Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

This Saturday, June 14, Deer Bear Wolf has two big events. First, the Deer Bear Wolf Pop-Up Shop will be at the Atlanta Zine Fest. We'll have copies of the magazine, the new On Holiday record, the new Nomen Novum tapes, and more local goodies. After the fest, Deer Bear Wolf is taking over the EARL with our June Showcase, featuring Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse




Last week in Atlanta,

Gold-Bears released their second record, Dalliance

Song Week released their first single, "Got to Know," which features Tim Kohler, Mitchell Hardage, Maddy Davis, and Ashley Fowler

ATLMakers interviewed The Cottage's Luciano Giarrano.

Write Club released two podcasts in celebration of their 3rd Birthday (This Wednesday, June 11 at The Highland Inn), “The Allure of Art” featuring Rachel Pendergrass and Mauree Culberson, and an "Extra" featuring Johnny Drago

TWINS released the Love Is A Luxury 12-inch, a two-track EP co-released by Weiner's own CGI and Geographic North.

The Difference Machine released two new songs, "Vibration" and "Clocks."

Muriel Vega interviewed Georgia State University professor and artist Craig Dongoski.

tay0 released a new record called Back to the Source.

Soniah Kamal interviewed author Pearl Cleage.

The now defunct Back Pockets released a documentary called Magic Cloud.

And Kevin Griggs photographed Forward Warrior Cabbagetown:

Videos of the Week: Little Tybee // Red Bull Sound Select Presents Sounds of the City





Record of the Week: The 100 Watt Horse by 100 Watt Horse

With Wowser Bowser on hiatus, its members have turned their focus to various other projects, such as Dot.s and Breathers, and George Pettis' once solo project, 100 Watt Horse, has grown into a full band that now includes Maddy Davis, Anna Jeter, and Wowser Bowser's Jake Thomson. 100 Watt Horse's recently released debut EP showcases Pettis' sharp songwriting and ethereal voice in a much more minimalist setting, stripped of all of the electronic elements of Wowser Bowser. The result is a heartfelt and timeless collection of straightforward pop songs that pretty much any sort of music listener can enjoy.. You can stream The 100 Watt Horse below, and then catch them live Saturday night (June 14) at the Deer Bear Wolf June Showcase at the EARL





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, June 9:


The light returns to Snake Nation @ Elliott Street Deli & Pub

"Part of the Sounds from the Underground series, curated by Jacob Deaton, In Sonitus Lux will feature Jason Robert Elliott and be playing music from the forthcoming album Thundermoon. To be released on Stickfigure Recordings later this summer."




Tuesday, June 10:



"Join us for a benefit show for Clayton after his motorcycle wreck! He has been off of his feet for a while, but life goes on... And that includes bills! Come out and show him some love. Musical talents by Order of the owl, Hawks, Ron Mexico, and special guests WETBURGER. There will also be raffles, kissing booth, and good 'ole EARL fun. All proceeds go to Clayton!"




"june 10th / in the basement / at wonderroot / all ages / $8 / show is at 9pm / don't snooze on this one / quit yr job / ditch yr summer classes / divorce yr spouse / put kids up for adoption / sell the car and the house / you don't have to do any of those things just come and have a good time at the show / brought 2 u by irrelevant music and tight bros. network ♥ PLACES TO HIDE: (ATL), SWEARIN' (PA / NY), POTTY MOUTH: (MA), GOLD-BEARS: (ATL)."



Clay Rendering (Wolf Eyes), Twins, Lussuria, Dual Action, Anticipation @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"TWINS (the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner),  Anticipation (The latest project of DKA co-operator Chris Daresta (Roman Photos, Gold Painted Nails, African Grays)), Clay Rendering (Wolf Eyes, Hair Police), Lussuria, Dual Action."



Sheeba Darwin // What Moon Things (NYC) // Nobra Noma // Resst @ The Mammal Gallery

"Dales birthday show / 15 year anniversary playing drums. Come celebrate with us and kick your boring Tuesday up a notch!!!"




Wednesday, June 11:



"HANG ON TO YOUR SKULLS AND GIRD THEM LOINS, JERKS! WRITE CLUB ATLANTA IS TURNING THREE! THAT'S ONE MORE THAN LAST YEAR! BOOZE! SCREAMS! THAT FUZZY, FIGHTY FEELING YOU GET HOURS BEFORE A HANGOVER! THIS AND MORE CAN BE YOURS! DON'T BE A PINHEAD. GET HERE. WRITE CLUB is: 3 bouts of 2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas/ 7 minutes apiece/ Audience picks a winner/ Proceeds to charities of winners' choosing. This month: Rita Nicole Leslie (GUNS) v Johnny Drago (BUTTER,) Amber Nash (PEN) v Suehyla El-Attar (SWORD), Nick Tecosky (GOOD) v Myke Johns (BAD) v Casey Childers (UGLY)"



Weird Summer Music of 2014 @ The Mammal Gallery

"Horse Lords (Baltimore), 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, Currency, and Convergence."




"atlanta gazers assemble 4 lazy gazy night at 529 in east atlanta village / there will be music and drinks and boys and girls / don't be late / sweet dreamz and kisses y'all. TWIN STUDIES: (ATL), SEE THROUGH DRESSES: (NE), BEST FRIEND: (TN), MAMMABEAR: (ATL)."



2014 IMR Music Festival @ Atlanta, GA

"The 2014 IMR Music Festival will be one of Atlanta’s largest gathering of independent musicians and indie music fans with over 40 artists performing. The 2014 festival will take place in Atlanta, GA from June 11th through June 14th at newly owned and operated Music Room, Atlanta’s infamous Smith’s Olde Bar, and East Atlanta’s indie music favorite The Basement (under Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta). Lineup includes Quiet Company - Austin, TX, Driver Friendly - Austin, TX, CUSSES - Savannah, GA, Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun - Atlanta, GA, Radio Birds - Atlanta, GA, Tallows - Tulsa, OK, Cute Boots - Atlanta, GA,  Ployd - Atlanta, GA, Paper Lights - Atlanta, GA, Waking The Bates - Atlanta, GA, Skymatic - Atlanta, GA, Mammoth Indigo - Yorktown, VA, Detroit Mutant Radio - Atlanta, GA, Blue Bear - Austin, TX, Chapel - Carrolton, GA, Lines In The Sky - Nashville, TN, Wordsmith - Baltimore, MD, MIRA - Nashville, TN, Galynne - Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Heavy Mojo - Atlanta, GA, Pillage and Plunder - Atlanta, GA, DJ Wolf - Atlanta, GA, Eqo - Atlanta, GA, Absence of Ocean - Atlanta, GA, PROF ZERO - Atlanta, GA, Spines - Atlanta, GA,  Doesin - Atlanta, GA, Sealand -Atlanta, GA, Bear Girl - Atlanta, GA, Mixx Addix - Atlanta, GA, Hot Wives - Atlanta, GA, Edgewood Nasty - Atlanta, GA, Cinema Novo - Atlanta, GA, Hello Cobra - Atlanta, GA, FORCES - Atlanta, GA, Poison Coats - Atlanta, GA, Magnum Jackson - Atlanta, GA, Johnny Rebs - Atlanta, GA"




Thursday, June 12:


Flannery O'Connor Portrait Zine Release Party @ MINT

"If you’re a fan of Flannery O’Connor, amazing artists, and amazing artists making portraits of Flanney O’Connor, well, gird your brain-loins, because a good zine is about to be very easy to find. “Scale Highly Eccentric: A Zine of Flannery O’Connor Portraits” will be released as part of the Atlanta Zine Fest, and we’re celebrating with a profoundly excellent group of readers who will fill your ears with tales of ladies and toughness as we celebrate a Georgia girl who remains one of literature’s most acclaimed writers. ESTEEMED READERS Jolisa Brown, Carleigh Knight, Rachael Maddux, Kay Powell, Bobbin Wages, SPECIAL GUESTS. BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS ZINE? “Scale Highly Eccentric: A Zine of Flannery O’Connor Portraits” consists of portraits by 14 artists, whose mediums include everything from acrylic to cross stitch to custard. Basically, this is the Ocean's 11 of Flannery O’Connor portrait zines, and a portion of the profits will benefit the Flannery O’Connor – Andalusia Foundation, Inc. Can’t make this release party? Dry your tears and come see us at the Atlanta Zine Fest on Saturday, June 14! ESTEEMED ZINE ARTISTS Ashley Anderson, Rebecca Bowen, Jenifer Carter, Alvin Diec, Travis Ekmark, Christine Ernest, Brooke Hatfield, Yoonhwa Jang, Tori LaConsay, Elisabeth McNair, Dan Murdoch, Natalie Nelson, Emily Wallace, Lydia Walls."



IndieATL's 7th B-Day Party @ Star Community Bar

"We want to invite our friends to come party with us at Star Bar for our 7th birthday. Join us for the celebration on the evening of June 12th. It's free! Bands: RRest, New Animal, Cute Boots, Hip To Death."



Exposed : Humanity in Motion OPENING NIGHT! @ 7 Stages

"Liquid Sky and Paper Doll Militia present a contemporary Circus Show. Exposed takes an abstract and edgy look at the different aspects of emotion and experiences including defying convention, struggling relationships, and death. The show displays pieces of humanity in their raw, uninhibited form. What makes the show truly spectacular is that it takes place entirely in the air – every act within the show is on a different aerial apparatus, including aerial silks, chains, pole, and trapeze, and invented apparatus. Exposed: Humanity in Motion is an all-aerial contemporary circus show to take place at 7 Stages Mainstage June 12-15. Produced by Liquid Sky and Paper Doll Militia, the show features some of Atlanta’s most prominent aerial arts companies including the producing entities and The D’AIR project. Two national solo acts, Atlanta’s Lux Atl and Lauren Breunig from Temple, Arizona will also have feature pieces in the show. *This show is geared toward adults but suitable for children 6 & up. Date and Times: June 12 from 7 – 9pm June 14 from 2 – 4pm and 7 – 9pm June 13 from 7 – 9pm June 15 from 1 – 3pm and 5 – 7pm"



Misanthropia -- a performance piece by Charlie Watts @ Whitespace

"In his play, No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre famously states, "L'enfer, c'est les autres" or “Hell is other people.” All people, in their own way, have inflicted pain on others, whether by accident or intention. This life at times is swept into a repetitive cycle of hurt and hurting. In Misanthropia, visual and performing artist Charlie Watts invites the viewer to acknowledge this pain cycle by dripping candle wax on her body in sacred space. Does inflicting pain invite pleasure? Is there a way to break the cycle? Explore a consideration of pleasure in pain at WhiteSpace Gallery, on Thursday, June 12, 8:00 – 10:00 pm."



Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta Presents: JEFF the Brotherhood @ The EARL

"Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Atlanta is a monthly live music showcase featuring some of the South's hottest emerging artists. Throughout the year, the showcase will visit different career-launching Atlanta venues highlighting an exciting lineup of local acts. All proceeds go back to support the opening local bands that night. - JEFF the Brotherhood - Turf War - Small Reactions"




Friday, June 13:


I Hope Something Good Happens Release Party! @ 1390 McLendon Ave

"Yes, it's Friday the 13th. Yes, we all are hoping something good happens. And, yes, something good is indeed happening! Join us in the celebration for the release of Scott Daughtridge's new chapbook from Lame House Press. In addition to Scott, the night will feature readings by Brandi Wells, Adam Robinson, and Ajay Vishwanathan. And there will be drinks and fun to be had."



ADRON w/ 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra and Cicada Rhythm @ The EARL 

"Remember all those times you wanted to come see Adron but couldn't because it was a weekday show and you were like SOOOO tired that you couldn't leave the house, and you had homework for some stupid GSU liberal arts class, and your dog was sick with dengue fever, and you were hungover on a Tuesday and felt like total poop, and then you just forgot about it all together??? Now is your chance to come out and feel totally unencumbered by the unfortunate midweek doldrums and get your rumps in gear on a Friday night for some TOTALLY AWESOME SHIT!!! Adron will be joined by some of the biggest badasses anywhere, including Cicada Rhythm and 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra. So forget about whatever else you were going to do that's definitely NOT AS TOTALLY AWESOME and bring your butts and your friends butts and some strangers' butts to EAV on FRIDAY THE 13th!!"



Friday the 13th part XXIX @ 529

"Don't miss: Jeffrey Bützer and the Bicycle Eaters, MOONBASE, Bruce Joyner and Atomic Clocke, Book of Colors. The paltry $5 cover grants you ALL YOUR FONDEST WISHES. Don't say I never gave you nuthin'"




Saturday, June 14:


Atlanta Zine Fest 2014 @ Erikson Clock

"Presented by MASS Collective and the Atlanta Zine Library: A whole special day of interactive workshops, speakers and vendors! FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Speakers: "Deep Topics for Small Pockets: Using Zines to Discuss Death and Dying" (Alane Miles) "Zines and Street Art' (fill in the ___ committee, Ian Wells) "Intersectionality and Urban Culture" (Faces of Feminism, Jeanette Cervantes) "Support, Community and DIY Publishing" (Laura Relyea, panel) "Disability and DIY Spaces" (Sean Gray and Maria Sotnikova) "Candiactrick: How to Do Something without Being Noticed." Animals Guide to Suicide artist and publisher talk (Jennie Castillo and Unisa Asokan) Interactive Workshops (supplies provided by Binders!): Sketchbook Making (Estela Semeco) Drawing with Needle and Thread (Edie Gonzalez) Gel Transfer Prints (Ashley Anderson) Canvas Stretching (Peco Dory) VENDORS: Vouched Books • Saladaze • Judith Jones • Jeremy Alford • Becky Furey • Brooke Hatfield • Melody Thomas • Melted City • HydeATL • Zines by Octagon • Andy Hood • Gabrielle Velez • Darren & Michika • Rich Tommaso • Joe Tsambiras • Jeremiah McCleary • Abigail Carney • Maggie Lynn Negrete • POWER • Kat and Katherine • On Our Own Authority! Publishing • Paco and Sunny • That's Precious • 421 Atlanta • Berta Borukhov • Allyssa "Rocket-Power" Lewis • Evan Leggoe • Anatomic Air Press • Sodapop Printing Press • Free Cake for Every Creature • Delicia Williams • Maddie Fay • MegHasIssues • Publishing Genius • Strawberry Moon • Deer Bear Wolf • DEADRINGER • Charis Circle/Charis Books • Taylor Moon • Joshua Jarrett and Autumn James • Pioneers Press • Psychological Industries • Pink Nightmare Squad • Allen Taylor • Death Club Radio • Rookie • Classic Cult Grotesque • Persistent Midnight • Marcus Tanner • Ashley Anderson"



DEER BEAR WOLF June Showcase: Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse @ The EARL

"Deer Bear Wolf is proud to present Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Nomen Novum, New Animal, and 100 Watt Horse at the EARL Saturday, June 14. Come join us as we showcase four of Atlanta’s best musical acts."



SYNAESTHESIA II: Performed by the Color-Tone Drone Orchestra @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"The Goat Farm Arts Center is proud to present, Synaesthesia II: Performed by the Color-Tone Drone Orchestra, recipient of the Arts Investment Package (AIP). Synaesthesia II is a musical composition that will be performed by an orchestra of 25 guitarists on June 14th, 2014 at the Goat Farm in Goodson Yard. The guitarists, dubbed the Color-Tone Drone Orchestra, will be evenly separated into groups of five, and each group will be conducted by one of five globes of colored light. As a globe displays a color, each player in the group will strum a note indicated by the corresponding color-coded fret on his or her guitar. Each light will be programmed to represent one of five layers of the musical composition. Using this system of colorizing notes, prior knowledge of the composition is not required, and the group can effectively perform the piece with minimal practice, much like using traditional sheet music. However, unlike sheet music, the light cues are visible to the audience, which encourages spectators themselves to draw links between the sounds they hear and the colors they see. Opening performances by: CURRENCY & DUET FOR THEREMIN AND LAPSTEEL"



AZF After Party! feat. Dame Darcy, Tiger Moon, Stevie Dinner & Divine Interface @ Big House On Ponce

"The Big House On Ponce is proud to host the after party for the 2014 Atlanta Zine Fest! Confetti! Streamers! Zines! and bandz FEATURING: Dame Darcy, Tiger Moon. Stevie Dinner, & Divine Interface."



MTN ISL, mums, NERVOUS, M a k e u p SHOW @ The Mammal Gallery

"LINEUP: MTN ISL, NERVOUS (Oakland, CA), Mums, M a k e u p."




Sunday, June 15:


Hope For Agoldensummer & Book Club @ Eddie's Attic

"Ooooweee! We are so very excited to be playing at Eddie's Attic again and sharing the bill with Atlanta's own Book Club. We played with them last year and we now heart them a lot. This is a Sunday show, and so is a bit early. The food at Eddie's is great, so plan to eat supper there if you can!. - Hope For Agoldensummer"




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