This Week In Atlanta // Recommended Shows and Events August 24 - 30

The Atlanta Contemporary throws its annual block-party-style "Art Party" this Saturday night. 

The Atlanta Contemporary throws its annual block-party-style "Art Party" this Saturday night. 



Monday, August 24


Del Venicci | Heaters | Concord America | Buffalo Rodeo @ 529

GG King | Ballroom (feat members of Degreaser, Busy Signals, Home Blitz) | Vincas | Bataille @ The EARL



Tuesday, August 25


Carapace Raconteurs @ Manuel's Tavern

The theme for this month's storytelling open mic is "UP IN THE AIR."

Leisure Cruise / Mara / MAYA @ Aisle 5

twin studies ~ the sea life ~ den-mate ~ mannequin lover @ 529



Wednesday, August 26


Scene Missing Presents AN ATLANNISTER ALWAYS PAYS HIS DEBTS @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Music, Writing, And Comedy About Game of Thrones featuring Dani Herd, Remi Treuer, Julian Modugno, Regina N. Bradley, Vas Sanchez, Paige Bowman, Laura Relyea, Tribe One, Jason Mallory and Eli Banks.

Last Wednesdays at Mammal #2: Ian Aber / The Dandyls @ The Mammal Gallery

Comedy and music, hosted by Jake Cook, also featuring  Hayley Ellman, Laura S Lewis, Tom Toast Russell, Will Copeland, Krystle Pierce, Olive Lynch and Joe Karg. 



Thursday, August 27



Curated by not for human consumption and Erik Thurmond, Gallery of Movement aims to translate the rooms of this labyrinthine old mansion (the Big House on Ponce) into gallery spaces, housing two hours of continuous movement performances by rising / inspiring ATL movement artists for two consecutive nights (Thursday and Friday).

ABSTRACTION X 2: ARTIST TALK @ Swan Coach House Gallery

Featuring new work by local painting powerhouses Heather Greenway and Stacie Rose.

suno deko ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮little spoon ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮couples counseling ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮basketball movie  @ The Mammal Gallery

The Cry! | Dinos Boys | The Lost Element | Vito Romeo @ 529



Friday, August 28


Survey: Opening Reception @ TRICK 3D Gallery

A diverse look at the various types of work currently generated through the digital medium, featuring artists Ross Cantrell, Srabani Chakraborty, Chad Eikhoff, Jason Key, Henrich Kimerling, Mark McJunkin, Greg Petchkovsky, Kris Pilcher, and Dan Roarty. 

Meat // Man Up Yancey // Momcat // Floral Print // Ben Varian // Breanna Barbara (NY) @ The Mammal Gallery

Andre Cholmondeley, Zentropy and In Sonitus Lux @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Underwear Comedy Party: Two Year Anniversary Show @ The Village Theatre

HAWKS / Multicult / The Powder Room @ 529

Saturday, August 29

ART PARTY 2015 @ Atlanta Contemporary

JORTSFEST 2015 @ Under the Couch

Featuring Gillian Carter, Tape Waves, Twin Studies, Sea Ghost, Dog Years, The Scraps, Femignome, Antarcticats, Dakota Floyd, and No Clouds.

Band Against: Ultimate Battle Championship of the Bands @ The Mammal Gallery

Featuring Floral Print, Man Trash, Half Acid, Suffer Dragon, DIP, and The Dandyls. 

Motherfucker (LP Release) | Wymyns Prysyn | Maximum Busy Muscle | Paralyzer @ The EARL


Sunday, August 30

KIRSTIN MITCHELL @SERENBE with DASHBOARD <Speaking of Making> @ The Art Farm at Serenbe

Following a summer residency at AIR Serenbe, Kirstin Mitchell (aka Kiki Blood) will open her studio to discuss the three part research, performance & objects project with Dashboard. Part one explores Archery. 

LostintheLetters Presents Helen McClory, Andrea Jurjevic, Alex Gregor, Anne Corbitt @ Charis Books and More/Charis Circle