news events and depictions of large groups protesting into his drawings and studio practice. In these works, Aguilera embodies the mind of the journalist, painting cinematic scenes of the unfolding spectacle. The public arena is a place of improvisation, where the individual morphs into a potent force for change."



White Mystery | Dinos Boys | Zoners @ The EARL

Dinos Boys and Zoners host Chicago's White Mystery.



Migrant Worker, Rolling Nowhere and Lily & The Tigers @ Smith's Olde Bar

"Summer's here and Migrant Worker is coming back to Smith's Olde Bar for a great night of some of the best Americana Roots music in town. To start out the night one of the best acoustic acts in town Lily and the Tigers will get everyone settling into the wonderful summertime night with their soulful harmonies and heartfelt original songs. Friends Rolling Nowhere will be closing out the night with their blend of Psychedelic Junkyard Roots music like only they can."




Saturday, June 28:


Missing, Presumed Dead: A Memorial for Gaspar LaBrada @ The EARL

"What do you do when your friend, mentor, and greatest instigator disappears? You throw him a giant party, just like he would have wanted. Join WRITE CLUB Atlanta, Naked City, Vouched, Scene Missing, the Five Hundred, Ninja Puppet Productions and other titans of Atlanta's live literature scene in celebrating the life of Gaspar Allamande LaBrada. Missing, Presumed Dead: A Memorial for Gaspar LaBrada is a recipient of the Arts Investment Package (AIP). The Goat Farm’s AIP vehicle funds, produces & presents experimental & innovative works that “pattern-break” & excite new thinking. The Goat Farm’s Review Board recognizes that consistent vanguard arts programming contributes to Atlanta’s global relevancy."




"Come out with the family to explore and discover some nooks and crannies of Decatur you may have never seen before and find some Art by talented artists to adorn your walls.All organized by the folks involved in Free Art Friday Atlanta,the Decatur Arts Alliance and a slew of local artists will be involved. We have art in from Fishbone Art , Dorothy O'Connor Photography ,Sally Shelton ,#pixl_art , Decatur Glassblowing , Mindzai Creative (so far) and a few treats from these local businesses-Brick Store Pub, Java Monkey, Leon's Full Service , HomeGrown Decatur , Sweet Mellissa's , Decatur Arts Alliance , Euclid Avenue Yacht Club WonderRoot , Pure Station"



Little Tybee Tour Kickoff Show @ 529

"Little Tybee Tour Kickoff Show featuring New Madrid and Giant Giants!"



Nice Digs: A Tour of Art in Homes @ Dashboard Co-Op

"How do people in Atlanta incorporate art in their everyday lives. How does it become part of a home? Where are people buying it? How do poor kids afford it? Which artists are Atlanta collectors excited about? Who else has a collection? Can we see it?! Nice Digs, a one-day bus tour, will explore these ideas by visiting the very special -- often weird -- personal collections. Join us on June 28, as we visit the homes of Ann-Marie Manker, Louise Shaw & George King, Pastiche Lumumba & the Low Museum, and Neda Abghari."



Oddisee (w/ live band), Dillon, TALKNOISE, Illmont, DJ Dug Boogie @ The Basement

"Speakeasy Presents... Oddisee (w/ live band). Special guests: Dillon, Byron the Aquarius presents TALKNOISE, iLLmont, DJ Dug Boogie, Hosted by Fort Knox"



BUMMER SUMMER '14 @ 1490 Metropolitan Ave

"We are taking over a house in EAV for an old fashioned Summer party. We are doing it the only way we know how: We will be having a community yard sale in the front, and a full blown party in the back with with Food, Booze, and Slip n' Slides. Music Inside by: Swank Sinatra, Ganges Phalanges Wicked Pretty, Seagulls, The Joy Kills + more TBA Brought to you by Blood Drunk Records and Jabroni Productions. Starts at Noon. Party goes until it stops." 




Sunday, June 29:



"Hello all! It's time for round 2 of RITUALS///VICTUALS - a friendly little monthly potluck in Reynoldstown. WHITE GOLD - Emily Kempf, Billy Mitchell, and Andrew, SALSA CHEST - William Kennedy and Addison Adams, LADY BEARD - Chris Yonker and Brian Egan. Can't wait to see all your shining, happy faces ♥"



Cinephilia @ The Mammal Gallery

"Attention, Attention, Come to this months local film screening. Bring your friends and tell them to bring their friends. Please hangout afterwards and check out a feature that I can't name, but, it's french, the title means hate, its from the 90's and you won't be disappointed."




For daily updates on what's happening in Atlanta's art, music, and lit scenes, check out the Deer Bear Wolf Tumblr. To let us know about an event, email us at with "DBW Weekly" in the subject.