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Deer Bear Wolf is launching Natural Selection at the Goat Farm July 17th. Natural Selection is a monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. Natural Selection is hosted and co-curated by Elizabeth Jarrett.

Natural Selection Facebook Event Page




Recently in Atlanta,

Ill Poacher released a new song, "Trust." 

Vanessa Terrell interviewed producer, creative space-maker, and community curator Elizabeth Jarrett

Song Week released its latest song, "Heart of Spain," featuring Mitchell Hardage, Tim Kohler, Jay Howell, and Maddy Davis.

Jacket released a new song, "Juju," from an upcoming album called Bitch King.

Magicicada released a new song, "Glancing Off the Edges," from Wrack With Ruin.

Scene Missing released its latest podcast, "E.T. THE EXTRA-TRAILESTRIAL," featuring Joe Karg, Kevin Moreau, John Carroll, Keenan Burton, Dani Herd, and Jake Head.

And Kevin Griggs photographed Jungol's record release show at The EARL with deadCAT:























Videos of the Week: Little Tybee, Narrator, and Jungol


Little Tybee // "Don't Quit Your Day Job" at Doppler Studios


Narrator // "A Figure for the Lawn"


Jungol // "Fences" | indieATL Stages @ The Goat Farm for ATLFF 2014





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, June 30:


Ill Poacher /// Narrator /// Shampoo /// The Widest Smiling Faces @ The Mammal Gallery

"Ill Poacher I don't think they mean "ill" like the hip hop term "ill".... I don't think either one of these boys has ever even listened to hip hop. Maybe that thing Jay Z did with Linkin Park. Narrator is going on tour. Who told them they could leave Georgia? Who told them they could COME to Georgia in the first place? Was it Max? Kill-bot knows, but won't tell us until the Taco Conundrum has been resolved. Shampoo is not just for dogs anymore. Chandler said he would pay me 15 dollars to write something about his beard, but I'm nobody's whore. the Widest Smiling Faces is coming all the way down from New York to find himself on the road and reach transcendence. Or something like that."



Tomorrow's Month 06 - Tyler Ambrosius, SyBurnette's Time Capsule, Genesys Order, Clothes @ 1222 Crestwood Dr

"Tomorrow’s Month features eclectic live performances and visual art on the last day of every month in East Atl. Hosted by Clothes. At 1222 Crestwood Drive (the Bergamot House) TM06 will be featuring: Music from: (artists in no particular order) Tyler Ambrosius, SyBurnettes' Time Capsule, Genesys Order, Clothes + More TBA + Visual Artists + Alcohol"



Catch 23 • Atlanta's Friendliest Comedy Death Match @ The EARL

"3 Teams. 23 Minutes. 4 Rounds. Because nothing says "hilarious comedy" like a series of numbers. Catch 23 is an improvised Comedy Deathmatch. Three teams of improvisers battle it out in four rounds. They each have 23 minutes to use over the course of the night - no more; no less - with nothing but a 1 minute warning to guide them. Each scene is judged on a ten point scale with five points given by the audience and five by a hell judge. $5"




Tuesday, July 1:


Mammals Only: Open Mic @ The Mammal Gallery

"Mammal Gallery is hosting an open mic on the first Tuesday of every month! Come sing, dance, play, act, read, yell, put on a costume, get naked, laugh, share, listen! We hope that acts of all kinds will join us!"




Wednesday, July 2:



"Fister is a three piece doom metal band from St. Louis, Missouri. The band incorporates heavy influences from the black and death metal genres into a depressing sludge spewing heaviness that many have attempted, but few have mastered. Hawks is a band of four. We play shows that become parties. We tackle the toughest issues and tour so you don't have to. Enjoy our labors, make them the topic of your day. The dudes of Tilts have known each other a very long time. Long enough to be like brothers n' such. Features ex-members of Shame Club, Riddle of Steel, current members of Torche, and Blind Eyes among others. Crawl began Spring 2012 with a core trio of which have been past members of FULCI, Social Infestation, Molehill, Hog Mountin & Sons of God! Their initial rumblings comprised of immense detuned riffing and sociopathic chants alongside bulldozing sub frequencies and Neanderthal tar-pit beats, bringing together the drunken groove of classic southern rock and prime Sabbathian riffage with the bowel churning devastation of contemporary Doom Metal and sludge rock."



The Coltranes, Dasher, Uniform @ Drunken Unicorn

"The Coltranes - Top notch mutant music ( Dasher - Reindeer brunch goth ( Uniform - Local chobani ronnies"




Thursday, July 3:


July Threedom : Red Sea On The Roof @ The Secret Spot

"In the Name of Freedom : Fire at 8:30 Music at 10 Fireworks Randomly Come and Be Free. Donations for band who were recently denied access to Canada while on tour. At least they are Home Free."



 The Dandyls Album Release Party @ The Mammal Gallery

"Congratulations! The Dandyls, Atlanta's favorite post-9/11 no-irony hypnopunks are poised to release their long-awaited debut full-length, 'Malia.' The Mammal Gallery-- Atlanta's favorite candy-striped music venue--plays host to the evening with adventures and dancing with music. With: Ed Schrader's Music Beat-- Baltimore's favorite tempestuous floor tom/bass guitar duo. Shepherds-- Atlanta's favorite tempestuous floor tom/bass guitar/voxguitar trio Currency--Atlanta's favorite free-bop supergroup (featuring members of Faun and a Pan Flute, DeadCAT, Babar, and Currency) and then Atlanta's favorite post-disco electro-poponaut, Cousin Dan DJs the night into gyrating oblivion. so put the skateboard up and get serious with us because this is going to be a spectacular show. YOU WILL NEVER BE LONELY. Join us.



Blood Drunk Records' 'Merica Party @ The Music Room

"Blood Drunk Records and The Music Room are throwing a patriotic party celebrating this ridiculous place we call the USA. Dust off your eagle t-shirts and US flag shorts and make your way down to the Music Room on Edgewood for a night of all your favorite things: Pizza, Music, and Booze! Your ear holes will be filled with national pride as you're entertained by: DJ Wolf, Absence of Ocean, Hello Cobra, Swank Sinatra. So let's shoot fireworks from our eye-balls and do our best Bruce Springsteen impressions all night!"




Friday, July 4:


4th of July After-Party w/ DAMS, Fashion, and Bear Girl @ 529

"More fireworks, more music, lots of booze!! DAMS, Fashion, Bear Girl. 10pm, 21+ Donations at the door. Come get ratchet."




Saturday, July 5:


Legendary Children: IN HEAT @ The Mammal Gallery

"A hot + sweaty summer night featuring some of your favorite local artists serving you good ol' southern queer drag, installations, photos, film, drawings, performance, sexy go-go boys/slaves, music, dancing, + shameless innuendo! Mammal Gallery is letting us take over as we bring you a little something new from our LEGENDARY girls: Brigitte Bidet, Edie Cheezburger, Ellisorous Rex, Jai'Ne Van Michaels, Kryean Kally, Lavonia Elberton, Mo'Dest Volgare, + Violet Chachki. They've got some new tricks up their sleeves + are ready to show y'all what it means to be IN HEAT! Featuring Mixed Media By: Blane Bussey, Blake England, Jon Dean, Kevin O, Maggie Towe, Matthew Terrell, Sunni Johnson, Tomas Espinoza, +Sean Peterson. Upstairs will open at 8pm for a cocktail hour to give y'all a chance to see what we've been working on! Downstairs will open at 10pm where DJ VICKI POWELL will be spinning for us all night with a FULL BAR + some classic Show-Stopping Drag while we get you all hot and bothered! WEAR YOUR FETISH! Leather, rubber, fur, latex, candy, cake, cigarettes, cats, unicorns, or whatever gets you IN HEAT!"



Book of Colors w/ Streets of Laredo and The Hunts @ 529

"ATTENTION HUMANS: Come to this event and allow BOOK OF COLORS (among others) to apply sound-based vibrations to your tender human eardrums! All prior tests have yielded POSITIVE RESULTS!!!"




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