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Recently in Atlanta,

GPB took over Georgia State college radio station WRAS 88.5FM's daytime programming, and Chad Radford asked members of the local music scene how it has affected them.

CommonCreativ ATL unveiled a new website and announced a 4th Anniversary Party August 9.

Living Walls announced their 2014 Conference August 13 - 17.

indieATL released its latest video, Biters performing "Oh Yeah" at The Goat Farm for ATLFF 2014. 

10th Letter released a second single, "Dragon Float," from his upcoming record Corpus Animus coming July 8.

Cave Bat released a debut record, Become The Sky

Muriel Vega interviewed Jen Soong of Roots City Market and SOMA Goods. 

Dan Weiskopf reviewed Dashboard Co-op’s “Nexus, Sexus, Plexus."

Sherri Caudell reviewed painter Carol John's latest exhibition.

The Cylinder's latest podcast featured Dust to Digital and Lonnie Holley

And Suno Deko released the first single, "Bluets," from the forthcoming Thrown Color EP, out on Stratosfear in July:





Record of the Week: Tesseract by Warehouse

Warehouse have made a name for themselves in the local music scene over the last year based on their lives shows, and now the first record of material finally surfaced this Fourth of July, as they gave away their debut, Tesseract, digitally, ahead of a tape and vinyl release slated for the fall. The album lives up to the promise of their stage magic, delivering a fantastic collection of timeless rock songs that are lively and accessible yet unique and artful. Listen and download what will no doubt be one of the best records to come out of the city this year:




Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, July 7:


Frankie Broyles, Twins, Feast of Violet, Tinniens @ The Mammal Gallery

Frankie Broyles (Deerhunter/Balkans), TWINS (Matt Weiner of Featureless Ghost), Feast of Violet (Allen Taylor of  Lotus Plaza/Mirror Mode) and Tinniens (Connecticut).



Naked City | ANNIVERSARY SHOW : 2 YEARS NAKED! | Push Push Theater & Film | THEME "SEXY SEX SEX" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH. ANNIVERSARY SHOW : 2 YEARS NAKED! "There's a million stories of "SEXY SEX SEX" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them." The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production. In The Warhorse Site: The What: Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. Theme: "SEXY SEX SEX." You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. Theme: "SEXY SEX SEX" We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do. If you go over 5, you need to spin the "Wheel of Consequences" If you go over 6 minutes, we boo you till you stop. All in love, of course. A bunch of you will get to sign up. It’s First Come, First Served, so try to get there early (8:00 pm). We spend the rest of the time shuckin’ and jivin’ for your amusement."




Tuesday, July 8:


Peaks @ Studio No. 7 | Bar + Lounge

"A solo exhibition featuring the work of Danielle Brutto. Danielle explores the phenomenon of land reaching toward the sky. Through painting mountains, she has digested a literal representation of this concept: studying and exploring apexes and peaks in the natural landscape. The results are paintings that move beyond the idyllic serenity of the representational mountain-scene and arrive at a more wild, fragmented, collaged, constructed and ultimately agitated image. Wine will be served compliments of Quality Spirits!"




Wednesday, July 9:


WRITE CLUB Atlanta Chapter 38: The Second Siege @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"READY YOUR TORCHES AND PUT ON YOUR YELLING CLOTHES, WE'RE LIGHTING THIS PLACE UP AGAIN! DRINKS! WORDS! PANDEMONIUM! IT'S WRITE CLUB ATLANTA! WRITE CLUB is: 3 bouts of 2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas/7 minutes apiece. Audience picks a winner. Proceeds to charities of winners' choosing. This month: Nick Tecosky (BOUND) vs. Cristin Conger (FREE), Carleigh Knight (NORTH) vs. Regina Bradley (SOUTH), Jon Carr (BROTHER) vs. Raymond Carr (BROTHER)."



glo and Paper-Cut Collaboration: gestures that soon will disappear. @ West End

"gestures that soon will disappear is a new suite of physical installations heightening the importance of human interaction with objects and intensely focused on the ritual of relational actions, pushing it to the forefront of a physically driven experience of dance, sculpture and storytelling. Exploring our body as a possibility for everything, the grace and nuance of the humble material paper, and elements of public participation, gestures that soon will disappear grapples with community empowerment and the perceptions of art and objects in public space vs. museum institutions. phase I: ROMANTIC BODY: OPENING historic West End Atlanta Wednesday, July 9 at 5pm migrating between Joseph Lowery an Wren's Nest (Culberson St), and anchored at Howell Park. directions to Howell Park: 938 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd."



Irrelevant Music Presents: GOLD-BEARS // CRYING // TOLD SLANT // BABES MOTEL @ The Mammal Gallery





Thursday, July 10:


Atlanta Fuck Yeah! Presents: LOUD NOISES Hosted by Noe Gonzalez - Featuring Stranger Candy, Vera Vera, W.I.C., & Bearknuckle @ Star Community Bar

"This is the first edition of Atlanta Fuck Yeah!'s free monthly concert series at Star Community Bar. We've got a bunch of groove based artists on deck to get your ass shaking and your feet doing that thing your feet do. Check it: Stranger Candy, VERA VERA, W.I.C., BearKnuckle. Noe Goldfarb Gonzalez will host the evening so that you don't have to feel too awkward about yourself. Also there's a bar, so loosen up, ya tightwad."



Marissa Nadler w/ Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel & Warning Light @ The EARL

Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel and Warning Light host Marissa Nadler.




Friday, July 11:


Project BlueBeam: Celestial transmissions from the Black Knight Satellite @ The 9 Ace Gallery

""Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.” This message, intercepted and decoded by a HAM radio operator in the 1960's was thought to have been transmitted by The Black Knight, a 13,000 year old satellite in polar orbit around the Earth, discovered and photographed in May 1960. Documented by NASA, Roscosmos, and even witnessed by Astronaut Gordon Cooper during his Mercury-Atlas 9 space flight. I have also intercepted these transmissions. "Project Bluebeam" explores the intersection of technology, faith, and mysticism drawing inspiration from the works of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, UFO lore, and religious kitsch. Please join me Friday, July 11th at The 9 Ace Gallery for a solo exhibition of decrypted messages from the cosmos. Wear your Sunday best. during The Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll -Kris Pilcher"



COMPANY XX - An Exhibition Supporting the Local Female Art Community @ The Mammal Gallery

"Company XX. Curated By Katie Dunkle. The exhibition “Company XX”, addresses the various forms of visual art created by the female hand. Though “Company XX” is not about feminism, it is about supporting the local female art community. The work collectively diffuses the idea that a show of all female artists does not have to have a feminist agenda, but is rather about group and individual expression. The show attempts to ask the question, what is the current amorphous and contemporary female zeitgeist of the southeast. Opening Reception: Friday July 11th 7p-11p"



Art Against the Wall: The Battle of Atlanta at 150 Gallery 72

"Guest curator and artist Radcliffe Bailey in conjunction with Atlanta Cyclorama presents an exhibition that examines the impact of the United States Civil War as it ripped families apart, united a country and abolished slavery. Art Against The Wallwill showcase thought-provoking art of artist Radcliffe Bailey as the nexus, and as well it will bring together an assemblage of artists to explore controversial themes related to the Civil War and its aftermath."



OPENING // Scott Ingram: Blue Collar Modernism @ The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

"Scott Ingram (b. 1968 in Drumright, Oklahoma) makes work that comments on art and architecture in human environments. Based in an American aesthetic, his range of art works include paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography as well as functional objects. Growing up in the Midwest, he was heavily influenced by the great modern architects of Chicago. Working for the Des Moines Art Center, Ingram developed an in-depth understanding of contemporary art within the context of architecture.Ingram has been exhibiting for more than 18 years and has been included in exhibitions around the United States as well as Spain and Canada. Most recently he exhibited at Solomon Projects, and Emily Amy Gallery in Atlanta and Anna Kustera Gallery in New York, as well as Florida Atlantic University and Auburn University. His work is collected by numerous private and corporate collections, as well as the High Museum of Art. In December, Ingram debuted a new installation of cinder blocks floating in a swimming pool for the NADA art fair during Miami Basel. Ingram lives, works and produces his work in Atlanta, GA."



KILLER MIKE + SLIMM CALHOUN + KONKRETE + LIL WILL + many more @ Star Community Bar

"Andrews Production presents Killer Mike / Slimm Calhoun, Konkrete/Lil Will aka Playboy Floyd, Miss CC LaFlor/ CO2 KC, Hosted by DJ AARIES & BLACKOWNED CBONE."



Abstracted Studies in Water: A Solo Exhibition by Sydney Daniel @ Sight+Sound Gallery

"Sight+Sound Gallery is hosting the first solo exhibition by Atlanta based visual artist Sydney Daniel. "The abstract images that I pull from researching and capturing these moments are completely new to me. After I analyze the images I have created, I discover images of life within these water based abstractions. After all the reflection of real life is consistent with water’s physical qualities." This event will have food and drink as well as a short artist talk and an opportunity for the audience to speak directly to the artist about her work. The exhibition will run for 6 weeks."



The Visitor Art show and Film screening @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"The Visitor -- a 2-night event: Friday night is an Art Exhibit and Sat night is the screening of the film The Visitor."



Concepts: Anything Goes @ APG Gallery

"Concepts is a juried show where ideas and process are considered and vision applauded. We've been Post-Apocalyptic, Outside the Frame and Over the Edge.....Now anything goes!!! Juror: Erica Jamison (Executive Director - Mint Gallery) PHOTOGRAPHERS: Alan Chimacoff, Annik Dhooghe, Caroline Rumley, David Underwood, Derek Faust, Juan Montenegro, John Sumner, Jordan Hefler, Justin Cordova, Mary Ann Powell, Matthew Rosenfeld, Meredith Ochoa, Michael Parvin, Patrick McColgan, Reis Birdwhistell, Russell Streur, Schoon/Lapillo, Sid Davis, Spencer Sloan, Stewart Brann, Tom Meiss."




Saturday, July 12:


Free Acid: Nest Egg / NEC 7" release party w/ The Ruination, Where.Are.We @ 529

"FREE ACID at the 529 Performances by Nest Egg and N.E.C. celebrating the release of their split 7" on Psych Army Intergalactic Records. Psych Army Deejays will play in between bands. Late night set from The Ruination. Opening set by Where.Are.We. Visuals by J. Smiley"



~~Hot summer night~~ @ The Mammal Gallery

"Akuyou, SexBBQ, Powerkompany, The Merry Go Rounds join forces at the Mammal Gallery."



Sharon Shapiro: Strawberry Letter 23 @ Poem 88

"Sharon Shapiro returns to Poem 88 for her second solo exhibition of luscious, sexy and provocative watercolors and works on panel. Frequently working from found imagery, film stills and fashion photography, Shapiro continues a long tradition of the study of the female form rigorously exploring ideas about beauty, objectification and sexual power beginning with Botticelli and extending to the Playboy pin-up. New to the work is an intentional doubling and/or blurring of the figure intended to illustrate the ongoing tension between the conflicted roles of women as both powerful sexual beings and sexual objects. This ambiguity also speaks to the illusory nature of the image derived from time-based media like film and television. The title of the exhibition, Strawberry Letter 23, comes from a Brothers Johnson recording from 1977 that, for curator Robin Bernat, captures the gorgeous complexity, soulfulness and glamor that Shapiro's work so deftly encapsulates. Shapiro says about her work: I am fascinated by the conflict between the inner and outer lives of human experience, between the self’s placid exterior and its churning, riotous core. Painting, I believe, is a good medium to both capture and illuminate this tension. The opening reception will be a collaboration between Poem 88 and Sumptuary: specialty drinks and 70s style dance party will set the mood."




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