This Week In Atlanta // Recommended Shows and Events September 14 - 20

Thursday night, Deer Bear Wolf brings the Natural Selection variety show to the Big House on Ponce.

Thursday night, Deer Bear Wolf brings the Natural Selection variety show to the Big House on Ponce.


Monday, September 14


Vicious Circle Writer's Group @ Manuel's Tavern

Thee Oh Sees w/ AJ Davila & Hello Ocho @ The Mammal Gallery

Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab) and Adron @ The Drunken Unicorn



Tuesday, September 15


Quintron's Weather Warlock @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

WEATHER WARLOCK is a heavy drone band which uses sun, wind, rain, and temperature to control a monster analog synth designed by Quintronics in New Orleans, LA. and at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Florida. Featuring Cole Alexander. 

Murmur Presents: Exquisite Corpse Competition @ Elmyriachi

Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist drawing game. Fold a piece of paper according to how many people are playing (3 minimum). The goal is to collaboratively draw a figure/creature without seeing what the previous team member drew. 

Tanz OPENING FEED: "grieving arts & responding to injustice with love" @ Tanz Farm

Conducted by Rodney Carmichael, Culture Writer, Creative Loafing Atlanta, with Chris Appleton, Sheila Pree Bright, Virginia Coleman, Jon Dean, George Staib, Ruth Stanford, Malika Whitley, and Fabian Williams. 

Suno Deko // Chiffon // Cole (fka fine peduncle) // Mans Trash @ The Mammal Gallery

Sheer Mag | Easy Magick | Shepherds | Paralyzer @ The EARL




Wednesday, September 16


<3 ALL YOUR MOM'S FRIENDS <3 Freak show <3 @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Hosted by Samm Severin, featuring The Simple Pleasure, NU Depth, Whitesnake Girl, and live painting by Felipe Calvacanti. 

WET NURSE // ANTBRAIN // DIAMOND THIEF(last show) // BRAWFUL @ The Drunken Unicorn



Thursday, September 17


NATURAL SELECTION Vol. 7 @ Big House On Ponce

Featuring performances by Anicka Austin, Karen Alise, Twinhead, Anna Jeter, Kelly Blackmon, and Softbudd, plus featuring a screening of the new Faun and a Pan Flute music video/short film by Rock and Egg Productions. Curated by Elizabeth Jarrett.

Y'allywood Film Festival 2015 @ South Downtown

A weekend of independent cinema at The Mammal Gallery and Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery with additional festivities at Broad Street Visitors Center and Murmur, Thursday through Saturday.

Writers Exchange @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery



Friday, September 18


Opening Reception: El Gallo by Ann-Marie Manker @ Whitespace

Wash & Wax: A Collaboration @ Abernathy Arts Center

Opening: Artists Virginia Greaves and Leisa Rich have created 8 contemporary quilts, a 25 foot by 7 foot deconstructed quilt, a simulated car wash and more, for a unique exhibition inspired by Leisa’s drive through car wash photos. 

Gallery Opening Reception: Rob Simmons @ Callanwolde

This exhibition is part of the 2015 Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival.

Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics @ Terminal West

CAMPAIGN, DROPOUT, Permanent Makeup, Spray Tan @ The Drunken Unicorn


Waking the Bates, Night Streets (DC), Twin Trances, & Bleach Garden @ 529



Saturday, September 19


Drawing Through – Album Release, Gallery Talk, and Free Jazz Performances @ The Mammal Gallery

Drawing Through is a project designed by Craig Dongoski, Professor of Art and Design, as a workshop/collaboration between filmmaker Larry Clark and emerging Atlanta-based artists and musicians, following the screening of Clark’s 1977 film Passing Through on April 11, 2015.  It is a spin-off of the experimental collective research on the “arts and politics of the jazz ensemble” initiated by liquid blackness (with Kristin Juarez acting as liaison).

Southern Surf StompFest! @ Little Tree Art Studios

Featuring the finest surf, instrumental, and rockabilly groups in the region.

in general - New Works by Curtis Ames, Leap Year Final Exhibition @ MINT

The Apple Prince @ 787 Windsor St.

Nameless Fire Theater's newest theatrical production.

The Ruination | The Electric Nature | Narrator | Basketball Movie @ 529

Brother Hawk | Reuben's Bell | The Georgia Flood @ The EARL

Casting Call for Ladie's Night @ The Village Theatre

Music Video Party at Y'allywood Film Festival @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery



Sunday, September 20


diet cig ~ mara ~ femignome @ The Masquerade

The Nakatani Gong Orchestra + Nakatani (solo) @ Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery