Preview // Red Sea @ Drunken Unicorn (3/13)

By Mckenzie Renfroe

With roots dating back to 2009 when the members were in high school, Red Sea has changed a great deal while still remaining true to what bassist Mick calls a “wilder sound”. Their songs convey a sort of maintained chaos, or what they like to define as, “hyper-relaxation”. They have done small tours, some in the New York and Philly area, and have put out 3 EPs. Their latest, In The Salon, came out on Bayonet Records last week. When asked what they would like to be doing in a year, they aim to create an album and hope to tour said album solely in Japan.

Red Sea play the Drunken Unicorn this Friday with Atlanta's Shampoo and Co Co Ri Co, and Philadelphia’s Laser Background. Laser Background and Red Sea are old friends, and Red Sea is particularly excited about playing with bands from other cities, hoping to open up the Atlanta music scene to bands from different places, helping create a unified music scene nationwide. Red Sea’s band members, Mick, Kyle, Stephen, and Patrick all feel very optimistic about the current Atlanta music scene. Bassist Mick says, “Atlanta has a much more exotic scene, and will be quick to follow behind New York’s.”

Their new album, In The Salon, was recorded live so the studio recording is very similar to what a listener might hear on stage. The band doesn’t want to lose the effect of a live show through a recording. The guys enjoy collaboratively writing music together, mostly written by guitarist Kyle and bassist Mick. Mick says their collaborations, “cultivate unity and helps the band continue to support each other.” Their unified approach and desire to keep songs shorter, or less focused on the chorus, maintains a constant variation in the music and keeps each new song from, what Kyle calls, “becoming predictable.” To get personal insight into this “hyper-relaxation” band, head to The Drunken Unicorn this Friday, March 13th.