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Sealions release their new EP, Number One Lover, on Deer Bear Wolf Records September 9, but you can get a copy of the album August 30 at the Sealions Release Show at the EARL with 100 Watt Horse and WhiteGold. Listen to the first single from Number One Lover, "Honey": 




The Deer Bear Wolf Pop-Up Shop will be at the GET CREATIV: CommonCreativ ATL's 4th anniversary party this Saturday at Mother between 7pm and 10pm. Come visit and help celebrate CommonCreativ ATL as they continue to unite and promote Atlanta's creative scene. 

Recently in Atlanta, 

WABE's Lit'cast released its latest podcast, Episode 9, featuring Nicholas Tecosky, and an extra podcast, highlighting the recent Scale Highly Eccentric Reading based on a Zine of Flannery O’Connor Portraits. 

Ethereal released a video for "Ground."

Shantih Shantih performed "Winter in September" for a Jam in the Van session.

Song Week relelased a new song called "Dollhouse," featuring Tim Kohler, Mitchell Hardage, Gus Fernandez, and Ashley Fowler.

Scott Daughtridge interviewed Matt DeBenedictis about the end of his chapbook press, Safety Third Enterprises. 

Treasure Fingers & BOSCO released a single called "Names."

Jessica Hunt interviewed Living Walls artist Mac Stewart.

Brea released a video for "Rivers."

Paul DeMerritt profiled 100 Watt Horse

Factory released a video for "Never There."

Sherri Caudell interviewed artist Molly Rose Freeman.

Small Reactions released a new EP, Hung From Wire.

Shampoo released a collection of demos. 

Del Venicci released a video for "Jungle Arms."

TWINS released a video for "The Empty Deep."

Floyd Hall has a conversation with writers Scott Daughtridge and Alex Gallo-Brown

And Kevin Griggs photographed Deer Bear Wolf's first Natural Selection variety show:

Elizabeth Jarrett

Elizabeth Jarrett

Joe Ennis

Joe Ennis

Rattler Snake

Rattler Snake

Kiki Blood

Kiki Blood















SONG PREMIERE: Pillage & Plunder // "Boogeyman"

Atlanta indie-prog trio Pillage & Plunder celebrate the release of their debut LP, The Show Must Go Wrong, with a performance at The Drunken Unicorn on Friday (Aug 8). Everyone in attendance will receive a free copy of the new album. Get a preview here with an exclusive premiere of "Boogeyman." The song comes in with sludgy frantic guitar riffs that weave their way around paranoid, fantastical Mike Patton-channeling vocals, dragging listeners down dark, twisting sonic hallways to destinations unknown.






Record of the Week: Faun and a Pan Flute by Faun and a Pan Flute

What started out as a quirky math-pop band has, through years of lineup changes and a steady descent down the rabbit hole, emerged as a behemoth avant-garde orchestra. Faun and a Pan Flute's self-titled record isn't technically a debut, but it's definitely the first recording to represent the current state of this supergroup collective of Atlanta's boldest and most forward-thinking musicians. They've sort of become The Wu-Tang Clan of Atlanta's experimental music scene, as each individual member of Faun has other projects, all of which are compelling on their own, but the sum total of their musical prowess has become a monster. With four songs coming it at nearly forty minutes, Faun and a Pan Flute is a challenging, inaccessible record, but it's also an immensely rewarding and impressive one for those brave enough to take the plunge into their bizarre and beautiful universe. You can stream the album below, and then catch them this Friday (August 8) at the Goat Farm for their 12" release on Mission Trips featuring a collaboration with artist Danielle Brutto


Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, August 4:


rituals//victuals vol. 4 @ 166 stovall st se

"rituals//victuals returns with more vibes for your tribes potluck, bring friends! 8pm. easily suede, elisa faires (asheville), divine circles (asheville), suno deko."



Naked City | Push Push Theater & Film | THEME "MADNESS" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH. "There's a million stories of "MADNESS" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them." The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production, In The Warhorse. Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts, show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. Theme:"MADNESS." We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do. If you go over 5, you need to spin the "Wheel of Consequences." If you go over 6 minutes, we boo you till you stop. All in love, of course."




Tuesday, August 5:


Special ALL FEMALE Mammals Only Open Mic @ The Mammal Gallery

"Join us at the Mammal Gallery on the first Tuesday of each month for our Mammals Only Open Mic! All acts welcome- come sing, dance, read, yell, twirl, share, listen.... This month's open mic will be a little bit different- We are featuring all female performers, to coincide with the all female art show, which will be closing on the night of the open mic. Tell all your fabulous lady friends to come out and show off their talents. Sign up starts at 8. Open mic starts at 9."



-Simon Joyner, Lily and the Tigers, Narrator- @ 529

"August 5th at the 529 Atlanta natives Narrator and Lily and the Tigers welcome Omaha legend Simon Joyner to our city. This is an evening you won't want to miss."



Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"It's time to exercise your literary muscles! Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino's cozy downstairs for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"




Wednesday, August 6:


New Junk City, Gold-Bears, The Hotels, Terminally Ill Babes @ 529

"August 6th, 529, FREE. New Junk City - , Gold-Bears - , The Hotels - , Terminally Ill Babes -"



The McNifficent 7 / R. Garcia Band / Hot Sauce and Honey @ The EARL

"Doors at 8:30. 9 PM - Hot Sauce & Honey. 10 PM - R.Garcia Band (R. Garcia and the Nerd Parade). 11 PM - The McNifficent 7."



Jerkagram (NY) + Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel + Hand Sand Hands + Mans Trash @ The Mammal Gallery

"Come join Jerkagram at The Mammal Gallery in the midst of a 10 week U.S. tour. Jerkagram , Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel , Hand Sand Hands , Mans Trash"




Thursday, August 7:


Steve Marquette Quintet & Jon Ciliberto @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Guitarist and composer Steve Marquette (b.1987) moved to Chicago in 2006 where he pursued his passion for music at Depaul University (BM ’10). There, he studied under Bob Palmieri and augmented his formal education by studying composition and improvisation with Ken Vandermark, Jeff Parker and Mars Williams. Since completing school Steve has been an active member of Chicago’s thriving free jazz and improvised music community where he regularly leads his own quintet and performs in groups including luminaries Jeb Bishop, Keefe Jackson, Steve Hunt, Guillermo Gregorio, Daniel Thatcher, Brian Sandstrom, Anton Hatwich, Jaimie Branch, Nick Mazzarella and Lucas Gillan. In addition to his Chicago collaborators, Steve has found creative ground with New Orleans musicians Brad Walker, Marcello Benetti, Jeff Albert and Jesse Morrow, comprising his latest quintet. A long time advocate of music education, Steve operates his own guitar studio. Jon Ciliberto is a musician, writer and illustrator from Atlanta, GA. He frequently works with small electronics and strings."



Starfighter, Factory, Del Venicci, Pete DeLorenzo @ Star Community Bar




Pleasure Curses // Dot.s // Skybison @ The Mammal Gallery

Dot.s and Skybison host DC's Pleasure Curses



The Left Field Experiment: Black Milk, Byron the Aquarius X Tyler Ambrosius, Illastrate & Friends @ 529

"The Left FIeld Experiment: Your monthly dosage of mind altering beats and psychedelic hip hop. Black Milk live MPC / Live Beat set., Byron The Aquarius X Tyler Ambrosius (Birmingham), Illastrate & Friends. Deejay sets by Dr. Conspiracy, Obeah, Divine Interface, Knumbskull, and The Morkestra. Hosted by DT. Dub Effects by SAUDE." 




Friday, August 8:


Faun and A Pan Flute + Magicicada + Danielle Brutto | Live Off Stage @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"A one-night experience between the local instrumental nonet and artist Danielle Brutto, a brand new Faun and Pan Flute 12" is released this evening by local label Mission Trips. ... magicicada joins --- live soundscape + extensive smoke machine. The collaboration between Brutto and Faun and a Pan Flute challenges the traditional music concert experience while simultaneously drawing parallels between visual and auditory processes. For this program, an 8x8 cube will be constructed out of window panels and placed in the middle of the room with Brutto painting transparency into an opaque art container alongside musicians and projected images of the artist and music working together in real time. Patrons will be encouraged to walk between music and art, the invitation provoking a more intimate interaction between the tension and energy inherent in improvisational collaborations. Long-running sound collage project of Christopher White, magicicada, joins Brutto and Faun."



808 Fest @ East Atlanta Village (The Basement / Union / 529)

"808 FEST 2014 will be the biggest 808 Fest yet. This year we will be working with the best three venues in East Atlanta Village. The Basement, Union EAV and 529 are all joining forces to present 3 different shows that all have one thing in common, the BASS. More specifically the 808 Bass that we all know and love. The Basement: Kilo Ali, Mighty High Coup, Baels, The Wheeler Boys, Speakerfoxxx, Sarah Sativa and Chevis, Cousin Dan and more! Union: Tomahawk Chop Squad w/ Taste Tester, HYDRABADD, Personal Trainer Dj, Hpntk, Official Swoop Gang, Lorenzo Linz Prag Best, Block Society, Adam Kaboom Hemphill and more! 529: Clan Destined, BiGREC, WAKE, OBEAH., iLLmont and more!"



SAVOR THE FLAVOR @ Nelson Street Gallery

"Nelson Street Gallery and Mad Clout Presents; A Showcase of 20+ years of The FS Crew's Aerosol Antics. AMOS, AXE, BASER, BUGS, CHISME, DIZO, DR. DAX, FAVES, HARSH, IREE, LACK, SAVE, SB1, SMASH74, WEB1 and Jona Cerwinske. Including a Celebration of the Art and Life of Bernie "OILER" Perez."



Pillage & Plunder, Clibber Jones Ensemble, Noel Stephen & The Darlings @ The Drunken Unicorn

"DOUBLE CD RELEASE + COMEBACK SHOW! Pillage & Plunder are releasing their debut LP, "The Show Must Go Wrong" (FREE COPY WITH ENTRY) . Clibber Jones Ensemble are releasing a brand new epic track, "I Am The Avalanche" (released by Blood Drunk Records) . Noel Stephen & the Darlings are making an awesome comeback show"




Saturday, August 9:


For The Record - A sQuish Art Show! @ Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery

"A solo art show featuring 100+ paintings by the Atlanta street artist, sQuish!"



GET CREATIV: CommonCreativ ATL's 4th anniversary party @ Mother

"CommonCreativ ATL has spent four years spotlighting Atlanta's creativity—now let's celebrate! + UPSTAIRS @ Mother ON EDGEWOOD + DJ BROOKE SPRICKMAN + RAFFLE PRIZES FROM LOCAL SHOPS + ARTISTS + #FAFATL ART DROPS + LIVE COLLAB DRAWINGS FROM LOCAL ARTISTS + Deer Bear Wolf POP-UP SHOP + NO COVER + CASH BAR Since 2010, CommonCreativ ATL has gone through a slew of changes. But the mission has remained the same: to unite and promote Atlanta’s creative community. We, along with a handful of contributors, have worked hard to spotlight locals who are making their mark on ATL through mediums such as photography, painting, sculpture and jewelry, as well as artistic organizations and art-centric events."




"THE GOAT FARM ARTS CENTER AND VOUCHED PRESENTS PUBLISHING GENIUS and a dramatic multimedia reading of How to Catch a Coyote, the new novel from Atlanta-born artist Christy Crutchfield. Featuring: Alex Gallo-Brown, Bruce Covey, Stephanie Dowda and Amy McDaniel reading as the Walker family, the four main characters from the book. The event will also feature a Q&A with Crutchfield and her publisher, Adam Robinson. How to Catch a Coyote is a nonlinear story about a fractured family. The Walkers, of North Carolina, must piece together an incident that exiled a daughter, separated parents and left a son to choose sides. Spanning decades, it’s a story of subversion, denial and deception. What happened, and how can they live with it? It asks the reader to participate in the telling and invest in the outcome."




"Hello Ocho:  a fun-loving sense of humor that remains tucked inside such songs as "Chili Cheese Connie," "MC Hammermill Greatest Hits," and even in the album's most evocative number, "Party On A Raincloud." The music is clearly evolving, and Hello Ocho's newer songs are all about drawing out a moment // DIP: DIP (n) new genre 1. All songs contain the word DIP 2. All beats go "boom diddy boom diddy boom" // The Convergence: The Convergence exists as a happening, as an improvisational vehicle that searches for a transcendence only achievable in the moment, both for the band and the audience. And so, although the band performs compositions as well as free improvisation, each show a unique form of the various compositions is explored. // Doesin: On a dark and stormy night in October 2012, three young men from Atlanta got together to play some music. After several hours of fruitless jamming, the exhausted trio fell into a deep sleep and all dreamed the same curious dream. In this dream, they were visited by a wizard named Doesin, who told them that "musician" was secretly another word for "magician", and that the songs they heard in their sleep were the beat to which the universe itself pulsed. When they awoke, they noticed that if they listened carefully, the songs they heard in their dream were still playing softly in the back of their heads! The trio promptly named themselves after the wizard and set out to restore peace, love and funkiness to the universe. This is that band, and these are those songs."



Jon Duff, Radical Sabbatical @ MINT

"MINT is pleased to present 'Radical Sabbatical,' an exhibition of new work from Jon Duff, the winner of our First Annual Juried Exhibition, 'Live Amateurs.' Duff received his MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012, and has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including at Scope Miami and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Opening Reception Saturday, August 9th, 7- 10pm"




"Seagulls - - ATL gruff pop punk // SEX BBQ - - ATL/Athens psych/surf rock // SHEHEHE - - Athens jet rock // Burners - - Insanely fast and thrashy alter ego of Bodyfather"



Snark Week: a scientifically valid variety show about sharks! @ Academy Theatre

"From the improv group Shark Party to actual lectures on sharks, this will be a fin filled evening for the benefit of Shark Advocates International! We hope your hunger for knowledge about our favorite cartilaginous carnivores is as strong as their hunger for fish! This show is brought to you by Rachel Pendergrass and the Dragon Con Science Track!"




Sunday, August 10:



"Hey all, come check out deez bands - - FREE PIZZA <<< boston, ma ( MANY MANSIONS <<< brooklyn, ny ( MONO LISA <<< atlanta, ga ( MAJID<<< + 1 or 2 more...."





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