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This Saturday night at the EARL, Sealions celebrate the release of their new album, Number One Lover, with 100 Watt Horse and WhiteGold. Number One Lover comes out September 9 on Deer Bear Wolf Records, but you can pick up an advanced copy at the show Saturday. 






Last week, Nomen Novum released a new single from his latest album, Lookalikes, avaiable on tape cassette via Deer Bear Wolf Records:





Last weekend, Kevin Griggs photographed Deer Bear Wolf Music Fest:

Tree Creature

Tree Creature



On Holiday

On Holiday



No Eyes

No Eyes





Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, August 25:


Dottie: a night of solo comedy from loners and rebels @ Big House On Ponce

"There are only two rules for Dottie: 1. you can't go over 5 minutes and 2. you can't do stand up. The resulting show is an indescribable, unforgettable happening. See for yourself. FEATURING Chris Blair, Rickey Boynton, Ian Custar, Nick Gibbons, Rob Lathan, Travis Overstreet, August J. Pollak, Gina Rickicki, Taylor Roy, Mike Schatz, Leslie Sharp and hosted by Nick Gibbons and Rob Lathan! All the acts are solo, but at Dottie, no one is ever alone."



RED SEA - DARTO - CRATER @ The Mammal Gallery

Red Sea and Crater host Seattle's Darto at the Mammal Gallery upstairs.



Crocodiles | SISU | Shantih Shantih @ 529

Shantih Shantih host California's Crocodiles and SISU




Tuesday, August 26:


Carapace Raconteurs: TURNING POINT @ Manuel's Tavern

"Put together a 5 to 7-minute story built around the moment when you knew ... the instant nothing was the same ... the flash realization that changed your future. Even if you only thought it would change your future, or if your future changed in a completely different way than you expected. That can be a good story too! Your sudden understanding. The epiphany that led to a turnabout. Your "why didn't I see this before" crux in love, or work, or car buying. We want to hear."



MAMMAL-OKE: karaoke @ The Mammal Gallery

"a night of karaoke, food, and fundraising DOORS, FOOD, AND DRINKS AT 7PM KARAOKE STARTS AT 8PM SPECIAL GUESTS TBA!!! $5 suggested donation (or bring a dish to share!) $10 all-you-can-drink beer and cocktails (while supplies last) All funds raised go to help Henry Detweiler attend a 12-week residency at the LungA School in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland this September! There will also be original art postcards available for purchase $10 ($12 if you want Henry to send you your postcard with a note from Iceland!)"




Wednesday, August 27:


Binary Boys//Del Venicci//Palm//Precious//plus comedy @ Sriracha House

"Sriracha House is proud to present PALM from NY. Palm (band) is one of my favorite bands out right now and you should see them BINARY BOYS Del Venicci PRECIOUS Big Neck Police side project See Big Neck Police this Friday somewhere 10:15 Precious 11:00 Del Venicci 11:45 Palm 12:30 Binary Boys Also, short sets from stand-up comics Dayne Swerdling and Ann Marie Lowman. Parks is Leaving Party Maybe lights programmed from Dip Lipski?"



Midnight Masses w/ Spirits And The Melchizedek Children and White Woods @ Drunken Unicorn

"K Productions is presenting: Midnight Masses (featuring members of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead), Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, WHITE WOODS."




Thursday, August 28:


Rizzudo (FINAL SHOW) w/ The Liverhearts & The Purkinje Shift @ The EARL

"Rizzudo is a band of three brothers all about 3 yrs apart in age. We formed around 2000 following the ending of Donald and Gills' ex-band called Plexorjet. We recorded and released a 7 song e.p. on moodwing records in 2002. We toured supporting our release playing shows up and down both east and west coasts including several midwest tours."



BEAR BABES BARE ALL: A HOUSEFIRE Reading @ Gold Gilded Parlor

"A rad one-night-only reading featuring Jamie Iredell, Laura Relyea, Parker Tettleton, and Riley Michael Parker, basking in the glow of the setting sun and baring their souls (and fangs) in the hopes to touch your innards (hearts/minds, mostly). Beer for sale, a specialty cocktail (whuuutttt?!?!?), poetry, fiction, and sexiness GUARANTEED."



Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta Presents: Shabazz Palaces @ The Basement at Graveyard Tavern

"Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Atlanta is a monthly live music showcase featuring some of the South's hottest emerging artists. Throughout the year, the showcase will visit different career-launching Atlanta venues highlighting an exciting lineup of local acts. All proceeds go back to support the opening local bands that night. - Shabazz Palaces - Al Lover - The Difference Machine - deadCAT"



Cute Boots + Joe Smith and the Going Concern + The Greater Vavoom @ Star Community Bar

"A night of FREE Americana, Rock 'n Roll and little Funk featuring: CUTE BOOTS ( JOE SMITH & THE GOING CONCERN ( THE GREATER VAVOOM ("



Clermont Lounge: The Joy Kills / Dasher / Neighbors (NYC) / Cheap Art @ The Clermont Lounge

"Fuck yeah, this is gonna be an awesome show! Brooklyn garage rockers, Neighbors, are coming down to Atlanta and gonna rock it at The Clermont Lounge? The only thing that would be better is watching strippers dance to some power violence tunes. Oh! Cheap Art is playing too - god bless America. Local Grunge Punk Divas - The Joy Kills The Oh So Dreamy - Dasher "Foggettaboutit" - The Neighbors Stripper Dance Pop - Cheap Art."



Much Ado About Nerddom II: A Geeky Variety Show @ Shakespeare Tavern

"Sigh no more, nerds, sigh no more! It's that time of year again! Dragon Con is coming, and the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse wants you to get into the spirit with a variety show devoted to all things geeky. This year we'll have returning favorites such as Write Club Atlanta, Three Quarter Ale, Ninja Puppet Productions, as well as magic by Matt Felten and burlesque by @Musee de Couer! We'll also be welcoming the fine folks at Scene Missing Magazine and The Imperial OPA to our stage! Once again, Dani Herd is your friendly neighborhood Spider-emcee."




Friday, August 29:


Periodically Live @ the art institute of Atlanta Decatur

"Eyedrum Periodically founding editor Colleen Payton and eXperimental Writer Asylum progenitor Unisa Asokan act as co-hosts for this evening of poetry, fiction, and stranger things out loud. All are welcome to share work, especially contributors to Eyedrum Periodically, Eyedrum’s year-old online arts/literary journal. This event, and all subsequent XWA 5 events, occurs in a new location and in conjunction with the surrounding and simultaneous Decatur Book Festival."



Imagination head, SEX BBQ, Dirty lungs @ The Basement

"AT THE BASEMENT, Aug 29 SEX BBQ, Imagination Head, and Dirty Lungs"



Irrelevant Music Presents: NARRATOR // BROTHERS // WOVEN IN @ WonderRoot

"friday night! friday night! friday night 3 bands for 5 bux (ain't a bad deal) doors at 9pm all ages welcome, y'all NARRATOR: (ATL) BROTHERS: (ATHENS/ATL) WOVEN IN: (ATL)"




Saturday, August 30:


Sealions Album Release w/ 100 Watt Horse & WhiteGold @ The EARL

"wordproductions presents: Sealions ( "Number One Lover" Album Release Show with 100 Watt Horse ( WhiteGold ("



Yell and Oates: WRITE CLUB Atlanta Tackles the Classics @ AJC Decatur Book Festival

"WCA returns to the country’s largest independent book festival to show these nerds how we throw down. This year we’ve taken some inspiration from DBF’s keynote speaker Joyce Carol Oates for our bouts: Black Girl/White Girl – Johnny Drago (WHITE) vs. Randy Osborne (BLACK) A Garden of Earthly Delights – Myke Johns (DELIGHT) vs. Mauree Culberson (DISMAY)"



421 Atlanta AJC Decatur Book Festival

"ALL DAY SATURDAY 8/30 AND SUNDAY 8/31: Hot hot 421 Atlanta merch at the hottest booth in town shared with Vouched Books and Publishing Genius. It's number 324-325. SATURDAY: 10am - Amy McDaniel moderates "Labor of Love: Running a Small Press" at the Marriott Conference Center Ballroom C. With Bruce Covey, Matt DeBenedictis, Amanda Mills, and Adam Robinson. 2:45pm - Amy McDaniel reads at the Local Poetry Stage 5:30pm -- Amy McDaniel reads totally different things at the "#WeLoveATL & Vouched Books: worth a thousand" event at the Decatur High School Stage. In conversation with photographs by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts."



#worthathousand: a collaborative reading from #weloveatl & Vouched Books @ AJC Decatur Book Festival

"Readings from Alex Gallo-Brown, Christina Lee, Amy McDaniel, and Thomas Wheatley /// Photography from Stephanie Calabrese, Wes Quarles, Jennifer Schwartz and David Voggenthaler"



♢♢ SLIME ♢ "Big Money Bug-Out" ♢ FEST ♢♢ @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"SATURDAY AUGUST 30. Ginko Gurgle, Twins, Suffer Dragon, KCB, MANS TRASH, Nows, The Sediment Club, Clothes, Suffer Bomb Damage, Cell Therapy, DJ Acura SUNDAY AUGUST 31. Tann Jones, magicicada, Mona Lisa, Boy Harsher, pamela_ and her sons, Tan Korean, Snowhead, Dubb Normal, Ramble Tamble."



The Ball for All Y'All @ Eddie's Attic

"The Bitter Southerner and the Decatur Book Festival team up to bring you a damn fine evening of entertainment, edification, and libation. Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA. Doors at 6, show at 7. $13. Advance tickets here. OUR COMBATANTS INCLUDE: Jeremy Maxwell (LIES) vs. Cory Byrom (TRUTH) Music by Caleb Caudle and many more guests to be announced! Y’all come!"




"~ A dynamic storyteller and vocal chameleon, Hammond sounds both timeless and modern. Years of vocal experimentation as a voice artist and poet, have bred a unique vocal style, an unbelievable range and an immersive live performance.~ Andrew plays backed by a three piece (guitar, bass, drums) or solo with a baritone ukulele and Roland keyboard. -- Poster image by Dash Artist, Baxter Crane -- Screen Print editions on on sale at Dash Gallery - available starting show night."




Sunday, August 31:


Colemania! @ The Mammal Gallery

"Performances in memory of Coleman Lewis by Cat Power, Opening Scum (Brian, Bill, & Will +?), Tenement Halls, Melts, the Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, Flap, Tijuana Hercules, Waits & Co., Debbey Richardson, Red Rainbow & more! Proceeds to benefit the Dury Lewis Scholarship Fund. $5, 18+. As with all shows at Mammal Gallery, this will be a non-smoking show."



Mood Rings, Part Time (Burger, Mexican Summer), Sea Lions (Slumberland, Burger) @ The EARL

"Forming (ca. 2009) from mists of solid-state polished chrome out of cavity closets, Mood Rings fought against the constraints of modern/shit desk programs to create a new name for themselves in the basements and damp sections of Atlanta. Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter Will Fussell stands, outlined in brick and neon, whispering faded tones into the busted echo box. The guitar tones resulting from his interactions with Tymb Gratz might remind you of a molded cassette of Felt or Durutti Column. The proceedings are grounded by the solid-without-oppressive rhythm section of Chris Alley (bass) and Peter Cauthorn (drums.) Meta-harmonies attributed by Seth Bolton (synth/guitar) careen through the balance to sensitize their compass. Mood Rings rip the captions off the stairs and explode moonlight panels with alcohol and mint. This is not political music. These are not ringtones. There is no mystery man in the plasma tent. The floor tom is the new kick. Don't forget the scale of mercury. - Bradford Cox"





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