This Week In Atlanta // Recommended Shows and Events August 10 - 16

Silver Stone Press and Deer Bear Wolf have teamed up to put together an evening of words from the heart and words from the gutter this Friday night at Little Vinyl Lounge (downstairs of Star Bar).

Silver Stone Press and Deer Bear Wolf have teamed up to put together an evening of words from the heart and words from the gutter this Friday night at Little Vinyl Lounge (downstairs of Star Bar).


Monday, August 10


Phase III @ The Mammal Gallery

The final installment of the Phase Project, a series of contemporary art exhibitions with the goal of building on and expanding the contemporary art culture in Atlanta. 

The Velvet Teen with today the moon, tomorrow the sun & Dark Room @ The Drunken Unicorn

Phurnne, Chelsea Dunn, Gren Blanca @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Serial Killers - Week 2 @ Manuel's Tavern

A theatrical Battle Royale where for four consecutive weeks, teams will bring a brand new play that has been written, rehearsed and produced all in the past week.

Vicious Circle Writers Group @ Manuel's Tavern



Tuesday, August 11


not for human consumption presents: LUNARIUM // FETISHES @ Big House On Ponce

A chill dive series set aside for coffee, discussion, gallery viewing, film screenings and more.

ganges phalanges ~ caverns ~ soul glo ~ no clouds @ 529

T0W3RS w/ No Eyes / Memes / Common Blood @ The Mammal Gallery

Dungeon Tenth Edition: A Comedy Role-playing show @ The Hangar



Wednesday, August 12


Silkie, Ill Poacher, Double Nil, With the Moon (Chris Devoe) @ Aisle 5

Solve for X Variety Show: Exploration @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Stand up, dance, music, puppet acts and more all about.... Exploration, Featuring the talents of: Greggplant and Bean, St.Mikal the Mediocre, Suehyla El-Attar, Chris Ledford, Justin Barisich, Cherith Fuller, and Arian Gulick.



Thursday, August 13


Loose Change 5.2 Release Party @ Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Featuring readings by Chad Davidson, Andy Frazee, Sara Renee Marshall, Lauren Neefe, and Jenny Sadre-Orafai.

ABSTRACTION X 2: Paintings by Heather Greenway & Stacie Rose (Opening Reception) @ Swan Coach House Gallery

MONUMENT @ Dashboard Co-op Cube Performance Space

Dismantle Theater presents: MONUMENT, Written and performed by Erik Thurmond, Directed byJohnny Drago Thurs-Fri-Sat, August 13-14-15. 

Gage Gilmore // Chuck Johnson // Moses Nesh @ The Mammal Gallery


The 2015 Short Shorts prompt uses the lens of the psychological effect known as “Somebody Else’s Problem,” or SEP, as a method to explore reactions and responses to recent American political and social events, particularly current, galvanizing American police brutality and racial discrimination cases, curated by Rachel Reese.



Friday, August 14


Silver Stone Press and Deer Bear Wolf Present: Sticks and Stones @ Little Vinyl Lounge

Featuring songs and poems, as well as jokes and charming egos, by Tom Cheshire, Jeffrey Bützer, Rodney Henry, Han Vance, and Matt DeBenedictis.

Dirty South Opening @ The Mammal Gallery

Exhibition aims to tackle the things about southern culture/politics/ history/ socialization and identity that are fetishized in society-at-large and/or popular culture.

Ancestors: Origin & Return @ Bill Lowe Gallery

Principal Sculptural Forms From Africa & Oceania, "Celebrating Our 26th Anniversary," Selected Contemporary paintings and a guided conversation with Carol Thompson. 

Visible: A Parallel Georgia Project and WonderRoot Gallery Collaboration @ WonderRoot

Featuring the work of Parallel Georgia Project's two August grant recipients, Greg Painter and Legendary Grant Mullins, this exhibition showcases the broad conceptual and stylistic spectrum of "self-taught" art.

Heat Wave - opening reception @ The Arts Exchange

An exhibition of work by Jim Alexander, Marc Brotherton, Connie Cross, Elyse Defoor, Craig Drennen, Phyllis Free, Ben Goldman, Dana Gray, Anna Hamer, Billy Howard, Rameses Jones, Mark Liebert, Laurie Shock, Tommy Taylor and Lisa Tuttle.

"METHOD"  A Group Exhibition and Art Opening @ Blue Mark Studios

A group exhibition highlighting artists working in new and multidisciplinary mediums that have developed a process and technique that is uniquely their own, their method accelerates the conceptual aspects of their work. Exhibiting Artists: Rae Broyles, Maggie Callahan. Brian Egan, Srinjoy Gangopadhyay, Anya Gromova, Alexandra Miller, Adelaide Tai, Penny Treese, Niki Zarrabi, Curated by Sydney Daniel.



BeAtlanta presents: Plisnerfest 4 @ 529 

Featuring:- Lars Nagel - Eqo Atl - Strange Planet - Dendera Bloodbath - Snoot - HIP TO DEATH



Saturday, August 15


Warehouse // Swings (DC) // Landline @ The Drunken Unicorn

Living Case @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Living Case is an exhibit that honors living forms of art. The opening experience will explore the theme through performance that enhances what is already existing when we encounter this living work. Curated by Orion Crook. 

BeAtlanta presents: Plisnerfest 4 (Day 2) @ Union EAV

Featuring: Phantom Veins - Envain - Horrible Idea - Anal Christ- Hot Wives - Myk G Mr 16 Bars



Sunday, August 16


Sunset Sessions with The Features and Gringo Star @ Park Tavern in Piedmont Park

BeAtlanta presents: Plisnerfest 4 (day 3) @ TBA

Featuring: In Sonitus Lux - SOS- RRest - Treephort - Doesin - The Howler - The Devil's Got A Hold On Me - The Illiterates - Meanz of Operation - Trendz Morrison - Yoshi - Peripheral sound