This Week In Atlanta // Recommended Shows and Events June 15 - 21

Chowse Fest features a lineup co-curated by Deer Bear Wolf this Saturday all day and night at a house show in East Atlanta.

Chowse Fest features a lineup co-curated by Deer Bear Wolf this Saturday all day and night at a house show in East Atlanta.



Monday, June 15


Nana Grizol, High Dive, Man Up Yancey, Madeline @ WonderRoot

Hussy | Lowbanks | The Mumzees | Immaculate Collection (members of Del Venicci, Shepherds, etc) @ 529


Tuesday, June 16


Senor Kaos: Last Call - Farewell ATL @ Aisle 5

Featuring 4-IZE, Boog Brown, Yamin Semali, and Headkrack.

Stay Drunk on Writing Writer's Workshop @ Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium



Wednesday, June 17


Sons of Tonatiuh || Terminus (AR) || Rapturous Grief || Waste Layer || Strategic Warheads @ 529



Thursday, June 18


Bodies on Display @ Big House On Ponce

A film series curated by Joey Molina, focusing on femininity, monstrosity, and erotica, featuring group discussions, speakers/panelists, and performance art.

Writers Exchange @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

WonderRoot's Local Film Night June 2015 @ Plaza Atlanta


Featuring Mudcat Blues Band, Villain Family album release party, hosted by King CornDog David Marshall Railey.

floral print//O-Face//Pupppy/Pop Weirdos @ Mammal Gallery



Friday, June 19


The Future Is Now // Opening Reception @ KAI LIN ART

A four artist exhibition featuring new artwork by Jason Kofke, Alex Leopold, Sloane Bibb, and Wesley Terpstra.

Animea Manifestatio "My Soul Manifested" @ The Mammal Gallery

Opening reception featuring art by Ian Thacker, Charles Wiles, Macio Becker, Drew Fleet, and Twin Lens ATL.

Stokeswood's 2075 Launch Party w/ Jungol & Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun @ Terminal West


fake flowers ~ tape waves ~ koko beware @ Drunken Unicorn

Aster / Stupid Idiots / Easily Suede / Basketball Movie / Dux / Mono Lisa / Mans Trash @ The Cleaners

Invent Room Pop 50 @ Beep Beep Gallery

Featuring Grace Thornton, Omar Khalid, Ben Shirley, Jon Ciliberto, Alec Livaditis, and Alee Hoshor.



Saturday, June 20


Forward Warrior 2015 @ Cabbagetown, Atlanta

An artist driven, live painting performance that seeks to bring artists and communities together to create large scale murals over a two day event (Saturday and Sunday). Curated by Peter Ferrari. Featuring Tanner Wilson, Markeidric Walker, Fabian Williams, Dubelyoo, Jonny Warren, Nikki Starz, Lela Brunet, Mike Black, Nick Benson, Will Mitchell, Peter Ferrari, Shaun Thurston, Ashley Anderson, Paper Frank, Catlanta, Matt Ketchum, Paco Vergachette Nels, Mickey Goodman, Greg Mike, Michi Meko, Sanithna Phansavanh, Trey Moseley, Dr. Dax, Lonnie Garner, Amy Ashbaugh, Kyle Brooks, Carl Janes, Brandon Sadler, Phillip Oliver, Corey Davis, Lucha Rodriguez, FRKO, Skie, and Adam Stephenson.

Chowse Fest @ 1646 Newton Avenue

Featuring Small Reactions, Shampoo, Mara, Highlander, Dot.s, Satisfiers of Alpha Blue, and Zulu Wave.

BUMMER SUMMER 2015: a Cabbagetown Reunion @ Cabbagetown, Atlanta

Featuring I Want Whisky, Coma Girls, Swank Sinatra, DAMS, Spray Tan, CHEW, The Joy Kills, Killing Kuddles, The People, Lea Lea, Waking the Bates, Battlefield Collective, Lion Country, The Boy Jones, Brian Crumpler, Sex BBQ, Forsaken Profits, Rotten Stitches, Elim Bolt, and Gold Light.

Romy Aura Maloon | Artist Talk @ Beep Beep Gallery

DESIGN @ General Assembly Atlanta

Collaborative art show for sQuishiepuss featuring Catlanta, turboPISTOLA, Ashley Anderson, David Doodleslice, Mike Germon, Monica Alexander, Daniel Sutliff, Make Blackout Poetry, Erica Arndts, Nels and Ms. ATL, Gerry Madness, Paper Frank, Heidi Beers, Aubry Leal, Barry Lee, Yoyo Ferro, Sid Wilson, Killamari, Janice Rago, Mac Stewart, Lynne Tanzer, Courtney Hicks, Jason Lindblad, Cavitycolors, Chris Alvarez, Havok, Chad Halderman, Mars Bravo, Jesse Jaeger, Katie Bush, Killwolfhead, ellooelloo, joeking ATL, and MANIKAN.


Opening for WILLIAM DOWNS, GEORGE LONG, and MIKE STASNY's Drawings in Bars. 


Photography exhibition curated by Creative Loafings "Best Fine Art Photographer" in 2014, Ryan Vizzions, featuring Evan 5ps, Christynne Papincak, and Bhargava Chiluveru.

Blake Rainey, Tom Cheshire, Jeffrey Bützer @ 529



Sunday, June 21


Band Together ATL! Summer Sangria and Song Open Mic @ Wonderroot