Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, July 28:



"THE LOW MUSEUM, your favorite new art spot, is less new! We are turning 1 year old and throwing an art party in our honor! Some people you might know: Elaine Edenfield // Jane Garver // Clovice Holt Briana Hernandez // Alessandra Hoshor // Vision Kaushik Albert Lebron // Pastiche Lumumba // Theodore McLee Stephanie Pharr // Jordan Stubbs // Beau Torres ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We're cool enough to know 10PM is too early to kill a birthday party so we're encouraging all y'all to flock to Noni's Deli (located right around the corner on Edgewood Ave) for an ~~AFTER PARTY~~ (because they stay open til 2:30). Ulysses-Hellier and WAREHOUSE are playing and Kyle Sherrill shall be DJ-ing the night away."



Dottie: a night of solo comedy from loners and rebels @ Big House On Ponce

"This month's HOT #dottie lineup: Karen Cassady, Marc Farley, Nick Gibbons, Jenny Holden, Mark Kendall, Rob Lathan, Travis Overstreet, August Pollak, Tom Rittenhouse, Mike Schatz, Leslie Sharp and hosted by Rene Dellefont."




Tuesday, July 29:


Flannery O'Connor Portrait Zine x the Georgia Center for the Book @ Decatur Library

"The Georgia Center for the Book at DCPL and the Flannery O'Connor Portrait Zine are Wonder Twin activating an awesome night in the form of: readings! "Scale Highly Eccentric: A Zine of Flannery O’Connor Portraits" consists of portraits from 14 artists across a variety of mediums that span acrylic paint to cross stitch to custard. But soft! Six writers have each picked a portrait from the zine to write about, so get ready for the following people to blow your mind: Jared Dawson on art by Emily Wallace, Johnny Drago on art by Travis Ekmark, Brooke Hatfield on art by Alvin Diec, Amy Pence, Poetry on art by Rebecca Bowen, Laura Relyea on art by Yoonhwa Jang, Nicholas Tecosky on art by Elisabeth McNair."



Villain Family / the Vivants / Book of Colors @ The EARL

"Villain Family (ATL) the Villain Family is not your run of the mill band. Heavy on banjo, ukulele and country twang the Atlanta, GA group offers up bluegrass heavy on soul and with an indie sensibility. Chief songwriters Lawson Wright and Rachel Simpson use clever lyrics and catchy melodies on their debut album, Southern Lovers, putting together a batch of tunes that deal with life, relationships and manatees. The Vivants (San Francisco) Inspired by the energy of old-time dance tunes, honky-tonk country, and western swing, The Vivants play their own brand of American roots music, shining up dusty melodies with modern arrangements. The Vivants, feature stellar players, Emily Bonn on lead vocals and guitar, Jody Richardson on fiddle, tap dancing and vocals, James Touzel on upright bass and vocals, and Isaac Bonnell on piano accordion and vocals. Book of Colors (ATL) 1,000 genres come together to make one baby. With so many genes blending together it's hard to tell which parent the child resembles most, but she definitely has her mother's sass. That's for DAMN sure."




Wednesday, July 30:


Scene Missing: THE WRATHLANTA OF KHAN @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"THE WRATHLANTA OF KHAN: Writing And Comedy Based On Star Trek Movies. Featuring performances by: Bobbin Wages, Rob HaZe, Ellaree Yeagley, Eliot James Bronson, Paul Gallois, Felt Nerdy, Gina Rickicki. Scene Missing: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Highland Ballroom. Its one-hour mission: to explore strange new performances, to seek out new laughs and comedy observations, to boldly present the greatest writing, comedy, puppetry, and music in Atlanta—all based on the Star Trek movies!"



SIP • Sneak Preview // Episode 1: Sounds of the South @ {Poem88}

"Join us at Poem 88 for a glass and a sneak preview of Something in Particular's Episode 1: Sounds of the South. "Something in Particular" is a documentary series being filmed in the Southeast that chronicles the artists and musicians who are defining and driving creativity in the region today. The Southeast possesses its own style, history and culture – that something in particular that makes it unique. This documentary series aims to observe and pay tribute to the region, all while bringing attention to the need for visibility and funding of the arts in the South. Learn more about the project here: After the preview step outside to watch the outdoor screening of Muscle Shoals!"



Moodie Black, Wake, GREAT Scott, Kodac aka M80, DOUG @ 529

"Lineup: Moodie Black (Fake Four / Minneapolis), WAKE, G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT, Kodac aka M80 (Michigan), DOUG. Shaped and formed in the deserts of Arizona, Moodie Black pulled themselves from the dust, undaunted by criticism for their abrasive sound and controversial stage shows since 2004. Regarded as a legitimate pioneer of mood in a very small class of noise rap (Death Grips, BLACKIE, Dalek), the band's unorthodox approach to production, mixing, and live performance has begun to be recognized by the human masses. Outfitted with disembodied baby heads tethered to gold chains, Moodie Black is visceral, melodic, and of course devastatingly moody. The duo- fronted by menacing figure "K." (Chris Martinez) and backed by guitarist Sean Lindahl- have audiences anticipating Moodie Black's upcoming album, N A U S E A , the follow up to the critically acclaimed Sana Sana, and the first major release for the band."




Thursday, July 31:


100 Watt Horse/Cowboy Crisis National Tour Kick-off/Silly Hat Contest!!!!!!!!! @ The Mammal Gallery

"SMALL REACTIONS: There's an old old old Appalachian tune, older than the hills themselves, that goes like this: "Clintonnnnnn, oh little Clinton...get your hand out of that honey pot....Oh little Clinton stop forwarding those spam emails to me....Oh little baby girl Clinton you're probably going to get the flu soon because flu shots haven't been invented yet." Will Small Reactions play that song at this show? You bet your britches they will, probably a LOT like 12 or 13 times. 100 WATT HORSE - Just a bunch of god damn idiots. (and Anna Jeter) DEL VENICCI - Ross Politi doesn't seem to give a shit about my scary good Italian accent. Hey! It's-a Del Venicci! Babbiddy-Boobiddy! COWBOY CRISIS (from Asheville) - We found a little baby bird on the fourth of July and I named him Benjamin Franklin although no one called him that but me and was his Dad and Maddy was his mom and I was like the babysitter or Dad's friend from college or something and now where is that bird? None of us know. My guess is that he's in bird heaven, hopping around still not knowing how to fly. MOSES NESH - God help me I just can NOT resist putting Isaac on like every show I play. I can't get enough of his whole "I'm so quiet but I'm so talented" vibe, and yeah he really is just that good. I wanna be his guitar tech, and then his friend, then we'll mess around and casually hook up for a while, then that relationship will just sort of naturally end on good terms, and then we'll decide that we want to open up a Sandwich Shop and called it "George and Isaac's Pepperoni Factory."



Tomorrow's Month 07 - Genesys Order // Tyler Ambrosius x Omari Jazz // Chill Suffering (Adam Babar x John Gregg) // Clothes // The Dandyls @ Tomorrow's Month

Tomorrow’s Month features eclectic live performances and visual art on the last day of every month in East Atl. Hosted by Clothes. At 1222 Crestwood Drive (Bergamot Lounge/Crestwood/Tomorrow'sMonth/Clothes House) TM07 will be featuring: Music from: (artists in no particular order) Tyler Ambrosius x Omari Jazz, Chill Suffering (Adam Babar John Gregg), Genesys Order, Clothes, The Dandyls + Visual Artists + Alcohol"



FREE THURSDAY: Queen Killjoy/ Team Luis Present:The Icarus Project ATL: Jacket, Snowbride, Death Domain, and Goldyard!! @ Star Bar

"Queen Killjoy & Team Luis Present... The Icarus Project ATL Kick off show! featuring: Jacket: Snowbride: Death Domain: GOLDYARD: -------FREE!!!!---- ABOUT TIP: The Icarus Project is a radical mental health support network, online community, and alternative media project by and for people struggling with extreme emotional distress that often gets labeled as mental illness. We envision a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences rather than trying to fit our lives into a conventional framework. We believe these experiences are dangerous gifts needing cultivation and care, rather than diseases or disorders. By joining together as individuals and as a community, the intertwined threads of madness, creativity, and collaboration can inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world. Participation in The Icarus Project helps us overcome alienation and tap into the true potential that lies between brilliance and madness. Art and music can be safe outlets of expression and community-centered events can help foster communal healing."




Friday, August 1:



"Help celebrate our new space with us! Sculptures, videos, live DJs, lights, dancing, and other multitudes of merriment! John Beadles ART 6-10 PM + Cistercians of Festus and St. Charles + Surreal Ceramic Sculptures. Preston Girardot/Andy Imm DJ/VJ 10-1AM +DD∀WN+ Dancey Dark Wave Night (for all)"







Blair Crimmins and The Hookers TWO NIGHT Stand @ The EARL

"Special 2 day advance price of $15 here: Friday August 1: Blair Crimmins and The Hookers w/ Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands Saturday August 2: Blair Crimmins and The Hookers w/ The Royal Tinfoil"




Saturday, August 2:


"Continuum" new work by Sanithna Phansavanh and S. Patricia Patterson @ Beep Beep Gallery

""Continuum" is a collection of watercolors, painted by S. Patricia Patterson and Sanithna Phansavanh, that explores past, present, and future connections. For Patterson, it is a construction of memories from familial artifacts and nostalgia. For Phansavanh, it is a dissection of The Universe's matter and its metaphysical energy."



2013/2014 Leap Year Public Art Project @ 482 Edgewood Ave SE (New Fallen Arrows Space)

"As part of the 2013/2014 Leap Year program, the artists have completed a public art project that will travel to various venues in Atlanta. Each artist has crafted a light box with content loosely themed around the anniversary of the burning of Atlanta. This project was facilitated in part by Flux Projects and is supported by Fulton County Arts and Culture. Featuring: Ashley Anderson, Kelly Kristin Jones,  Vanessa Williams. The opening reception will be hosted at the first location, the new Fallen Arrows space located at 482 Edgewood Avenue (across from Sound Table). Future locations will be announced at a later date."



Jennifer Bonner's DOMESTIC HATS The Goat Farm Arts Center

"The Goat Farm Arts Center and Young Architects Forum present... DOMESTIC HATS: Jennifer Bonner Considers Misbehavior in Architecture Jennifer Bonner -James Templeton Kelly Prize Winner -YAF Emerging Voices Award Recipient -Georgia Tech professor -Harvard University graduate Exhibition: · 16 massing models distort roofing typologies -- · 10,000 sft exhibition footprint · Massive sculptural fulcrum · Misbehavior as a model for design practices · New “hats” for domestic dwellings (Free and Open to the Public) 15 mega-models and 1 super-mega-model will be scattered in a field condition throughout the large gallery space. (A field of odd shaped roof forms promote misbehavior in architecture—particularly at the roofline.) These proposed roofscapes rendered as white foam models lack materiality and respond directly to the research of local roof types displayed on adjoining gallery walls. + Announcement for the 48 Hour Design Competition winners by the Young Architects Forum of Atlanta, a program of the American Institute of Architects."



SHORE LEAVE // A Protean Revel @ Big House On Ponce

"A DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE FEATURING: VISUALS by PAIGE ADAIR ( SOUNDS by BØATING ( with: FAMILY STYLE HUSH PUPPIES with CAP’N HUSH PUPPIE SYNTHETIC TIDE POOLS (with REAL WATER) ON- and OFF-SHORE FELLOWSHIP AND MORE! ********************************************************************* Multimedia artist Paige Adair teams up with experimental music outfit Boating to offer a one-of-a-kind durational performance at The Big House. Visuals and sounds buoy attendees who are invited to commune with fellow psychonautical revelers while partaking in palm readings, noshing on hush puppies, and being transported by the winedark undulations of Adair’s videos and Boating’s tunes."




Sunday, August 3:


BABAR // The Feelers // Dog Bite // Shepherds @ The Mammal Gallery

"We got that music, we got that art, we got that competition!!! Please do not hold yourself back from one of the most Atlanta shows coming to you soon. [[[[[BAREFOOT GYPSY Presents: CHOPPING BLOCK]]]]] Hear delightful ditties from: BABAR The Feelers (The get down round-n-round #exclusive music) - - -[Too #exclusive for bandcamp/soundcloud]- - - Dog Bite Shepherds And if that pretty little head of yours is debating, well there's no time for waiting there's a whole slew of other things to be excited about. Fresh cuts, moving butts, and candies for your eye holes, and to see the full shebang of whats happening the main event link is down below."



7th Anniversary Show! @ 7 Stages

"For 7 years Syrens of the South has been bringing you the best in burlesque and variety performances from all over the world. We've had the pleasure of working with so many different performers over the years that it would take forever to list them all but we thank each and every one of them for being a part of this journey. This was a crazy dream that we were never sure would work and it did, mostly thanks to amazing collaborations with outstanding performers and the wonderful audience and fan base that has been there since the beginning. So if you're reading this, thank you, you helped make this possible."




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