Deer Bear Wolf Weekly

Recommended shows and events this week:


Monday, January 12:


Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) and Nathan Browles, Rossellini (of Del Venicci), Phillip Frobos (of Landline) @ 529

Magik Markers singer and guitarist Elisa Ambrogio returns with her first solo album,The Immoralist (Drag City). The album veers toward a psych-tinged world inhabited by wily, emotive creatures. 

You Tell Me and Sweaty Palms: New Works by Freddy Simone and Jordan Stubbs @ The Low Museum

The LOW Museum’s new small project gallery, BACKSPACE, which will serve as a platform for innovation through small-scale installations, artist projects and curatorial presentations.

Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Manuel's Tavern




Tuesday, January 13


A Stick and a Stone + Mallory + Nathan Reed @ Mammal Gallery

Powerbaby ++ Lilac Daze ++ Family Bike ++ Kidbrat ++ Scrap Kids @ WonderRoot

Atlanta natives Powerbaby and Kidbrat are joined by Lilac Daze (MD), Family Bike (NC) and Scrap Kids (PA).  

The 2015 "Make Me One With Everything" Eternal Pizza Party!!! @ Mojo Pizza N Pub

The Dandyls, Suffer Dragon, and AntBrain host Baltmore's Kenny Johnson, formerly known as Bowlegged Gorilla. 




Wednesday, January 14


BOOM DONE! PRESENTS: Pigtown: A Night of Local Comedy @ Mammal Gallery

There will be 8 hand-picked finger-lickin local comics and 8 randos off the street screaming about the bats in their attic.

Binary Boys + Coma Girls + Weary Heads + Slow Parade @ 529



Thursday, January 15


MIDDLE Artists Talk @ Gallery 72

Join Gallery 72 and the artists of MIDDLE; Thursday, January 15th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm for discussion on what is the "Middle" and how each artists work informs the ideas of this ambiguous and ethereally inhabited space.

River Whyless + Fire Mountain + City Mouse @ The E.A.R.L.

Asheville's River Whyless is a band much like that titular body of water - a mingling of currents, a flow of time and physical space, all brought together in a murmuring sense of purpose. 

BOOM DONE! PRESENTS: Magicicada // Jeff Carey // Easily Suede // Dads Night Out @ Mammal Gallery

It's a night of nue/new/new-new music types.

Asian Artists Exhibition Opening @ WonderRoot

Featuring Ohm Phanphiroj, Namwon Choi, Sherri Nienass, Yun Bai, Pamela Zhang, Ellie Park and Killamari Yo. Exhibition will last until the 24th.

Nerd Nite ATL @ Manuel's Tavern

A lineup of talks that we're sure will leave you thinking to yourself: "Huh. I didn't know that," or, "You don't say...". Where else are you going to find a line-up featuring a cat-lady/comedian, a drag queen, and a geneticist. Only at the greatest edu-tainment event in town!

The Left Field Experiment: Odd Nosdam, Deku w/ Saude, Dark Room @ 529

Opening Reception: Lucinda’s World part II: A Collection of Collections @ Swan Coach House Gallery

This exhibition is the second in a series of three that honor the work of Atlanta photographer, philanthropist, and art collector, Lucinda Bunnen.




Friday, January 16


Invent Room Pop 45 @ Beep Beep Gallery

This is the 45th installment of Invent Room Pop. Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat. 

Champion Zoz (Kentucky), Pyramid Club, Andrew Wiggins, Rin Larping @ Mindzai Creative

Sleep Therapy + Sky Bison + Factory @ 529

Sleep Therapy's release show for their new EP Dirty City Swans.

Wonder Comedy with Jake Head @ WonderRoot

At the end of January our dear friend Jake Head will be moving on up to New York City so we thought it was only fitting to get him up on the WonderComedy stage one last time. Got a great line up of some other Atlanta folks as well. 

Subsonics w/ Del Venicci, Landline, & Sen. Artie Mondello @ The EARL



Saturday, January 17


 "Frequencies" New Work by Six Atlanta Artists Opening Party @ Beep Beep Gallery

This year's exhibition "Frequencies" includes a variety of work in forms such as sculpture, painting, installation, drawing, and collage. 

Jeffrey Butzer & The Bicycle Eaters, Love Letter, and Andi @ Star Bar

Open House with Mario Petrirena @ Sandler Hudson Gallery

Red Bull Sound Select Atlanta Presents: DJ Lord > 2 MP featuring Obeah and Chuck D of Public Enemy @ Aisle 5

Creative Loafing Atlanta curated local support by Methuzulah and The Difference Machine. 



Sunday, January 18


Vida Voce: Readings and Music @ MINT Gallery

monthly reading + performance series featuring women.