Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

This Thursday night at the Mammal Gallery, Deer Bear Wolf releases the second issue of Deer Bear Wolf Magazine at the second edition of Natural Selection, The DBW monthly variety show. 

NATURAL SELECTION is a monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. 

Performances by:
Myke Johns and friends
Debra Cole
Aalborg Group
Kimyung Kim
Amy Stufflebeam

Featured Musical Guest: Small Reactions

Hosted By Elizabeth Jarrett

The quarterly printed magazine will be made available as a limited run of 250 copies and $20 a piece. The featured contributors to DEER BEAR WOLF (the magazine) include:

Deer Bear Wolf Magazine

Issue #2

Emily Kempf - Cover Art
Amy Stufflebeam - Prose
Michael Orr - Art
Caroline Cox - Interview with Kevin Byrd
Allen Taylor - Art
Laura Carter - Poetry
Moe Castro - Interview with Small Reactions
Kevin Griggs - Photography
Myke Johns - Prose
Muriel Vega - Interview with Marcy Starz
Alex Gallo-Brown - Poetry
sQuish - Art
Debra Cole - Prose
Amanda Locke - Satirical Advertisements
Brian Egan - Magazine Design and Art

DEER BEAR WOLF | NATURAL SELECTION | Magazine #2 Release Party

Recommended shows and events this week:

Monday, September 1:

Naked City | Push Push Theater & Film | THEME "REVOLUTION" @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"1st MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH "There's a million stories of "REVOLUTION" in the Naked City...maybe you're one of them" The Goat Farm Presents "Naked City" A Push Push Theater & Film Production. Naked City is a monthly, crowd-sourced, literary performance variety show. Your humble hosts show up with prizes, games, bits, snappy banter and a theme. Theme:"REVOLUTION" You, the Citizens, show up with spoken word pieces, stories, songs, poems, extemporaneous monologues, comedy routines, interpretive dances or whatever the Hell else you want to do that ties into our theme. Theme:"REVOLUTION" We give you 5 minutes on the mic to do whatever it is you’re gonna do. If you go over 5, you need to spin the "Wheel of Consequences" If you go over 6 minutes, we boo you till you stop. All in love, of course A bunch of you will get to sign up. It’s First Come, First Served, so try to get there early (8:00 pm). We spend the rest of the time shuckin’ and jivin’ for your amusement."

Taste Tester, Grey People (Proper Trax/CGI), TWINS (CGI/DKA), C Powers (CGI) @ 529

"Hunger ATL is eager to host you once again. Like a duck calm above the surface, our lil webbed feet are paddling like hell below the calm ripples above. Expect a lively crew and an exciting atmosphere poppin off like a Williamsburg pot luck on a sunday. What more could you ask for? SYNTHS!"

Tuesday, September 2:

MAMMALS ONLY. Open Mic !!!!SUPER SPECIAL SUMMER CHILL!!!!!!!!! @ The Mammal Gallery

"Come to The Mammal Gallery on the first Tuesday of each month for the Mammals Only Open Mic! Come sing, read, dance, twirl, laugh, listen, share... **SUPER COOL END OF SUMMER PARTY** Cool stuff like pool toys and babes in bikinis and sunglasses bro! Fruity drinks! Popsicles! If you do an original performance that you write about summer, Suzanne will buy you a drink! WOAH! Feel free to bring your favorite inner-tube to chill out in."

Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino's cozy downstairs for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"

Wednesday, September 3:


"•Landlady• Adam Schatz's most precious new born and NPR's most favorite band ever. •Faun and a Pan Flute• Atlanta's most fun band name to pronounce. Nine dudes hugging a lot and making jokes and playing music sometimes also. •Gage Gilmore• The fat and meaty bottom of DeadCat. Solo compositions on the space bass."

STARFIGHTER | Black Linen | Brawful @ The EARL

"Starfighter delivers high energy rock and roll wrapped in tight little pop nuggets, taunting you with sarcastic and seductive melodies, daring you to join in on the fun. This Atlanta-based foursome boasts members from some longtime local favorites, including Elevado, Skin Jobs and Untied States. // Though the founders of Black Linen, Randy Michael and Pietro DiGennaro, are perhaps best known as ex-members of the Booze, their new band is chasing a different set of sounds from the 1960s. Michael has described the sound of the duo's recordings, on which DiGennaro drums and he plays everything else, as being inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino. While the Booze's music was often compared to the Rolling Stones, and shared the British Invasion's soul and blues influences, Tarantino soundtracks have given further exposure to other rock subgenres from the same era, ranging from surf guitar legend Dick Dale to retro-leaning modern acts like Francophile songbird April March. // Brawful: Atlanta's tricky situation that wants to kick your ass. Let's party. Dump 'em out."

Thursday, September 4:

DEER BEAR WOLF | NATURAL SELECTION | Magazine #2 Release Party @ The Mammal Gallery

"Deer Bear Wolf is proud to announce the second edition of its magazine along with the second installment of NATURAL SELECTION, its monthly variety show. One part store, one part record label, one part small press, one part magazine, and Thursday September 4th will be a celebration of “seconds” so-to-speak. Deer Bear Wolf's // NATURAL SELECTION = Monthly variety show featuring a multitude of Atlanta performers in literature, music, comedy, theatre, film, and performance art. The purpose of Natural Selection is to showcase a diverse, curated group of Atlanta artists across different mediums in one space. Each month will exhibit an assortment of performers with one musical guest, rotating between different venues throughout the city. Performances by: Myke Johns and friends, Debra Cole, Aalborg Group, Kimyung Kim, Amy Stufflebeam, Ladybeard. Featured Musical Guest: Small Reactions. Hosted By Elizabeth Jarrett."

Barreracudas | Apache | Fletcher C. Johnson | Dancer @ The EARL

"Weekends at Bernie's. Everyday. Fiesta Foreva."

hymHouse @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

"Opening Reception September 4th, 7 – 10 PM. This September Atlanta’s Eyedrum Gallery will host a month long exhibition called hymHouse curated by Onur Topal-Sümer, Stephanie Pharr, Martha Whittington. Originally inspired by Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro’s WomanHouse, the show will explore contemporary women’s issues featuring works in a broad range of media including: performance, dance, installation, mixed media, sculpture and more. HymHouse is organized around themes of social roles, personal experience, identity, and art as political and spiritual activism. Throughout the month of September Eyedrum and hymHouse will honor 11 Atlanta based artists including Lisa Alembik, Jessica Caldas, Andrea J Catchings, Seasant Chen, Juana Farfan, Andre Keichian, Iman Person, Stephanie Pharr, Lori Teague, Onur Topal-Sümer, and Xee Xee Bow Dong. With several performances, panel discussions and sideshows, Eyedrum hopes to build an event that encourages dialogue and creates space to acknowledge the diversity of what is feminist art."

Friday, September 5:


"THE GOAT FARM ARTS CENTER PRESENTS MINT'S LEAP YEAR FINAL EXHIBITION OF 2013/2014 ARTISTS Opening on Friday September 5th with works by LEAP YEAR artists: Ashley Anderson, Kelly Kristin Jones, Vanessa Williams. MINT is a non-profit organization and gallery space in Atlanta that aims to provide a networking conduit for Georgia artists. Leap Year is MINT’s year-long mentorship program for emerging artists. This year’s artists, Ashley Anderson, Kelly Kristin Jones and Vanessa Williams, will present their work and experience at this year’s Leap Year Final Exhibit at The Goat Farm’s Erikson Clock. The opening will be from 7 to 10pm."

"Juvenitive 3" Book Release @ Beep Beep Gallery

"We're proud to host Jason Murphy's upcoming book release for his third issue of Juvenitive. In addition to Juvenitive 3 Murphy will be selling issues of Juvenitive 1 & 2, a limited edition of 10 risograph prints made especially for beep beep patrons, and various small one color risograph prints."

Ex Somnium's Open Letters:  A Night of Awkward Letters, Chain Emails, and Regretful Text Messages @ Big House On Ponce

"We are always having so much fun performing that we just can't keep it to ourselves. Open Letters is an open mic night. Come loaded with your old letters, found letters, text conversations, e-mails, angsty youthful diary entries, Live Journal entries (you know you still have that account) and share them with the class. Stories of love, loss, embarrassment, mistakes, personal history, or struggle. Audience members will be chosen at random to read/perform for up to 5 minutes in the laid back air of The Big House's Back House. Musical Interludes to facilitate beer breaks, care of Verge Bliss. (The Past is always made easier to bare with beer breaks.)"

YVETTE, The NEC, Magicicada @ 529

The NEC and Magicicada host Brooklyn's YVETTE.

Saturday, September 6:

JORTSFEST 2014 @ Under the Couch

"ALWAYS FREE // ALWAYS ALL AGES // ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE SEX BBQ Muuy Biien The Merry Go Rounds Word Travels Fast Surrogates Man Up Yancey Rookie Move Pallow The Marrows Antbrain exStellarator Shelf Life Techy garage emo stuff. No music up, but we promise they're good."

Sense of Self closing reception @ The Arts Exchange

"Sense of Self will close at The Arts Exchange on Saturday, September 6th. Join us for a casual reception between 1 and 5 with an artist talk and studio visit by one of the artists, Elyse Defoor. Read more about the show: Sense of Self features the work of six artists: Elaine Alibrandi, Elyse Defoor, Elnaz Javani, Kelly Kristin Jones, Grace Needlman, and Iman Person. Through diverse mediums the artists explore the impacts of society, culture, and community on identity and varying ideas of womanhood. Each artist approaches these themes differently, whether exploring their own relationship to the world outside themselves, a specific community's concept of womanhood, or observing general perceptions on the idea of women."

For daily updates on what's happening in Atlanta's art, music, and lit scenes, check out the Deer Bear Wolf Tumblr. To let us know about an event, email us at with "DBW Weekly" in the subject.