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Next week, Deer Bear Wolf Records releases its fourth album this year, Tantrum's XYO. The record comes out Tuesday, September 23 on CD and tape cassette, but you can pick it up a day earlier at the release show at 529 Monday, September 22 with Highlander, Nomen Novum, and Love Inks. 

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Deer Bear Wolf Magazine Issue #2 is now available for purchase online. 

Emily Kempf - Cover Art
Amy Stufflebeam - Prose
Michael Orr - Art
Caroline Cox - Interview with Kevin Byrd
Allen Taylor - Art
Laura Carter - Poetry
Moe Castro - Interview with Small Reactions
Kevin Griggs - Photography
Myke Johns - Prose
Muriel Vega - Interview with Marcy Starz
Alex Gallo-Brown - Poetry
sQuish - Art
Debra Cole - Prose
Amanda Locke - Satirical Advertisements
Brian Egan - Magazine Design and Art

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Sealions' new EP, Number One Lover, came out last week on Deer Bear Wolf Records. You can stream the record below, and then purchase it in vinyl, CD, tape cassette, or digital.

Nomen Novum's Lookalikes, released earlier this year on tape cassette via Deer Bear Wolf Records, is now available digitally for whatever price you'd like. Give it a listen and then download a copy.





Kevin Griggs photographed this month's Natural Selection variety show/ Deer Bear Wolf Magazine Release Party:




Amy Stufflebeam

Amy Stufflebeam

Debra Cole

Debra Cole

Aalborg Group

Aalborg Group

Myke Johns and Friends

Myke Johns and Friends

Small Reactions

Small Reactions





Video of the Week: Jungol // "Foofaraw"


On July 17 2014 Jungol performed their one time performance piece FOOFARAW at the Goat Farm in Atlanta GA for the Deer Bear Wolf Variety show. Many talented friends helped to make this show a reality. All these brilliant humans are listed below. Ethan Gabriel Jack, Rachel Rarick, Matt Maher, Sam Harrison, Hunter Pietrobon, Parks Miller, Jeremy Dollar, Josh Yoder, Graham Yoder, Mark Garretson, Andres Miller. Video: Filmed by Raymond Chang and Nick Bach. Edited by Josh Yoder. Projection Video: Edited by Josh Yoder. Filmed by Nick Bach, Bill Worley, Andrew Ross, Christopher Gill.






Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, September 15:


rituals//victual vol. 5 @ 166 Stovall St SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30316

"spirits and the melchizedek children (solo), bois, suno deko . ~THIS WILL BE THE LAST RITUALS//VICTUALS OF 2014~ lush plush blush for your tush music choose it make sex a landscape sects in your sextape scrapes in your inner state breaks you like a kit kat bar skit skat sk'doobie come to this show thing. spirits doin a hot solo set, you will melt and prob not reconstitute. bois from new orleans bringing his insanely gorgeous music to your consciousness. snore-o deko makin u snooze, also this is a tour kick of show i'm going on tour for 6 weeks okaaayyyy come, bring a dish, since you yourself, are, a dish."



The Ruination, Sun Araw, Weyes Blood, D/P/I, Party Party Partners @ 529

"The Ruination (late night set), Sun Araw, Weyes Blood, D/P/I (DJ Purple Image), Party Party Partners Monday September 15th at 529. No set cover charge, but we think the show is worth about $10 per person, so keeping that in mind, pay whatever you can. Brought to you by Speakeasy and Tight Bros. SUN ARAW (Drag City, Not Not Fun, Woodsist) SoCal seeker Cameron Stallones is a founder of the experimental psychedelic rock collective Magic Lantern, but his work as Sun Araw goes beyond the galaxy of psychedelia to a cosmos whose planets drip with a primordial ooze of dub, desert rock, raga, Afrobeat and free jazz. Last year he headed down to Jamaica to record a sort of psychedelic gospel album with roots reggae legends The Congos, but his solo work, perhaps buoyed by a puff of doobage, should elevate you to that ‘higher ground’ you’ve heard so much about. WEYES BLOOD (Mexican Summer, Not Not Fun) Weyes Blood is the mysterious ghost folk project of Natalie Mering, (former member of Jackie-O Motherfucker). Weaving sound textures with delicate folk songs, Weyes Blood is truly bridge music, combining the sonic influences of tape experimentation with the ancient art of song. In one way, it reminds you of Feist, or a grown-up Vashti Bunyan, or a less dramatic Kate Bush. In another, it's unlike anything you've heard. Everything in her less-than-ordinary life has fed into an extraordinary piece of music. Her voice is singular and timeless, unadorned yet soulful and penetrating."



Drunk Critique No. 5 @ The Low Museum

"We're back with another another! OUR DRUNK CRITIQUES ARE NOW ALWAYS ON THE THIRD MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH HOW REGULAR. Join THE LOW MUSEUM for an informal evening of drinks and constructive discussion about your art peers' artwork! Contact us if you are interested in showing off your work so we can save you a spot. It's best to show pieces from an ongoing project. We have a projector, so you can show digital images! Do a performance or something! Whatever yo! Hey y'all hey y'all! You do not have to show work to participate! You don't even have to be an artist to come what! BYOB but we'll probably have a full rainbow of jello shots again again."



Tuesday, September 16:


Mahogany, Brainworlds, Feast of Violet, Docteur Faust @The Mammal Gallery

Brainworlds and Feast of Violet host Mahogany.



Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Java Vino

"Join our last meeting at Java Vino before we boldly take on the arduous journey across the street to Manuel's Tavern next month... Bring a piece you've written (less than 2000 words) that you want critiqued to Java Vino's cozy downstairs for insightful feedback, coffee, wine, and excellent company. You don't have to bring your writing to participate, but it's always more fun if you do!"




Wednesday, September 17:


LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION  | The Locksmyth | Factory @ The EARL

The Locksmyth (featuring members of Jungol, Gun Party, and A The Color) and Factory host Leopold and His Fiction.




Thursday, September 18:



"AXXA/ABRAXAS: Axxa/Abraxas is the music and art project of Ben Asbury, a 23 year old from outside Atlanta, GA. His experiences as a record collector and music obsessive from a very young age (“I got into punk in the third grade”) are easily evident in his debut release. Going full circle from being introduced to 60′s pop as a kid, through his foray into punk rock at an early age, into post-rock and Elephant Six indie, right back into 60′s Psychedelia, Ben has honed his influences (Neil Young, Television Personalities, ‘Elevators, The ‘Dead, Olivia Tremor Control) into a cohesive blend to adapt his own take on psych-influenced art-pop. Michael Myerz: Michael Myerz is the word magician from Roswell GA but is an ATL local Hip-Hop artist. His origin is weird enough, the fact that his dad's name is Freddy, his brothers is Jason and he is Michael is pretty gnarlysauce but it's even weirder that he is related to Jamie Lee Curtis who is in the original Halloween. You can't script that. Myerz is known for his absurd metaphors, pop culture references and whacky beats. He has been playing a lot of shows in the Atlanta area and will continue to make heads fall off and roll like pumpkins. He just released his new album "Rawzwell" and is releasing yet another album in August titled "The Many Masks Of Myerz" he is a prolific bastard! Damocles: Damocles is an experimental electronic producer hailing out of Atlanta, GA. With countless hours of video game soundtracks and movie scores drilled into his head, he makes a blend of beats and ambiance that anyone can zone in to. With four years of production under his belt and an already innumerable amount of tracks, the feel of each Damocles release changes every time. Couchsurfer, his most recent release, is a laid-back summers day. His upcoming release, Echolalia (out July 2014), leaves you feeling like full of energy and relaxed at the same time.""



team luis presents: EASY BEAT, R¢HIE (Nashville), COMA GIRLS, ONER! FREE SHOW! @ Star Community Bar




Eyedrum's Writers Exchange | GF Presents @ Eyedrum

"Eyedrum's Writers Exchange allows writers to share work aloud for 10 minutes and get impressions, observations and analysis from other writers for 5 minutes. All genres and disciplines are welcome. Both inexperienced as well as practiced writers are encouraged to attend. It's an opportunity to connect with other Atlanta writers and experiment with different voices and genres."




Friday, September 19:


Kickstarter Backer Party! ADRON/ POWERKOMPANY/ CHRIS CHILDS @ The Mammal Gallery

"Its finally here! we're proud to announce our Kickstarter Backer appreciation party. This event is to celebrate all you fine folks that believed in us and helped us make our dream come true. Because of you we've been able to make tons of improvements on our building and we want you to come check out what we've done and entertain you for a night with beautiful music by: <><><> ADRON <><><> POWERKOMPANY CHRIS CHILDS Doors @ 8pm Bands Around 9pm If you donated $25 or more to our Kickstarer you get in free with a +1. if you didn't donate thats ok it's not to late. entry will be $25 to match the other donors."



"Shining Moments" new work by Jason R. Butcher @ Beep Beep Gallery

"Beep Beep Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Atlanta artist Jason R. Butcher. For "Shining Moments", his 2nd solo show with Beep Beep, Jason R. Butcher focuses primarily on a series of plates that most closely represent daguerrotypes, but are actually a combination of etching and digital prints. These images deal with the idea of capturing the moment when a being is first distinctly different than it's environment, specifically humans. The combination of both man made and computer generated images suggests a non-human or machine artist, a hybrid of biology and technology trying to make sense of the evolutionary process of a species whose origins become muddled when placed in the context of the information age of mankind."



Invent Room Pop 41 @ Beep Beep Gallery

"This is the 41st installment of Invent Room Pop. Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat. Paul Stevens - percussion, Nathaniel Keele Springer - electronics, George Trotter - guitar, Stuart Gerber - percussion, Olivia Kieffer - percussion, Melissa Moon - drum machine"




Saturday, September 20:


Subplot Zine Shop pop-up @ A Cappella

"On Sept 20th Subplot will debut as a pop-up shop at A Cappella Books! Featuring nearly 80 zinesters from around the country + multiple zine releases. Dj Valentina Tapia. Treats by King of Pops. If this turns out well it may turn into a permanent zine selling space within A Cappella, so please come out and support! organized by Becky Furey (Plastic Aztecs), Amanda Mills (Atlanta Zine Fest, Atlanta Zine Library) and Courtney Conroy (A Cappella Books)"



Tanz III: cloth series: SHOP | glo @ The Goat Farm Arts Center

"SHOP: with glo. Saturday September 20th, noon- 2pm. A special peak into the window of CLOTH. Featuring musicians from the production as well as other major players of glo / Tanz Farm in a candid workshop. Everyone is welcome. \\ SHOP // A season of work sessions emphasizing the individuals’ needs as part of a greater community of artists, interdisciplinary exchange and a tenacious work ethic. These 2-hour exchanges create dynamic access to the experimental practices of artists working in live art."



LEAVES OF GRASS: New Works by Steven L. Anderson and Susan Hable Smith @ {Poem88}

"Steven L. Anderson and Susan Hable Smith both explore their relationship to the natural world in their first two-person exhibit at Poem 88. Anderson's work is multifaceted. He creates drawings and photographs that are artifacts of profound engagement with place. Anderson's sensitive drawings and installations can be seen as a transmission of energy and the language of the natural world. Hable Smith's work chronicles the landscape of her backyard garden. Along with her travels to Italy, Asia, and South America, her mother's pressed flowers, family, community and light all play a huge role in her work. Natural elements and textures cultivated from her everyday experience make their way into large watercolor, ink wash, and dye paintings on paper."



Warrior Women in Wonderland: A Triple Book Party for Laird Hunt and William Todd Seabrook @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

"**Calling all fire-starters, cross-dressers for a cause, and queens of our book-loving hearts** Rose Metal Press, 421 Atlanta, and Little, Brown, in conjunction with Vouched Books, invite you to celebrate a veritable hat trick of hot new releases: Two chapbooks by William Todd Seabrook: The Imagination of Lewis Carroll (Rose Metal Press) and The Passion of Joan of Arc (421 Atlanta) and the acclaimed new novel by Laird Hunt: Neverhome. There will be a raffle! Culinary delights! A photo booth! Readings! Book signing! We encourage dressing in Mad Hatter / Alice in Wonderland drag and donning all your finest Civil War and Hundred Year's War bling."




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